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  1. Arcade versions of: Time Pilot Mouse Trap Discs of TRON
  2. Ah yes, the switch. Interestingly, that's how the machine arrived to me. I had to switch that off straight away. I was hoping for a way to access them with a Control or Apple key combination so that they could be generated in a text file along with $ and other symbols from the set I'm using currently. I wonder if it's okay to flip the switch while the machine is on.
  3. Anyone know how to access the extra characters on the Apple IIe keyboard? For example, the British pound symbol. I see it on the key, but haven't found a key combination that displays it on the monitor yet.
  4. Okay, not OCS this time.... Here's an A1200 demo that's pretty neat-o: https://youtu.be/zwoyfH7TgEQ?t=2206 https://demozoo.org/productions/202828/ Alternate link: I should mention that this one requires a 68060.
  5. Stock unaccelerated A500 with 512K added. No hard drive (runs from two diskettes): https://youtu.be/i1O4_58HVIg?t=183 https://demozoo.org/productions/202831/
  6. Wow. I wonder what most people's employers would think nowadays if their employees stated that "nobody really needs a multitasking OS and most people won't ever use more than one program at a time." Where I work, that would pretty much be grounds for dismissal. So you mean there's no need to download or install a file in the background while you write an email to someone? No need to generate a PDF while doing something else? No need to make edits to video while rendering an image sequence in another app?, No need to work in a spreadsheet or word processor while the computer does a virus scan or indexes files? No need to have someone run a remote desktop connection to your machine while showing them something in another app? No need to have two audio apps share information with one-another while playing a sequence? No need to run a video/screen capture app while running another program? I could go on, but I think just about everyone on this forum can find multiple cases in which they made good use of a multitasking OS to save time and do things more efficiently.
  7. I certainly don't miss dealing with memory allocation and that damned DEBUG command. Ugh. However, I did enjoy the command line. Here are some commands to take you back in time... http://www.blitter.com/~nebulous/msdos.html As for the Amiga... it was only a toy if you wanted it to be one.
  8. I keep seeing CRTs in the electronics drop-off bins in the city that I'm in. And I'm willing to bet they work just fine. So that's definitely a possibility. Perhaps scout out where all the 'drop-points' are in your area and visit them once every couple of weeks.
  9. Every type of Suncom controller I've used has been excellent. I also like the fact that their switches last a lot longer than more of their competitors.
  10. Dk. Jr. for sure! There's more going on in that game and the graphics are a bit more refined.
  11. Do you have a RAM expansion card or a RAM/80-column combination card in there? If so, what happens if you run the machine without it for a while?
  12. Pac-Man Ms. Pac-Man Frogger (all arcade)
  13. Need to get an ancient machine running? What you need might be here: http://bitsavers.org/bits/ http://bitsavers.org/pdf/
  14. Wow! What an amazing cover image. The tone of it is very... adult.
  15. Quite a few of the points raised in this thread were debated by the actual early Atari employees in the 1990s: https://youtu.be/PfPtQUMFiSY?t=1902
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