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  1. I currently own a NEO SD MVS (which is what I assume you are talking about). I also have a single slot jamma mvs arcade board with a supergun to HDMI. And I have two Neo Geo arcade sticks with competition buttons and stick custom installed. It’s certainly not the cheapest route to go to just scratch the itch. But if you want to plug the jamma board into a cabinet and play on a real arcade machine, I personally feel it’s worth it and a lot cheaper than getting a 2 or 4 slot MVS board and then buying individual carts. I’m not going to plug my Analog consoles into my arcade cabinet. But I wouldn’t mind being able to load up roms on it from a jailbreak core if one ever became available. I could be completely wrong, but I feel like the market for NEO GEO may be so small that the work required to provide support for it on Analog Consoles may just not be there or we may have to wait a crazy long time. Then again we are getting a TG16 so... take with a grain of salt. If mister can support it and you are cool with that, I say go with what works for you. I feel like the SD cart (especially the MVS one) is aimed at folks determined to have a hardware cab or an arcade board consolized with a supergun.
  2. Almost there. I accepted the invite. Now I can see the channel and I can load the link given earlier but the analogue-mega-sg server shows a padlock icon and says it can't load the messages. UPDATE: Hah. Figured it out by starting in the readme server.
  3. Hahaha. That's okay. I am 42 but feel like I am 99 sometimes. Getting harder to keep up with technology.
  4. I don't appear have access to the above discussion channel and the second link is just for discord itself.
  5. Where on Discord? I may be able to loan him mine.
  6. I submitted a support ticket to Analog on their page and got this response: I would suggest folks interested in seeing this working also submit tickets. if only 2 people care about it I imagine it will be lower priority than if a lot of folks are affected by it.
  7. Thanks so much for this. I’ve been getting up from the chair to turn the system on. like an animal!
  8. Been playing BS Zelda on the Super NT. Man it looks and sounds pretty great. 🙂
  9. Dude!? That’s crazy (tree on house). Hope everyone is ok. I need to get around to trying Sega CD games with my Mega SD. Also, pardon my ignorance. But what is the Analog DAC, what does it do? I went to the analog page and just see an add to cart but no actual description.
  10. I agree with your sentiment. Personal attacks and condescension are never helpful to ones argument. I don’t want to assume I know Vanfanel’s mind and motivations so I will speak for myself here. I know for myself. I want to preserve the original experience and look to the extent possible. Minus slowdown and flicker. It’s frustrating to be told to be quiet and get over it because other folks are okay with “close enough” or “good enough”. It makes sense those folks don’t want to keep discussing the matter. They already have what they want. The problem with staying quiet about it is the company won’t see a desire or demand to go the extra mile and if they are smart, they aren’t wasting time on things that aren’t significantly important to their target customer base. So being vocal is a way ensure there is some chatter out there indicating interest and demand. This sort of thing has influenced many companies and products in the past. If done in high enough volumes and broadly enough it can make a difference and many more people can be happy.
  11. Personal preferences are fine. His beef is legitimate. His personal preference is to see the game as it was originally designed to be presented back in the day. Currently the system does not give him that option. Analog aims for accurately capturing the original console behavior and experience. In this way he feels (and I agree) it falls short of fully doing so. I would also really like to see a full screen soft crt option for all the analog consoles similar to the mister. Since none of that was ever promised by Analog, I won’t hold it against them if they never add it. But I’d still love to have it.
  12. I nearly bought that arcade stick until I read two things in the QA section. 1) you cannot pair it with their other 2.4g dongles (as you have now discovered for yourself) 2) they only claim it supports PC and Switch This is further verified in the customer questions and 8bitdo’s responses. Sorry friend. 😞 I also want to follow up on my earlier post about RetroUSB SMB2J being glitchy on the noir. The cartridge locks up after a few minutes of play. But with the jail break firmware I was able to dump it and play the rom for quite a while with no lockup’s and no graphics glitches. Does this mean my cart is bad? It’s not dirty. I guess I will have to try to dig out one of my OG NES consoles to double check the cartridge is not to blame. Was hoping someone here might already know, but that does not seem to be the case.
  13. Got my gun metal gray noir on Monday. Enjoying it but found at least one game that gives it trouble. Anyone know if there are special settings I need to use for RetroZone SMB 2J to work right? It plays almost fine but I get weird intermittent glitching while the screen is scrolling. Like clouds and blocks will repeat for just a frame or two then disappear (I can grab video).
  14. This is why I google search crazy stuff like “Mortal Kombat lynx” at 3:30am. 🙂 nice job!
  15. Stephena, fluxit, And dirtyhairy thanks for your work. I haven’t gone through this entire thread but I have two questions: 1) anyone else actively contributing to getting Stella 6 up and running on Retron77? 2) I see how to donate to Stephena. Is there any way to donate to the others I mentioned?
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