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  1. congrats on getting an A8 machine! see here: to play games from the cartridge socket you could get an AVGCart, UnoCart, Ultimate Cart, SIDE2 or MyIDE II
  2. something similar occurred with the 1200XL - the SIO port was missing its 5v connection. i wonder if it was left out during development and they forgot to put it back before the final draft?
  3. the reason it is raised so much is to accommodate proper keyswitches altho i agree, it is an abomination to look at!
  4. a crime against Atarinity!
  5. youve done well to find one without any yellowing!!
  6. fleabay is one resource
  7. in the past i mended one by drilling a pilot hole and then driving a self-tapping screw in with superglue but a 3D printed one would be a great solution
  8. it demonstrates how the grey casing had also discoloured, not just the keys
  9. i think @Nezgar has been gathering data about the various Happy ROMs use the search function in the forum, it may just flag up what you need
  10. an EPROM programmer is a v.useful tool in general. you can make OSROMs, basic chips, MMUs, USDoublers, game carts
  11. the 40-pin chip at top-left is the intel 8031 type the crystal is at top-right - the silver component with 2x wires coming out of it's left edge the chip with the sticker is the EPROM
  12. i think the tynemouth keyboard device is to convert an XL/XE machine to function as a USB PC keyboard
  13. thanks, until i saw the vid, i was unsure what the issue was a picture paints a thousand words and all that..
  14. there are 2x drive types - using either intel or MOS CPU. one requires the crystal swap, the other does not. from the image, yours is the intel variant this is a brilliant mod, it improves speed but in my case - reliability too! kudos to Mr Martian for his work
  15. thanks for your reply. the board hasnt arrived yet, its still in transit. i still have to order the components too. ive seen a video of someone using a craft knife to remove the soldermask so i know i have a tedious task ahead!!
  16. dam, i just ordered a PCB to assemble one up any idea when the 0.3 will be available?
  17. Atari 800 in Chocky episode 1 at 18m 49s
  18. XEGS can be modded to 128k quite easily
  19. was it just another attempt to use up their inventory of chips? at the time, i thought it was strange because 16 bit computers had been available for a year or two
  20. when working correctly, on power up the head moves forward and back. this tests the track zero sensor. if the sensor has failed, the head only moves forward. do you have the means to run the 1050 diagnostic? you will need another device to load in the atr file, then power up the drive as drive 0 with a dos compatible disk in it and you can perform the tests. 1050 Disk Diagnostics.atr
  21. the slow boot means the computer is polling the drive ok does the drive 'zero' itself ok on power-up? sounds like the drive head needs cleaning with isopropyl alcohol, its the easiest thing to try first
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