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  1. God I detest the current social media driven world. We have a handful (literally) of people screaming at the top of their lungs hating on something that hasn't even been released yet (for whatever reason that makes no sense...the Headbanger relentlessly yelling that Country music sucks or vice-versa analogy sums it up the best) and yet over 10 thousand people have quietly and happily pre-ordered a console that they are excited to play. Based on everything I see and have seen since the Amico was announced, on AtariAge and outside, there is no "push back"...just a handful of people using their social media megaphone to yell "I don't like something! Don't try to use numbers or facts to change my mind! And You can't like it either!" RRROOOOAAAAAARRRRR! FFS
  2. As a former owner of the arcade machine, Satans Hallow on the Inty would be a shadow of its arcade self Check out the action at the 6:10 mark
  3. I had a look at the code, you can easily fix the player start location to be more intuitive. Similar to Berzerk, if you exit top left moving vertical you should start at the bottom left corner of the next maze. Some of your room designs appear to prevent that. So it might be easier to just define a couple of spots in each room where Sam can then Rez in, pick one at random then animate Sam Rezzing in. PM me if you want a better explanation.
  4. I wouldn't generalize like that. This is a QA thread for Tommy. Posting a video of every Intellivision game ever released is not asking a question. Anyone can google for videos of Intellivision games and Tommy has said this isn't going to be primarily a retro remakes console.
  5. Around these parts, we would say @cmart604 's six pack is well insulated for the winter and safely padded against blunt force trauma.
  6. I'm honored to say that I tested, touched, drooled on and bubble wrapped one of those 2 holy grails. I'll have to see if I can find that picture of the guard dog riding shotgun on it as it made it's way thru the Okanogan.
  7. Are those 2 are the ones @nurmix was looking into repairing?
  8. I think we need to see another picture containing a Tommy for scale in lieu of a banana
  9. I know where @cmart604 lives, you and I can probably work out something for less than it is costing you for the Amico project
  10. Same reason I took French for 3 years in High School. All girls except me and another guy. Friends tried to make fun of us until I pointed out the same thing...All Girls!. In the last week of grade 12 the french teacher (who was a former piano player in Montreal strip clubs) taught me and the other guy a whole bunch of inappropriate words and phrases
  11. I used a modded Xbox Original "way back when" solely for XBMC (younger whippersnappers might be familiar with it's current iteration called KODI) We watched lots of 720p and 1080i content from my Windows SMB share courtesy of that cable. Also was a great MAME setup that eventually got put in an Jamma cabinet using the Ultimarc cables
  12. Imagine that...Pick a game, Play a game Mind you, I'm really going to miss wading thru hundreds or thousands of shovelware titles. Sad that I won't have to wait hours for 10, 20, 30 (or more) gigs of day-one patch downloads. I'm going to miss the lack of tactile feedback from those virtual touch-screen buttons while my sexy cheeto-dust covered fingers get in the way of the action on the screen. Oh, and how can I forget, those ads, gem purchases, and exponential time-gates really bring me joy and complete my day. Most of all, how will I keep my voice in shape when I don't have to yell at my son on the other floor of the house (where the second xbox is) to stop spawn killing me?
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