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  1. Anyone here play H1Z1?

    1. BurritoBeans


      I tried it around when it came out... Got on, was a bit confused, killed a good bunch, and encountered multiple hackers. I have no idea if it's fixed, but it wasn't all that great.

    2. mtilly


      They're on top of hackers now. Usually ban them during the game. Sometimes even before the match starts.

  2. Welp, looks like the collection is getting sold. Wanting to upgrade one of my cars and my priorities are for cars right now.

    1. Rick Dangerous

      Rick Dangerous

      In the marketplace??


    2. mtilly


      @travistouchdown: Friends on here are getting first dibs, then it will go up on various forums and groups.

  3. Contemplating selling my collection...

  4. Spiritual successor of one of the best N64 games Banjo-Kazooie confirmed called Yooka-Laylee. Definitely sold on getting a Wii U in the future!

    1. Torr


      Very clever title, I'll give it that!

    2. Nutsy Doodleheimer

      Nutsy Doodleheimer

      I have the Wii U and I really enjoy it!! DK Country Tropical Freeze is amazing, the Mario and Luigi U games, plus I even like the NES remix game! And highly reccommended for a great twist to classic NES titles.

  5. Definitely. Not sure if it's just the picture but it looks sun faded. Anyways, PM me with a couple extra pictures please and thanks.
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