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  1. Hey Everyone, Im getting the harmony cart today, im excited. Was wondering i remember seeing a rom pack on here dedicated to just all the homebrews, prototypes, etc on here but cant find it. I found the Atari mania v9 one which is great and all organised for official releases already.
  2. So after thinking about it overnight, i went ahead and ordered the deluxe model. As i mentioned in another thread, my decision was a lil harder then others because i actually do own some and want to collect alot of the good atari games out there, so i wont be putting all the atari roms on the harmony, since i actually want to collect and buy them. I do however want to play the hacks for certain games, and some great homebrew games ive seen from the atari community here. Of course then there is the really rare games that i will prob never find such as pepsi invaders, and party mix starpath games, that i really want to try out. So in the end this harmony cart fits my needs and im really excited to dig into the homebrew scene, here's to hoping that i get this quick, as im excited for this.
  3. Thats good to hear, i really wanna play starpath game called party mix, heard its fun as hell with 4 people
  4. week in a half would be not bad at all, and im not overseas im in the states. And yea thats what i want it for , homebrew beta demoes , or impossible to find games like pepsi invaders
  5. Hey everyone, i recently discovered and heard about the harmony cart and had a few things to add: Im a collector/gamer, so im not big into the emulator scene, however there are from what i heard tons of awesome hombrew games like mayhem and fall down, are whats interesting me. I would pretty much buy this almost for the point of homebrew and hack games. With the exception of a few rare atari games i would love to try out, like party mix. what games currently dont work with this cart from the homebrew scene, until i guess march/april where i will prob upgrade to the new one being released? Also if i ordered tonight, how fast do these things usually take to ship out, im assuming ill get an email when it does? Lastly this works perfect with the joysticks and paddles correct?
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