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  1. I've upgraded once from a 64GB to a 128GB SD card if I'm not mistaken, but the latter is almost already full and I already had to archive L.A. Noire (even though I have the game card so it "only" took around 18GB). I have 10 GB free on the system, and only 6.3GB left on the SD card... Without L.A. Noire, the biggest game is Observer (full digital) at 18 GB, and then I've got 4 games around 8 GB: Doom 3 (digital), The Sinking City (digital), Wolfenstein 2 (physical), and DOOM (2016, physical). Then we find Night Trap that I paid a few cents! I also have several demos (two of them taking more than 4GB), and I would prefer to keep them as long as possible. So clearly, I would probably be ok with a 32GB SD card if I was willing to buy multiplatform games on my PS4 instead, but I just prefer to play on Switch, even if the graphics are downgraded.
  2. No, you need a Switch for that from what I've heard elsewhere...
  3. Really? Blaze was the only one fast enough for me to beat these two! That's with Adam that I would lose all my lives... 😅 To be clear, SoR4 might be easier than the original games in terms of AI; it's the fact that there are no credits that makes it more difficult to beat.
  4. Yep, the game is harder than the original ones. I suggest to play on easy first, and after you beat the game, "normal" will seem easier. I even went quite far on "hard" but had to get the help of another player online to beat the game in that mode. Also, like Cafeman said, I played Axel initially and it seemed even harder.
  5. They didn't release anything. As usual, they licensed some of their games for two Evercade cartridges. Also I really don't see the resemblance for the UI. 🤔
  6. I know it should be a no-brainer at that price, but I'm still on the fence. Contrary to a common friend (honk honk), I really hate having countless games on my backlog and I try to beat every game I own. I bought both Doom games, but only played the first one I didn't know as well as the second; I liked the first chapter, but in the end it was quite tedious and I don't really want to touch the extra levels... 😕 Back in the days, I enjoyed the first few levels of Duke Nukem 3D and it was one my first LAN experiences, but I definitely prefer more subtle FPS.
  7. Actually three games may not be from Songbird. The same someone I was thinking of tried to explain it himself, but his post has to be validated by a moderator. 😅
  8. It's sitting right next to me! The box is small, I like that.
  9. Make it 4 clients. ^^ Well, on Saturday I'm posting my review... of Evercade. 😅
  10. I'm getting my CoreGrafx mini today! The delivery guy has 7 clients before me... Wait, 6 now!
  11. Most ports are from NES. Regarding the Lynx, someone told me the whole cart #1 is actually Songbird (they bought the rights to Handmade games).
  12. The context is very important. First person shooters were the new big thing and a mean to differenciate Jaguar from Genesis and SNES. Hence a system made for a mix of 2D and 3D (most FPS had 2D sprites at the time) and a controller with a keypad to change weapons like on a PC keyboard. But gamers probably prefered to play these games on a PC anyway...
  13. Uh... no, it's a free Switch app. 😅
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