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  1. (kinda) fun fact: Brie comes from the city of Meaux, where the biggest French retrogaming convention is held every year!
  2. I don't find golf that relaxing, especially if I screw my shots... -_- And since everybody names modern games, I would say Endless Ocean 1 & 2 (Wii).
  3. I'm French and I don't feel offended by your xenophobic stereotypes. At all.
  4. Let me guess; then you dipped your tongue?
  5. Astral Chain, Luigi's Mansion 3, Link's Awakening, Blazing Chrome, The Ninja Saviors... I enjoyed a lot of games in 2019 and I think I haven't had so much fun with Nintendo Labo VR kit since I played arcade games like Let's Go Jungle!
  6. I actually liked Wii Bowling very much and I didn't ask around, but I'm wondering if Wii Tennis was not more popular in France, since bowling is clearly not as big here as it is in the States... From what I've seen so far, Amico seems to target the US first, which is probably the way to go anyway. I also think it can do well in Germany because even though they mostly play on PC there, they like family friendly stuff (really strong censorship). UK tends to behave like the US, but I think Amico will be harder to sell in France. It's the European country where Nintendo is the most popular, and also (it's probably related) where Japanese culture is the most popular (second market for mangas after Japan). And it also seems to me that French gamers don't care very much about pre-NES systems such as Intellivision - or even Atari 2600. 😕
  7. It really depends on how many units they made though. Since it's a niche system, I'm afraid it could be sold out quickly, and after 45 days the price would actually quadruple. -_-
  8. Yes, I preordered it (well, the cuter European model). I already own a CoreGrafx, a flashcard and a Super CD-ROM² with (too many) games that I don't have the time to play, but I couldn't help myself - especially since the NES is the only other mini console I've bought. I wish it was a little less expensive, though.
  9. I really need to get them asap but I already bought 7 new games during the holidays and only managed to beat one. 😕 Plus I recently got a review copy of SEGA AGES Shinobi which I must prioritize as a real reporter.
  10. I guess I still can't accept I'm old myself and tend to call "old" movies that are (at least) older than me. But most of all, since I watch a lot of movies and some of them are silent, I need a bigger scale. To me, "modern movie making" starts around the 60's... It was a lot easier when I was a child and we would just consider "old" movies in black and white (The Lighthouse is soooo 2019). ^^
  11. PC Engine was indeed popular in Japan but it is 'relative' as spacecadet said; it catered mostly to the hardcore gamers. The different models were confusing for the mainstream audience and expensive (especially the handheld ones). It is also important to remember that the PC Engine was mostly created by Hudson, and NEC was clearly not as passionate about the system. PC-FX was not necessarily the successor Hudson wanted, and catered even more to a niche audience. But that was a more common issue with Japanese games at that time.
  12. I really feel strange when people probably (and allegedly) older than me call movies from the 80s 'old'... ^^
  13. I would be ok with pretty cards one can easily transport in a wallet and collect in some kind of binder! I love manuals (I used to always read them before playing) but I guess they're not needed for most Amico games anyway...
  14. It's actually incredible how many so-called retro gamers still can't make a difference between a developer and a publisher... -_-
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