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  1. You could take it a step further and make both the eyes and hat separate sprites to mimic what is displayed in the arcade game. The eyes would be drawn last to overlay any foreground graphics.
  2. Hard to say. What are the starting display list list addresses? Maybe there is a terminating $00 $00 before address $2342? Does anything change if you zero out $2342 - $2345?
  3. Great stuff! Always been a fan of your music.
  4. For anyone looking for something other than photoshop or gimp, I have started using Aseprite to make my spritesheets. Works great with Bob's program when you specify Aseprite to use its indexed color mode and use a canvas size of either 128 * 64 or 128 * 128 depending on 8 or sixteen high zones. Export as a bmp and feed it to BMP7800. Late to the party here, but thanks for the program bob!
  5. I'm not hiding, I swear! Here's the scoop: I found myself swamped with various projects in various states of completion. I have a really bad habit of losing interest in one thing and going to something else. I'm currently working on a car so I have something to drive before my daily driver gives up the ghost. On the topic of Bullet Festival (name pending) I will need to rewrite huge chunks of code. While working on a second 7800 program, and with the help of various members here, I managed to write a display kernel thats much faster than the one in Bullet Festival. I also have a properly working pokey sound engine that I'll add to it was well; hopefully not sounding like trash this time. Things will be very slow, but I have not abandoned it. I'll open source all my spaghetti code before that happens! Though that'll happen regardless. As I work on more assembly projects (6502 and MIPS) and gain more experience I typically go back and change old programs. In time, you guys can ! Thanks for still being interested though! I really wish there were 10 of me hanging around to get everything finished.
  6. Good to hear, thanks!
  7. Just a quick question regarding illegal opcodes. Have there ever been any cases where such opcodes work on one machine but act erratically on another? Not sure if there are different revisions of 6502s in different 7800s or not. I'm not going crazy with them so far, and have found LAX #$00 ( #$A7 #$00 ) to be handy in a few places, but I'd like a bit of peace of mind they'll work across the board. Thanks in advance!
  8. Jury duty. What fun.

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    2. Tickled_Pink


      Yes. It is fun. Just come to the exact opposite conclusion as the rest of the jury. Nothing funnier than trolling a jury.

    3. Atarian7
    4. retrorussell


      I'm always able to get out of it. I keep telling them how swamped I am at work.. well, it's true!

  9. Found a unit with a smashed shell. Had a hole for the expansion, but it was not soldered in. A1 77 5942454 http://atariage.com/forums/gallery/image/16827-atari-7800/
  10. Roy


  11. Found a really awesome arcade fairly close to me! http://freeplayrichardson.com/ They had games like Joust, Tempest, some playchoice machines, and tons more!

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    2. 7800fan


      Not awesome, it is like 1,000 miles away!

    3. wongojack


      Not far from me

    4. Roy


      Give it a go! During weekdays, entry is 5 bucks before 4pm. Totally awesome, even 1000 miles away. :D

  12. Here's one: https://atariage.com/store/index.php?l=product_detail&p=1005
  13. There's also a pretty handy wiki full of information here: http://7800.8bitdev.org/ Also contains the document tdididit posted. I find myself constantly referring to it.
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