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  1. Amico may not be for her after all, then! 🙂
  2. I'm very bad at comparing games, especially since the Prime games are very different and I loved Fusion (it was my first 2d Metroid) but haven't played it since its release two decades ago. However I really like Dread even though I find it really tough, probably more than most episodes (except maybe the first two, but they are oldish). The bosses in particular are quite complex; I died dozens of time against the underwater one, not because it's difficult but it took me a lot of tries to just understand the multiple steps involved in beating it... 😅 I liked Samus Returns, especially since I had recently beat the original Game Boy game and hated it (I found it incredibly repetitive and boring yet difficult and tedious - I used a ton of savestates against the almost identical bosses because they're hard to hit and they require the use of the limited missiles). Samus Returns' bosses were a lot easier except one that was so awful I almost quit. 😩 For now I haven't seen a boss like that in Dread fortunately, but every boss offers a lot of challenge and require practice. Once you get the technique, they're easier - except maybe the soldiers who don't require a specific technique and are very strong (some of their attacks remove a whole energy bar).
  3. Oh I already got three of them that I can't use yet. 😅 I was really talking about an upgrade, but the only one that doesn't help you accessing new places. It helps you find stuff though. 😉
  4. The card game called War or Battle. There is no strategy (neither battling actually) involved at all, it's pure luck. Well, luck might be involved in real life wars, but they tend to be a lot less sleep-inducing. 😰 Also, the card game caters mostly to small children, while they're usually not involved in real life wars, fortunately.
  5. Also every game in which the player controls a policeman and kills enem- oh no, wait, that's perfectly legal in the US. 😝
  6. Since I couldn't beat the soldier either (he's very tough, some attacks remove a full energy bar), I also backtracked to find energy tanks. I just found one I thought I couldn't get (in fact I could, it just requires good timing with morph-ball bombs), but I found a teleporter to a new zone, where I got stuck quickly (and even thought I had softlocked myself to be honest 😰) but I managed to get an item which is very useful but has no impact on progression (you'll know what I mean).
  7. I have a Switch since launch day and had just some slight drift recently; I just sprayed some air in it and it disappeared. 😊 To be fair, I mostly play retro games so I use the directional buttons a lot more than analog sticks, especially since I don't like the Joy-con sticks (even without drift), and I use a pro controller when docked (which I didn't do a lot until I started having back problems two years ago), and I also favor the d-pad as much as possible.
  8. Do you realize a lot of so-called "haters" would agree with what you just admitted?
  9. What is slightly ridiculous is that most of the background animations are linked to your movement, so for instance a passing train will stop derailing if you brake to a halt. 😅 But what's more awkward is if you make some jumps at a very low speed (which I did when trying to find some keys), you may land on invisible ground...
  10. Damn, that completely ruins your topic idea since planes fly over fuel tanks to get a refill in real life... 😩 (Yeah, I know, it's not the "opposite")
  11. Some developers should not be allowed to use digitized speech. Or pre-rendered graphics. Or... Maybe they shouldn't make games to begin with. 😅
  12. Since you were mentioning two games, I thought at first you tackled the sequel (Ring of Destruction: Slam Masters II/Super Muscle Bomber), which is closer to a regular fighting game.
  13. Damn, I thought I had understood and I actually though their idea was clever, but now I'm totally confused. 🤔
  14. I tried it on the Mega Sg and it worked fine. I played on easy difficulty and even though the life bar is really long, there a lot of enemies and it can be sometimes tedious to hit some of them; a button to lock the shooting direction could be great. The game is fun though, but since it borrows heavily from Mercs, it's a bit weird to have this game on one of the few systems that got a port of Mercs. Of course there are grenades and the weapons are different so in a sense, if one likes Mercs, one should like having more of it on the Genesis but... I don't know, maybe it's just me. 😅
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