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  1. Okay so War Games, Hackers, Sneakers, The Net, what other good computer/hacking movies am i missing? 

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    2. john_q_atari


      Lain is the first anime DVD I bought and I don't know, maybe the first DVD I bought period. It's been over 20 years, perhaps I should pull it off the shelf...

    3. pacman000


      How to Frame a Figg

      A comedy staring Don Knotts. He’s an inept accountant who’s framed for embezzlement, & he must get evidence against the real culprits from the city’s new computer.

    4. GoldLeader


      For other lighter fare,  FREE GUY,...Ryan Reynolds thinks he's alive but finds out he's a video game character.  In theaters Aug. 13th.  Though if I were a betting man,  I'd say it may end up on Disney+, say, as early as 45 days later.

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