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  1. The thing is, and sorry to go a off topic, but most video game web sites tend to use "Europe" and "UK" as synonyms (which is even more debatable now). -_- "Game X is released on date 1 in the US and on date 2 in the UK" for instance. Even at a site like Nintendo Life based in the UK, they almost always give prices in dollars and pounds only; I admit prices in euros are most of the time identical to the ones in dollars but still... It feels both lazy and dismissive imho (since I'm pretty sure the press releases feature the prices in Euros as well). I guess that because they write in English, they assume they're only read by European readers from the UK, which is obviously not true. Most countries have their own video game web sites of course, but when you want the freshest news, it's difficult not to read more International press, usually in English.
  2. Sorry, I didn't mean to be rude, just that it may not change a lot for you if the package comes from Germany instead of UK. 😞
  3. There's a secret passage just before the Red Arremer, opened by the falling tombstone, that allows you to skip him - if you survive 20 secs of either flying knights or zombies. But it's doable, esp. with magic.
  4. The idea of the console version is to allow multiplayer.
  5. The boss are long indeed, but in a sense I found them easier - for instance I beat the one from the "second" first level (the one based on Ghouls 'n Ghosts first level) on my second try (and I didn't have my full armour on the first). At least they have patterns and they are not as random as the enemy spawning and items during the rest of the levels.
  6. I'm almost positive they're German, but same difference to you I guess.
  7. https://kotaku.com/don-t-worry-there-are-enough-analogue-pockets-for-ever-1846331438
  8. I admit I didn't know that game (or maybe I've forgotten about it). The Asterix beat 'em up from Konami is excellent too, but doesn't seem to be mentioned a lot outside of France unfortunately.
  9. I guess it depends if you've got a collection of games or not. The point of Analogue systems is to use original games on it, even if they get jailbroken afterwards.
  10. I really like the sound design (same for Night Stalker), and this one is very reminiscent of Rez in the way bouncing sounds mix with the music.
  11. And they could use the hashtag #amicoctober then (which sounds a lot better than #februadam by the way )
  12. But don't worry guys, the new delay is on purpose to create even more excitement! 🙂
  13. I'm not sure the Amico could be shipped by air freight since there are lithium batteries in the controllers...
  14. Ben oui puisque je t'avais invité pour un live ! 😉
  15. You don't need to pronounce the name anyway; sorry to burst your bubble, Fadest, but it's not like someone will ask for the game at Gamestop or talk about it on The Late Show. When I see the name, I identify it kinda like a drawing and don't try to pronounce it in my head. And it stands out indeed (even though I may switch two letters if I was asked to write it down 😅). And your backdrops are very nice. I wish I was able do the same. 😔
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