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  1. I skipped both Harmony of Dissonance and Portrait of Ruin since the reviews were not that good... I'm not sure if Aria of Sorrow is "objectively" better than Dawn of Sorrow, but the latter probably suffered from being released after the former, so it kinda felt like playing the same game, especially since Igavanias were getting quite formulaic by then. It featured more content of course, but like jgkspx said above, it also made it more tedious. But I wonder if someone who has never played either of them would not prefer Dawn of Sorrow, for instance. Which means they would have to play the sequel one first. My favorite is Order of Ecclesia too, and I wish I could create my own game with its beautiful assets (I know they're probably available somewhere). 😔
  2. The Switch Pro is supposed to be next, followed by the Evercade VS, at least if none of them are delayed.
  3. I'm pretty sure the PlayStation Classic got a lot of buzz when it was announced; I don't remember the specifics though, for instance if my articles about it performed better than the one about the Genesis Mini. The fact that it was unanimously panned by reviewers clearly killed that buzz. If Sony had pushed it a lot more in terms of marketing, I guess they could have compensated for the bad press, but apparently they didn't care that much.
  4. And regarding the lack of buttons on joysticks for Atari ST... I was a big fan of Chase HQ but I had to use my chin to press the space bar for turbo! 🤣
  5. Funnily I bought it recently to play on my Mega Sg. I remembered it having good reviews and I was always curious about it, even though I don't really like that game to begin with. I only remembered screenshots with black backdrop in magazines so I was kinda floored by the first level; it's way closer to the original game than I thought! There's even some kind of parallax scrolling indeed. Alas the gameplay is still dull and difficult though. 😅
  6. Let's say I'm persistent rather than good, and I played in the second easiest difficulty.
  7. Just percentages but the XEGS is not even featured:
  8. I'm very bad at video games and I beat it twice. 😎
  9. Yes! I know, it was off topic, but it was not exactly the first post to be off topic here... 😅
  10. I just meant haters like fans tend to contradict themselves depending on what fits their narrative. I understand what you meant and I agree, but in the case of Croc I mentioned, it was released after SM64 and was a mediocre game anyway. Once again you caricature things to make it easier to criticize. I believe you saw one or two YouTubers claiming SM64 was the first ever 3D platformer (even though it was "first third person game with a free camera" rather, which is a really weird claim, but whatever). But I really doubt it became "common consensus".
  11. From what I've seen here, a lot of retrogamers still hold a grudge against Nintendo because the NES made the mainstream audience forget about the pre-NES consoles. So they won't buy a Switch anyway... But it's not a huge target demographic to be honest.
  12. Exactly. That's why it's irrelevant that Super Mario 64 is not the first 3D platformer for instance. Remember when you said: "Fans of things are funny. They will claim that the company they are a fan of invented this or that. And when you prove them wrong, then they go to the "but they did it better and they are remembered for making it good." I hear this all the time about Apple."
  13. Of course! Atari's very first games, Computer Space and Pong, were both completely original. Absolutely not clones of existing games. 😤
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