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  1. Yes, I love Knights of the Round too. It's a bit basic compared to later games like Warriors of Fate, but it's better than The King of Dragons, which is very pretty but only offers a grand total of 2 moves. 😅
  2. Frankly I was disappointed by both. Battle Circuit is too weird for me and the RPG aspects (you unlock moves for a specific character) makes it difficult to try different characters. Captain Commando is ok, but a little basic (even though it features a special jump attack after running like in Golden Axe). Warriors of Fate is the real gem for me in the Capcom compilation, but I also enjoyed Armored Warriors a lot (weird too but more balanced imho).
  3. What I'm wondering about but it would be quite stupid if they didn't address it, is how it is possible and comfortable to use both the crank and the d-pad at the same time for instance (typically for some gatling shooting ). The system looks very small and light. The dock may give extra stability but another question arises. Since it's just locked in place with a magnet, it'd better be strong so that the system doesn't move if you're cranking like crazy.
  4. The unit itself is not much more expensive than the Astro City Mini, but when you add the controllers (and I wanted to get at least an extra controller and the paddle one with extra games), you get above the $300 bar very fast (with shipping and import taxes). 😅 The games lineup looks a lot like the Taito PS2 compilations, which is nice since I would buy one for Elevator Action Returns alone. 🥰
  5. Officially not, but it will probably get jailbroken like every Analogue system before.
  6. Once again, I think I'll wait for the Analogue Duo (provided I can get one of course 😅). It will probably be cheaper and will read original games as well.
  7. Pitman is a 1985 Japanese game fyi. It was ported to the Game Boy as Catrap.
  8. I prefer handhelds to consoles. Simple as that.
  9. We asked again the developer recently, and they're working on a different project right now (as 'big' as Micro Mages, but completely different).
  10. The developer of the new Breakout worked on a Bubsy game... Just sayin'.
  11. Let's Tap and Let's Catch. Developed by Yuji Naka's Prope for SEGA.
  12. The Jaguar has always intrigued me, but I picked the 32X because that's the one I got back then. But it's not just a choice by default; I really enjoyed it at the time. What I explained in another thread is that the Saturn was even more expensive in France (3390F, which is like 520 € so $630 and I don't take inflation into account here). Selling at a loss was forbidden back then, so it would be long before the price was lowered and we got it later on (in 1996 I think, with Alien Trilogy and Panzer Dragoon Zwei). The 32X might have been expensive as well for what it was, since it was basically priced like a brand new system (1290F afaik), but we had our (second hand) Genesis for a few years already. We didn't get a lot of 32X games of course, but at the time we would buy like a game every quarter anyway, so we just had a dozen Genesis games, and got 4 32X games (Virtua Racing, Virtua Fighter, Star Wars Arcade, and Mortal Kombat II - that we had skipped on Genesis). I only regret we sold the Genesis version of Virtua Racing because I loved a music in it that was not in the 32X version. 😅 But at least the bridge was finally orange and not in a red & yellow pattern like on Genesis. 🎊 Of course that sounds a bit silly in retrospect, especially compared to the amount of games I buy and play now, but it's important to remember the context.
  13. Well, the irony is that the Amico tries to be quite the opposite of the original Intellivision. The latter was very powerful for its time, very expensive, had a very complex controller, touted more realistic gameplay and visuals than the Atari 2600... In a sense, the original Intellivision was the first hardcore gamer system ever. I'm not implying it may be a problem for the Amico or anything though. I just find it interesting.
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