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  1. Don’t get me wrong. I’ll jailbreak as soon as it’s available. But I already feel I got what was advertised.
  2. I wonder the same. I’d like to play on my tv with the filters and frame blending enabled but I don’t know how to get into the menu while docked. I have been having a lot of fun with GB Studio. I understand why analog is being careful to try to cater to home brew but also avoid the CND hammer of Nintendo. there will eventually be a jailbreak. But there will always be folks buying things for the potential vs the advertised features. I feel the advertised features work just fine. It’s wishlist items that leave some folks disappointed. I have tons of original carts. So I’m happy enough. Though I hope the Lynx and TG 16 adapters release soon.
  3. This tab has and will forever remain open in my iPhone safari browser until the full game is released.
  4. Yay. Mine arrived today. I know what I’m doing tomorrow!
  5. Woooooooo. Going to be watching my mailbox! Can’t wait to play some Chuck Norris Superkicks!
  6. What are ya’ll doing to get nice consistent scanlines? Mine are double width every other line on my NT Noir, SG, and NT.
  7. Like other folks have said, sometimes folks forget the original NES often had trouble with flicker and slow down in even super popular AAA titles. Some emulators and fpga implementations allow you to "overclock" the emulators CPU and remove sprite limitations to reduce or even eliminate that slowdown. But that's not technically true to the real consoles behavior from back in the day. The NT's are generally defaulted to playing at the standard speeds, timing, and sprite limitations (though you can tweak some of that in the advanced options).
  8. I remember reading on the forums at 8bitdo that the receivers are designed for the specific product. So generally you cannot mix and match them. 😞 super bummer. update on Parprium. It does indeed play correctly now and it looks and sounds great! I am a very happy camper!
  9. I've seen several times in this thread folks told to go use a different product if it works better for them or makes them happier than the NT. I'm just saying not everyone saying those things is trying to bash the product or cause contention. Some genuinely want to see the product improve. Can and should folks use decency and respect as they share their thoughts and experiences? Absolutely. Did I applaud his earlier attitude? No. He was chastised for it and from what I have seen in this thread he's dialed it back. Sticking to facts and objective comparisons.
  10. I know folks have been giving you crap on here. But thanks for getting the word out there about ways the NT products can be improved. Also, thank you Kevtris for listening to community feedback and making improvements! I’ll be giving Parprium a try on the newest firmware today! I’m an engineer and something really agitating me is that some folks refuse to hear or accept any kind of criticism or improvement suggestions. While it’s true no one has infinite time or money and it’s also true that sometimes the payoff is not worth the effort. It’s just as true that sometimes we as consumers end up with abandoned and inferior products simply because we didn’t have the time or desire to point out issues and ask for better. I’m very happy with the full screen pixel effect in the new software. 🙂 It doesn’t matter to me if the person who drove the conversation stuck around to use it. 🙂 It’s going to be awesome if Paprium is fully working now. I literally held back my YouTube compatibility video when I saw it broken in the previous firmwares because I filed a bug with Analog and had faith in Kevtris that he wouldn’t let it go. Criticism doesn’t always equal an attack or insult. It just means there are areas that could potentially be improved. If we plug our ears to it we block potential for understanding, progress, and improvement.
  11. I currently own a NEO SD MVS (which is what I assume you are talking about). I also have a single slot jamma mvs arcade board with a supergun to HDMI. And I have two Neo Geo arcade sticks with competition buttons and stick custom installed. It’s certainly not the cheapest route to go to just scratch the itch. But if you want to plug the jamma board into a cabinet and play on a real arcade machine, I personally feel it’s worth it and a lot cheaper than getting a 2 or 4 slot MVS board and then buying individual carts. I’m not going to plug my Analog consoles into my arcade cabinet. But I wouldn’t mind being able to load up roms on it from a jailbreak core if one ever became available. I could be completely wrong, but I feel like the market for NEO GEO may be so small that the work required to provide support for it on Analog Consoles may just not be there or we may have to wait a crazy long time. Then again we are getting a TG16 so... take with a grain of salt. If mister can support it and you are cool with that, I say go with what works for you. I feel like the SD cart (especially the MVS one) is aimed at folks determined to have a hardware cab or an arcade board consolized with a supergun.
  12. Almost there. I accepted the invite. Now I can see the channel and I can load the link given earlier but the analogue-mega-sg server shows a padlock icon and says it can't load the messages. UPDATE: Hah. Figured it out by starting in the readme server.
  13. Hahaha. That's okay. I am 42 but feel like I am 99 sometimes. Getting harder to keep up with technology.
  14. I don't appear have access to the above discussion channel and the second link is just for discord itself.
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