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  1. I played it about a month ago and I'm quite sure I played with the d-pad, because I would have noticed if I was forced to use the analog stick (since I hate that as well).
  2. That's what struck me when I saw the video again. The sole idea of needing patents for a retro console like this is really suspicious.
  3. I've heard worse. People (even in France) made fun of Robert Pattinson's accent in The King but I found it pretty good. The real problem was that his vocabulary was far too rich compared to his thick accent.
  4. Well, some people paid a lot of money to buy cartridges not because they were rare but buried in the desert. So a big failure could make it even more of a collector's item. -_-
  5. I guess you didn't got the spinner, then. The dungeon boss reminded me of Gunstar Heroes. 🥰
  6. The TMNT and Batman games were among my favorites but they can't be remade for obvious reasons... ^^' Gargoyle's Quest would be a great candidate though. I beat the first level just once or twice back in the days, but beat the whole game on 3DS with constant savestates. -_- So they could make it a lot longer and a lot easier!
  7. I don't want to derail this conversation about tacos but there's a new press release already! http://news.calyptus.net/wp-content/uploads/2019/12/CP-2019-12-02-Roadshow-VCS-EN.pdf Well, it's just a Powerpoint slideshow with everything we already (kinda) know about the Atari VCS. No new games. Oh and there's a slide about 'behind-the-scenes' updates to the backers:
  8. I'm not sure a Switch port would really do the Wii version justice anyway. I remember that I loved using the grappling hook because of the rumble combined with the sound from the Wii remote speaker. HD rumble would be great but the Joy-cons don't have speakers.
  9. There's indeed not much to brag about regarding the compatibility with Unity, but Assassin's Creed Unity was made in the AnvilNext engine. 😑 Unity is not used a lot for AAA blockbusters anyway...
  10. New press release as well: http://news.calyptus.net/wp-content/uploads/2019/11/CP-2019-11-28-VCS-UNITY-English.pdf short version: releases March 2020 in the US, compatible with the Unity engine (wow).
  11. Don't worry, you won't get Rickrolled, you'll get this instead: (it's even worse than what I remembered 🤢)
  12. (Start at 2'04" if it doesn't work)
  13. Multiple Metal Gears for Atari VCS (controller) confirmed!
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