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  1. I'm a fan of the CUPodcast...haven't been on here in some time but used to come around and still lurk to keep up my Intellivision. I kind of thought their take was healthy skepticism, as the rest of the gaming world has had a lot of failed resurrected IP like the Coleco Chameleon and others. They actually said this one at least looks real and will be released, they were just questioning the market for it. I would too, as an uncharacteristically young Intellivision fan (they quit making the original Intellivision console about a decade before I was born), I don't see the appeal at the price point they have this at. And for my dad who loved to play Intellivision when he was younger, he has no interest in newer games, and can already get a plug & play Intellivision mini with the stuff he does like. I'm open to seeing the games they come out with though, actual gameplay footage. If they have true offline multiplayer and compelling games, or big name developers, I could get more excited. Family oriented mass-multiplayer would be nice to see again as well (though the image looks like it just has two controllers...is there an option to attach more? Maybe 6-8? that would be rather interesting). It'd also be nice to see the controllers in action, as just about everyone I've had play original Intellivision hates the controllers. As it stands now, I see a company and its founder getting extremely defensive and actively engaging and insulting a couple of guys who aren't even that popular among a lot of people who follow the game industry. If they were truly confident in their product and truly believe these are just a couple of trolls who don't know what they're talking about, they would just keep promoting their product and let it stand on its own. As they say, don't feed the trolls. If your product is good, nobody pays attention to the trolls. Had they said nothing, Pat & Ian wouldn't have done two follow-ups and there wouldn't be a dozen alarm bells going off in my head.
  2. There was a game shop in the Collin Creek Mall that had a few things, but I'm not sure it's there anymore. Other than that...I don't know of anything. Let me know if you find something though! It'd be nice to find a cool local shop.
  3. Okay, so the TV died for good now, with nothing to lose, I'm gonna try to replace the electronics that look bad on the board, I got one of the black things off...according to the schematics in the board, it's CR401, +24V Rectifier. The only markings on it are a Motorola logo, and W 545-3 8537. So any idea how I can identify these and get replacements? Picture attached, it's the far right one. (and yes, it does have 545-3 instead of 545-2 like the one in the center). Thanks!
  4. Just got my Intellivision hooked up to my newly acquired console TV! It's an old RCA Colortrak 2000 from 1986, uncle found it at an estate sale in excellent cosmetic condition, and fairly decent mechanical shape (it has some issues with going blank randomly). Figured I'd share my new setup...got the LTO Flash! hooked up, and the old 1978 Demo ROM loaded. It's a perfect fit for my sitting room as a conversation piece, and of course for some fun gaming! So I'll show you mine if you show me yours Let's see everyone's Intellivision setup!
  5. Well I got my capacitor, installed it, but no luck. Exhibits the same symptoms. But it's not any worse, so I'll consider it a win lol. I don't think I have the soldering skill or time required to replace all the scorched & crusted components around that cap, not to mention probably needing to unhook a lot of those wires to get a better look, so I think I'll probably leave it to someone with more knowledge than myself. Besides...it introduces a new challenge to games: you never know when the screen is going to go off for 5 seconds!
  6. Thanks everyone, found some on Ebay, sometimes I forget about eBay having that stuff lol.
  7. Okay, got the capacitor out, gonna work on the diodes a little later on. So now, I need to buy a replacement, and so far I've been having trouble finding one that matches. It says: 220µf (with the little tail on the u) (M) 160V I can find 220uf just fine, but all the voltages are under 50v, found one site that had 220uf and 350v....but they were out of stock. Any idea where I can find one, or am I just reading it wrong? Pic attached.
  8. Here are some more pictures...looks like something went down around that bulged capacitor...orange crusty residue all near it, and some scorching on the underside of the board. I think I'm gonna attempt replacing that capacitor to start, and go from there. Let me know if you guys have any other insight, thanks so much for the help!
  9. Looked at the TV a bit more last night, certainly were some crispy diodes over there, and some orange buildup like something splattered everywhere....but anyways I fired the TV up and set up my camera to record the symptoms of what it does and showcase the picture...enjoy!
