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  1. If you count the (recent) Atari VCS, you'll lose SEGA but get Microsoft instead for almost every game available on that system! 😉
  2. So the last boss beat my ass, so I decided to try again getting the missing items, with the help of videos that were far more convenient than the textual walkthrough I was using before... Got everything, sometimes quite easily actually, except for one missile upgrade on Burenia (the one that requires several dash "storing" in a row 😕). But I thought I was missing 2 energy tanks while I was missing only one (two quarters to be precise), so I'm not sure the last boss will be much easier. I really don't see how you're supposed to evade several of his attacks, and I'm pretty sure he has other forms worse than the first. 😩
  3. Well, at least not from me because I already said and will say again it's the best game from the Capcom Beat 'Em Up collection. 😎
  4. I'm close to the end. I've got every upgrade and I'm trying to get every item, but several of them are far too hard for me (the ones that require "storing" a dash). 😔 So 3 zones might stay at 90+%, but of course I'm gonna miss a few much needed energy tanks. 😩
  5. Rather than trying to mimic Wii's past successes, I think Amico games should try to anticipate new trends or at least tackle more recent ones. Like the DIY trend with game maker-like software and editing tools. Since it has an SD card drive, why not a video editing tool? It could be called Amico Vid. Oh wait, it may not be a good idea after all...
  6. Now I want this!... 😔 Is there an emulated version somewhere?
  7. Which reminds me of Radical Rex that looks like it tries to beat the record of the biggest amount of animations (idle or not) for a mascot.
  8. I agree, even though from my understanding, they think that most retrogamers are parents now, and they'd like their children to play with the same kind of "simple, fun" games they grew up with, rather than GTA or Call of Duty. And to a certain extent, a lot of early video game classics were "casual" before the fact; WiiSports is not that far from Pong when you think about it... So I don't think it's a complete paradox, they're not completely different target demographics, but I'm also convinced it makes marketing a lot more complicated, especially for such a small company.
  9. Maybe he meant 3DS' resistive screen is better than DS' (which is absolutely true).
  10. This one is included in the console so a physical release might not happen.
  11. To be fair, since the creation of the sub-forum, things have improved a lot in that regard because Tommy Tallarico (almost) only posts in his "fun" thread now. But for a while, every time someone would create a new topic to talk freely about the Amico, Tallarico would eventually step in to "answer" the doubters and the topic would be locked (which is the equivalent of banning everyone from it 😅). I guarantee you that Rev couldn't have created that many topics one year ago.
  12. The thing is, Nintendo and Sony have to pay royalties to the original publishers again at each new generation...
  13. Are you sure it's unported? I'm pretty sure I played a port of this game on the Atari ST.
  14. When I saw the title of this topic, I didn't expect it would be about gimmicky features of the consoles but rather about the games themselves. So I was thinking of systems that got really ambitious ports just for the sake of it, like: the ZX Spectrum: Street Fighter II and its huge sprites for instance the PC Engine: China Warrior which is more of a technical demo than a real game of course, and the Art of Fighting port which tries to recreate the zoom effect from the NeoGeo original game. It kinda works but it was clearly done "because they could". the Game.com (Duke Nukem!) and Tiger LCD games (the fighting games which are necessarily limited in terms of roster) I'm quite fascinated by that kind of stuff, similar to some crazy homebrew ports we've seen recently (Doom or Shadow of the Colossus on Atari 2600, Dead Space on Spectrum, Prince of Persia on Intellivision, etc.).
  15. I have no data, but I'm just wondering how the bundles would be close to sell out when the real marketing hasn't started yet™️ and Amico's target demographic is not even aware of these games to begin with. I know, limited editions don't cater to their target demographic, so you're left with a small niche of very specific retrogamers.
  16. Once again, if you go on their store, it says "out of stock" for products that are not limited, and "discontinued" for limited products like the Nt Mini. Kev told me the Pocket will not be limited (even though of course, in 20 years, they'll probably not make them anymore, like any video game system anyway). Regarding the Super Nt and Mega Sg, the first Super Nt's restock in the Spring was indeed a mess like Pocket's pre-orders, but the latest in the Summer was fine. Once again, everything is available right now in the store (at least everything was the last time I checked). I know they took measures to avoid problems, and cancelled orders made by scalpers.
  17. To get Micro Machines, you would need both Codemasters and Micro Machines licenses. Regarding Activision, they released compilations in the past, yes, but I'm not aware of more recent stuff to be honest. And you lost me with your "Atari's Nintendo titles"; what games are you talking about? Licensing Nintendo will probably never happen unfortunately. Edit: I just realized you meant Tengen games. Well, I'm not sure who owns the license for these games currently...
  18. That's the other way around. You reacted to him saying this: "And I know computer software was pretty easy, as you just mentioned, but we sure didn't see that much with console carts." So I assume he was talking about back in the days, when it was easy to copy Commodore 64 games but not that much a NES cart. And then you replied to him mentioning the Switch.
  19. No the Pocket is not limited. The Nt Mini was though, and maybe the Duo will. It has been pushed back once again to December, and they hope to make it available again in January. When the Super Nt and Mega Sg got a restock this summer, it was not hard at all to get them; they're probably still available (except maybe for one or two variations).
  20. Amico may not be for her after all, then! 🙂
  21. I'm very bad at comparing games, especially since the Prime games are very different and I loved Fusion (it was my first 2d Metroid) but haven't played it since its release two decades ago. However I really like Dread even though I find it really tough, probably more than most episodes (except maybe the first two, but they are oldish). The bosses in particular are quite complex; I died dozens of time against the underwater one, not because it's difficult but it took me a lot of tries to just understand the multiple steps involved in beating it... 😅 I liked Samus Returns, especially since I had recently beat the original Game Boy game and hated it (I found it incredibly repetitive and boring yet difficult and tedious - I used a ton of savestates against the almost identical bosses because they're hard to hit and they require the use of the limited missiles). Samus Returns' bosses were a lot easier except one that was so awful I almost quit. 😩 For now I haven't seen a boss like that in Dread fortunately, but every boss offers a lot of challenge and require practice. Once you get the technique, they're easier - except maybe the soldiers who don't require a specific technique and are very strong (some of their attacks remove a whole energy bar).
  22. Oh I already got three of them that I can't use yet. 😅 I was really talking about an upgrade, but the only one that doesn't help you accessing new places. It helps you find stuff though. 😉
  23. The card game called War or Battle. There is no strategy (neither battling actually) involved at all, it's pure luck. Well, luck might be involved in real life wars, but they tend to be a lot less sleep-inducing. 😰 Also, the card game caters mostly to small children, while they're usually not involved in real life wars, fortunately.
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