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  1. Just wondering since they are the same outside. Never opened a 7800 shell.
  2. Are these not the same as Atari 2600 shells?
  3. No. It was made to test Dragster shifting skills. Flicking the joystick is key so this test who is the fastest. It will be made into a competition cartridge used by Todd Rogers.
  4. https://www.facebook.com/groups/Atari2600homebrew/permalink/1013947952359704
  5. I also just wanted to mention that you are in the right place to get something like this made.
  6. The problem with Texas Chainsaw Massacre is it's just not that fun. That's O.K. if you just want a collectible Atari 2600 game to go with your movie, but not so good if people are actually going to play it.
  7. The boxes were meant to be a throwaway item. Most people did exactly that and couldn't have cared any less which way the box opened.
  8. Answered my question. I didn't realize what you were saying until you showed the new photos. Great detective work!!
  9. Why would this work? I am not saying it didn't but I can't see how it would help.
  10. Most people at that time did not read the manual first. Games were plug and play and the manual an afterthought. Some people would read the manual if stuck but the majority would say it sucked and moved on to the next game. That was my initial experience with E.T., I did not play it again until weeks later after I purchased it due to the pits and weird symbols. I did read the manual and went on to enjoy the game, but I still hated the pits.
  11. Looks good. Just move the pupils in a pixel towards center. You will notice that Bert's eyes are a little cross-eyed.
  12. Looks great so far. I posted this on the Atari 2600 Homebrew Group on FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/Atari2600homebrew Someone posted this as a suggestion. Robbert Jansen, " Nice to see a new kids controller game! One thing though, in the titlescreen, Bert’s mouth should be much wider, from his face’s edge to edge. And he has a bigger nose. " Here is your original and one I tweaked a little. - Changed nose color - Changed nose shape - Widened mouth Here is the updated BIN:Bert18a Title Touch up.bin
  13. Looks really good so far. I don't know about the brick wall, kind of like the clean bins only look. I don't know what a pigeon would be dropping other then poop, may be better to have an airplane fly over with a parachute drop. The parachute would have a crate that breaks open when it lands to reveal the item. You could have different items that are dropped like shapes or something simple, then you could also have them drop non-colored items in the bin with the right shape on a higher level. You could use color, shape and numbers.
  14. I have always collected games from all systems and any monetary value they may have would be a bonus. Never have I looked at them as an investment, but they have actually turned out to be an investment that has paid off for me. My years of collecting everything from Atari 2600 to PS3 has given me a huge store of games that I have been selling as a vendor once a year at Free Play Florida. But I think that people should collect games they want without intending them to be an investment. Limited Edition games tend to go up in value but there is never a guarantee. Just look to other hobbies like comics, cards and others to see where there have been times of boom and bust. Video games have been on a uphill climb in value for years and that includes homebrew games. It is hard to think of a bust right now but things happen that no one expects. Buy the games that you like/want. If you want to think of them as baseball cards that you collect on a shelf without playing then that is O.K., a lot of people do that. I play my games and try to keep them in good condition. With emulation getting better and space getting harder to come by I have started to play most my games in emulation and keep the game stored and protected.
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