  10. Thanks for the replies! @crtfreak I'll check out that facebook group, maybe they can help me with my even-older '68 vacuum tube GE Portacolor as well . I did notice that on the underside of the main board, there was that same crusty yellow burnt looking stuff, probably under those diodes you mentioned @Stephen I leave the set unplugged most of the time...during Christmas I had it behind a Christmas village so didn't get to work on it or use it...so it's been without power since December. I've worked with plenty of modern electronics so I know the do's and don'ts of grounding & electricity, figured that after a month or two it doesn't have a charge. I've read online though as long as you unplug it, letting it sit overnight will be long enough to discharge all the caps & tube, or should I still be cautious? I think I'll take some more pictures, check out that FB group...and power up the set to give you guys a better idea of those lines I'm talking about. Maybe I'll set up my tripod to record the TV when it goes out (it usually does given enough time).
  11. Forgive me if this isn't the right place to post this...been searching around for a while trying to find some help on this. I'm currently trying to restore an old RCA console television to use with my retro game consoles. My uncle found it for me in excellent cosmetic condition, and was apparently used up until a few years ago, taken care of in an old woman's house till she passed away. Sticker on the back says manufactured in 1986, it's a RCA Colortrak 2000- very high end for the day. So the problem it's having, from the research I've done, seems to be consistent with some bad capacitors. There are some lines on the top of the screen, and it will lose power randomly before coming back on. I would say it works fine 60% of the time, the other 40% the screen goes out for a few minutes, and comes back on intermittently. I'm fairly comfortable with soldering & I want to try to replace the capacitors, problem is, there are SO MANY and I'm not sure where to start. From my research, I should be looking for bulged or leaking capacitors, but I haven't found any except for just one that seems like it's slightly bulged on the top. The nice thing about this TV though, is it has a bunch of reference stickers on the inside of the cabinet, that look like diagrams. Over my head for sure, but hopefully someone can make something out of it? I've attached pictures of the main board inside the cabinet, along with the reference stickers on the side, and circled the one capacitor that seems bulged. If someone could help me pick out a few capacitors to start with to replace, it would help me not pick ones that won't make a difference and reduce the possibility of me messing something up. Let me know if you need more/better pictures or want to see the other boards. Thanks! Full cabinet: Main board (capacitor that's slightly bulged is circled): Main board diagram:
  12. 24 here...old stuff is fascinating! I've got all sorts of 70s & 80s era electronics I collect and keep running, including my Intellivision. Besides...when all you old farts are gone, somebody has to preserve this stuff for future history!
  13. You might have luck with for parts units on eBay...the Intellivision itself didn't work but the controllers sure did!. That's how I got mine. I think it was $20 or so.
  14. Will do! My brother is a baseball & general sports nut...we like playing all the older sports games together because we're usually both atrocious enough at them where we can be evenly matched
  15. Moving to our new house soon, so while packing I got a chance to look at my collection and think about it and thought I'd share! I've been around since late 2013, my Intellivision is about 14 years older than I am . My dad had one when he was a kid, and I used to play the Intellivision games collection he got for my gamecube. I found my Intellivison in Malvern, AR at a cool video game shop, acquired an Intellivoice & initially 11 games, most without boxes. Later on I bought an ECS and Aquarius cassette reader from a user on here. Really was interested in getting a flashcart, my "collection" really revolved around acquiring the actual consoles/hardware, and the actual original games, while I liked to have a few, weren't as important for me. Some of the repair work I've had to do: I bought a parts Intellivision online so I could fix the hand controller, since it wasn't working. Had to get a NES power supply for my ECS. But other that, it's been trouble free! A few months ago, a guy at work mentioned he had an Intellivision as a kid, and still had the whole thing! Ended up buying a Sylvania GTE unit (no box) and a ton of games, most complete with boxes, manuals & overlays, for $50. Ended up selling the GTE & loose dupes for $40, since the GTE was virtually identical to my unit and I couldn't justify two nearly identical units... And not so long ago, I created the IntelliPC, the ONLY (to my knowledge) PC case mod that utilizes an Intellivision shell! It hums away silently in my living room, serving as my home media server (see my signature!) And finally, after over 3 years of rumors and waiting, got the flashcart I've always wanted! I have the entire Intellivision collection, demo ROMs, and some homebrews, all on one cartridge, thanks to the LTO flash! I'll admit, my Intellivision spends much more time looking cool than actually being played, but I'm glad I have it, and it's tons of fun. My favorite game is Astrosmash, my brother and I like playing Baseball together, and we're gonna sit down one day and figure out how to play World Series Major League Baseball too! So here's my 25 game collection plus LTO flash, enjoy!
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