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  1. This is why I google search crazy stuff like “Mortal Kombat lynx” at 3:30am. 🙂 nice job!
  2. Stephena, fluxit, And dirtyhairy thanks for your work. I haven’t gone through this entire thread but I have two questions: 1) anyone else actively contributing to getting Stella 6 up and running on Retron77? 2) I see how to donate to Stephena. Is there any way to donate to the others I mentioned?
  3. dashv

    RetroN 77

    Thank you. Exactly what I have been thinking this entire time.
  4. dashv

    RetroN 77

    That button was very useful for compelling me to read the manual. I was like wtf is fry? Then I read the manual and was like “oh, okay. ... why would I want this?”
  5. dashv

    RetroN 77

    My Retron 77 arrived today in an inside out UPS box shipped USPS covered in packaging tape. There was no packing materials for it. Thankfully it arrived without damage. It just looked like a n00b eBay seller packed it. Based on that and the long trail of tears Ive read on this topic I honestly expected my experience to be a dumpster fire burning with regret. I unboxed it. Removed the SD card. Copied the small handful of hombrew games I sometimes play and grabbed a physical copy of my wifes favorite Lost Luggage. I downloaded the community version of Stella 3.9.3 from the Retron 77 page. Updated my SD card. Plugged in Lost Luggage and played until I got a score my wife could not beat. (took about 5 minutes). Pulled the cartridge out with the game running. The game selection menu does honestly need some work. My feeling is get rid of the icons and just show us the list of our games. I powered off the console at this point. Powered it back on. My homebrews loaded and played fine. Panky the Panda Donkey Kong 2014 Pac Man (the good one with the arcade layout, cut scenes, etc). Popped in Kaboom and plugged in my one plug 2 player paddles. Even not touching the dial the input is twitchy (like some others have mentioned). But it was playable. It doesnt seem to remember the aspect ratio setting between power cycles, but I can live with that and surprisingly I find that I dont mind 16:9. I dont have a game to test my racing controller with. I popped in Star Raiders and plugged in my Video Touch Pad. The game plays but does not recognize the touchpad. Graphics and sound are wonderful. This is a great way to play Panky. My original 7800 joystick works. I did not sense any lag with this connected to my 4K Roku TV in Game Mode. Overall I am happy with my purchase. Wishlist items: - Fix the paddle sensitivity - Add Video Touchpad Support - Get rid of the icons, just show the game list - Add 7800 game support
  6. It's been a while, but landed myself a thrift find I'm pretty happy about! Found this guy hanging out in the wild at my local thrift store. $2.99 sealed!!! Gex for 3DO!!!
  7. It was fun for sure. I found his story about the fund raiser they did for for research on pediatric AIDS to be especially touching. If any homebrewers or indie devs here on Atari Age wanna be a guest sometime just hit me up in a pm.
  8. Most folks don't know, because I don't typically advertise it on here, but I co-host a weekly live show about retro gaming. Last month it was my privilege to interview Tom Kalinske the CEO of SEGA from 1990-1996! He talks Genesis v.s. Nintendo, why the SEGA CD was not a mistake, raising money to fight aids, how many cease and desist notices he got from Nintendo during his tenure. We even talked hoverboards! (Tom also used to be CEO of Mattel). If you like SEGA you should definitely check it out! Towards the end he gives his impressions on the Playstation VR!
  9. Holy cow, that is the exact motherboard I had in my first home computer. We started out with a TI 486 DLC CPU. I used to joke that it stood for "Da Low Cost" because it didn't have a math co-processor. Later we upgraded to a Cyrix 486 DX/2 processor so I could use Autocad in Windows 3.11. Wow. At one point we tried to put in an evergreen 133mhz CPU but it was just too much for the board to handle. Talk about a blast from my past. I'm heading down to the basement now to see if I've still got it.
  10. $30 for a 500gb super slim is an absolute steal. congrats!
  11. looking forward to hearing more about this and throwing some money at you when it's ready.
  12. I only issue I have with the WiiU game pad is battery life. Currently playing Child of Light. It's a pretty good Metriodvania style RPG. Fantastic graphics. I hate to say it but buy it on another platform because (I recently learned) the developers have decided not to release any of the DLC on the WiiU.
  13. Can hardly wait for this. Still need to find a pokey though.
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