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  1. Thanks everyone, the bidding has ended. I will contact the winners by message.
  2. Update. Ends tomorrow. AVGN SHIT PICKLE - $130 BUG STOMPER - $50 SANTA H.E.R.O. - $175
  3. BID Update: AVGN SHIT PICKLE - $100 BUG STOMPER - $50 SANTA H.E.R.O. - $175
  4. Here is a chance to own some rare releases from the 2019 FREE PLAY FLORIDA convention. I no longer use EBAY so they will be given to the highest bid by 12pm Friday (EST)07-23. To place an bid just reply here or message me. The games are: AVGN SHIT PICKLE # A05 of 6 - Special signed copy of the original homebrew game Shit Pickle, signed by the AVGN himself. Includes sealed manual,numbered card and sticker. BUG STOMPER # 05 of 30 - This is the Freeplay version of Starship Troopers: Bug Stomper. It has a different label and some in game color differences. Includes sealed manual and numbered card. SANTA H.E.R.O. # 28 of 30 - Special version of H.E.R.O. that has Santa as the main character and he is bring Christmas cheer to the E.T. miners. Includes sealed manual and numbered card. Any questions? Just ask in comments.
  5. Did anyone not get a patch with their game? This is a purchase from today:
  6. And Patchgate has begun.... I would think all the VIP Editions should get a patch since they sold out in 10 minutes.
  7. Circus Convoy plays like Pitfall. Probably not worth trying to get the rights to make a new "Pitfall" game.
  8. There is an available way to purchase a BIN/ROM of Circus Convoy, it is $99 and comes with a free boxed copy and some extras...
  9. Just wanted to say that the previous post about the VIP's being sold out was the cause of the server error is FALSE. I was logged in with Chrome and waiting 15 minutes early on the for sale button to go live. I clicked the button a few seconds after it went live. I was on the order page and made my selections and when I hit the buy now received the server error. This would have been 5:02pm. I tried FireFox and Edge but would not even go to the for sale page. I then tried with my phone to also get the server error. It was not a time/sold out issue, it was their website choking on the traffic.
  10. https://theloon.itch.io/upp https://robsomestudios.itch.io/baby https://denebola-interactive.itch.io/kelly-kangaroo Many more on that site. I have released over 50 Atari 2600 Limited Editions and have been asked to make the BIN/ROM available to buy. I have tried it three times at a $5 price point and sold 1,3,2. I also have a group of people that want cartridge and manual only over the boxed editions and due to the number of people asking you think it would be a lot, I usually sell 10 cartridge and manual only. The Limited editions are anywhere from 30 to 75 copies and then I move on to the next release. A couple of really popular games are sold by AtariAge, Spies in the Night, Wolfenstein VCS:The Next Mission and Melbourne Tatty being examples. Most of the BIN/ROMS for these games are released in a not quite final stage with the final version not being released.
  11. People don't actually buy BIN/ROMS when they are made available. If there was interest in it then it would be done. Maybe AtariAge will have better luck with it if they decide to do it. When you keep saying the same thing over and over it doesn't make it true. I am sure there would be some sales of a title like Circus Convoy because of the uniqueness of what it is. This has been brought up every few years and still nothing.
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