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  1. I was looking at pictures of the Tycho Typhoon hovercraft today, a 90s RC car popular around the time of the atari jaguar, and I started thinking - these two items do look quiet similar. That got me to thinking of other items that sort of resemble the jaguar, and voila, this thread! (please no comparisons of the jag CD to a toilet ) Tycho Typhoon. Always thought the neptune had a little stylistic influence from the jag too, what do you think? Is it too much of a stretch to see the resemblance between the hood of the Jaguar XKE, and its wide oval grill, and see the simularity to the jag console case and its wide oval line on either side of the power button?
  2. Here are my recommendations: -California Games -Zarlor Mercenary -Road Blasters
  3. I was thinking along similar lines as well! Who wouldn't love a consolized lynx!
  4. Although super awesome, there are some items in this collection that are custom/home made Just something to keep in mind if you decide to hunt for some of the more unusual pieces in this collection.
  5. Interested in option 2 - but is this only for Lynx 2s? If so, I will have to go and buy one And to understand what cost of shipping might be, is this fellow in Europe? US? Somewhere else?
  6. Looks really promising! Hope this will be something more widely available so I can have this capability too
  7. Glad you like it, I think you made a good choice going with best. Regarding the lines on the screen and brightness/darkness, that seems on par with most other lynx screens. The lynx's LCD is circa 1988/1989 technology and was among the first color screens. I think it is common to have some ghosting/blur with fast moving sprites, and with the bright backlight, for the light/dark contrast to not be as sharp as you would expect on modern screens. Another interesting quirk I was recently reading about in old technical topics on this forum is that the lynx treats the lcd as 3 separate screens. This helps explain why occasionally one third of the screen might seem brighter or darker than others. Ninja Gaiden III is a good game that I enjoy, but I think the color palette does make the contrast between sprites and background not as apparent. Of course the color palette is based on the NES version which had a much larger display to work with.
  8. GeoDuel is an unreleased prototype game by atari for the lynx. https://atariage.com/screenshot_page.html?SoftwareLabelID=2001 What kind of game was it supposed to be? It looks kind of like it would be a space harrier type of behind the ship shooting game with maybe some kind of tron lightcycles kind of influence? Have any prototypes been located? If not, why are there all these crystal clear screenshots that look like they were taken from an emulator (see above link)?
  9. I really enjoy hard drivin on the lynx. the framerate and steering take some getting used to, but it is not so crippling to the enjoyment as Checkered Flag on the jag. It is impressive to me that not only is it a 3D polygon game on the lynx, but the huge track from the arcade is reproduced pretty well. Pretty sure Phantom Photon is not a ghost of your recent lap. I routinely race him after doing the speed track exclusively, and he only takes the stunt track. Even when racing him, I cheat by driving around the barriers and driving on the speed track while he takes the stunt track.
  10. The games are CIB and are tested and working. Although they each come with manuals and promotional literature, the box for Club Drive is a little rough (see pics). the Val D'Isere box is not too bad, but has an indentation on one side which you can see in the picture. Needless to say, the boxes are not in pristine condition. I would like $25 for both of them together. Or, (preferably) I would like to trade for a functional Lynx 2. These are listed on ebay as well, so I will edit this topic if they sell there first.
  11. This is the deal I did from Best. Hard to beat the quality for the price, unless you want the packaging/box for collecting purposes http://www.best-electronics-ca.com/lynx.htm Lynx I or Lynx II Reconditioned Console, (No Box, No Owners Manual, No Power Supply) with FREE Lynx California Game Cartridge With the Normal Atari 90 day Warranty. $59.95
  12. Looks really cool! Big props to everyone involved! I'll have to take some time to check this out in more detail.
  13. I bought my Lynx 1 as a refurbished model from Best in the last 9 months. The cosmetic condition is excellent, looking virtually brand new except for a small plastic chip in the dpad that doesn't impact its usability. The screen has a portion which is darker than the rest, but this seems to be an issue that affects a lot of lynxs and may just be due to it being an early LCD screen. Although I've heard bad things about the screen not functioning well over time, I feel like the lynx (and the screen it came with) on my model are really good quality, there are literally no scuffs on the plastic case or the clear plastic over the screen, and I think it was very worthwhile to get this lynx from Best rather than a used model on ebay. It is my speculation that some or all of these refurbished models might have been returns to Atari back in the day, under Atari's warranty, meaning that the lynx will not have had years of rough outside use by kids, and was likely refurbished/repaired with replacement atari parts. Finally, Best gives you a 90 day warranty for a replacement/repair. That's a pretty good thing to have if you are worried about getting a lynx that might be in poor condition. I'd buy games on ebay or other sites though. Best is a little on the high side compared to used/loose lynx games found elsewhere.
  14. I'm interested in doing a top down shooter like zarlor mercenaries. I have created a bunch of graphics for one with the lynx's color palette limitations and resolution in mind. I feel like a top down shooter is well suited for any scale size of game - whether it is a short technical demo just to see sprites moving around, or to make something more approaching a game with multiple levels, varied enemy patterns, and varied background graphics. I have enough technical knowledge to know that asking someone to program a game for you for free is a ridiculous concept, but if anyone might have a similar interest to doing a top down shooter for the lynx, whether as a small project/proof of concept, or something larger, - I would be interested in providing/creating graphics for that. Please feel free to contact me if you would like to see sprites I have created before, with the lynx in mind.
  15. Can someone give me background for this? Is this a prototype game from back in the day, or a recently developed lynx game?
  16. Contest finished. Here are the results: 1. Sirlynxalot 2. LX.NET 3. Roadrunner Thanks for playing!
  17. New score for level 1: 90,483. I'm going to crown myself the king of zarlor mercenaries now unless someone can challenge this in the next 6 or so hours. snap01.bmp
  18. Good try and not a bad score at all! Let's have some more entries everyone! Here's another tip: Don't forget you can use the laser and your bullets/power shots simultaneously. You can use the laser to zap air targets while using your bullets/power shots on the ground targets. Or, use it all in conjunction to take down a bunch of air targets in the wave formations. I'm not the only one who loves this game and plays it a ton, right? Right?
  19. Let's give this contest another 7 days. New deadline, September 14.
  20. C'mon everyone! Let's have a few more entries!
  21. I'm really not sure what it is, I have seen it mentioned in a few lists of Jaguar prototype roms, here is one such instance. http://forums.x-cult.org/topic/4142-atari-jag-prototypes/ I downloaded "Blue Lightning Tour 6" from somewhere to see what it was. The archive contained 4 .bin files, about 600kb each, and I was unable to run them on any Jaguar emulators. Not sure if the bins might indicate this is a Jag CD prototype, or a fake/nothing? I guess some or all of these used to be hosted on Jaguar Sector 2, which became defunk right before I started researching stuff like this...
  22. I have seen this title listed as a prototype/beta rom called "Blue Lightning Tour 4" (or 5 or 6), but I'm unclear on what this is. Is it a slideshow of pictures for Blue Lightning on CD? Or maybe a prototype cartridge version? or something else? I can't find any screenshots or discussion about it, but do see these listed in various lists of prototype/unreleased jaguar titles.
  23. Here's my first entry: 86,403 A tip for building score in the first level, the large ground structures tend to give you the most points - about 400-500 per block.
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