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  1. Just sent my new Activision 5200 cartridge board off for prototyping (open this if you want to see it)!  Feels good to finally be working on hardware again.



    1. Shawn


      I assume there is a specific reason for making a pcb that is fit for this style of shell? Did someone come into a pile of NOS shells? Reprinting the mold for some reason? 

    2. jaybird3rd


      ^ I've had a lot of trouble with Activision's 5200 cartridges.  They seem more susceptible to corrosion than most, so they often require a lot of cleaning to get them working reliably again.  The boards are also just a little too short, so they don't sit deeply enough in the slot for a reliable connection.  These new boards are intended mainly for rebuilding/refurbishing existing cartridges, though of course, they should be compatible with any 5200 game up to 32K.

    3. CPUWIZ


      I'd remove the Atari logo, otherwise it looks pretty good. 👍

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