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  1. Prime members can preorder now, but I guess anyone will be able to preorder later.
  2. I wanted to preorder one but Amazon France doesn't have it, only Amazon UK, IT and another country (maybe Germany, I don't remember) sell it in Europe... 😭
  3. Like on the Wii U, they mostly happen in sleep mode, so you almost never have to wait for anything (except for a quick reboot for a OS update).
  4. Awesome! A Pac-Man clone with harmless ghosts and awful sound!!
  5. That's what I am expecting, since the controllers seem to already charge through induction.
  6. Steam has become a nightmare. 😫 You should really try to get your game on Switch before the eShop become crowded as well... Well, it's already crowded to me but at least retro-style games still perform very well there.
  7. I also noticed that in 'early' arcade games (until mid-80s I would say), it wasn't always possible to resume a game where the player died, especially in Konami games; adding credits would only allow you to restart from the beginning. 😫 Ten years later, it was possible to get a better car using two credits in (the excellent) GTI Club... 😅
  8. I think the Wii U was ideal for a family with one player being the 'leader'. It worked incredibly well with the Zelda game from Nintendo Land for instance, in which I would protect my nephew and niece with a bow (through the gamepad) while they were slashing monsters by wagging the wiimotes. It was perfect because they were not skilled enough (at the time) to use the gamepad - at least in this game. Unfortunately it was too specific, since the Wii U was perfect for a certain type of games (asymmetrical gameplay), and not even Nintendo released many games of that kind. But they can't be replicated easily on the Switch, and the excellent Pac-Man Vs. would have worked better on Wii U for example.
  9. I don't know about the arcade version but I clearly remember the bridge was orange in the 32X version. I remember it because it was an improvement over the Mega Drive version, in which the bridge was using a red and yellow 'mesh' (like SEGA Saturn's transparencies).
  10. Atari ST was indeed quite popular in France, but French retrogamers don't care a lot for Atari 2600 these days. There's probably more nostalgia for Infogrames; they were mostly famous for licensed games and some of them happened to be really good. But you are right to ignore it since most people are not aware of the connection anyway, even in France.
  11. I have the exact same problem. The 'Unread Content' is the solution I found - you can even select read content as well by the way - but I realized you need to be logged in... -_-' It may not be a problem for most people, but since I use AtariAge as one of my primary sources for my retrogaming web site, I prefer to visit the forums unlogged since some content (especially downloads) is locked if you're not a registered member.
  12. The 'Activity' feed is too detailed for me, even in condensed mode. Is there a way to only display the most recent, active topics rather than every post? I tried to use the search feature but it is mandatory to type a word. Edit: I may have found a solution using the 'unread content' feature even though, ironically, I have to set the 'read status' to everything, not just the unread content! 😅
  13. By the way, it won't improve your game but the comments about 'snowflakes' at the beginning of the video are quite unnecessary...
  14. Cyberpunk survival horror Observer is currently on sale.
  15. Another review: http://www.nintendolife.com/reviews/switch-eshop/arcade_classics_anniversary_collection It's indeed quite baffling that the usual features from the Arcade Archives series are not there... No Tate mode! I may be more interested in the Contra & Castlevania bundles, but I'm on the fence. I wish Rondo of Blood and SotN were included in the Castlevania collection for instance, even though I understand it would make it irrelevant to PS4 owners.
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