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  1. The thought never occurred to me. The last console I bought was a Sega Genesis (after my Intellivision went kaput). I'm glad I can right that by purchasing an Intellivision Amico! 🙂
  2. And I thought people were lazy for ordering online for McDonalds because they couldn't be bothered to wait for their order at a drive through for a fast food restaurant?! 😜
  3. I don't see any sweater's on the Amico website. What site are you looking at? I only see T-shirts...
  4. I have one as well. It definitely makes for great Intellivision gaming on an HD TV! I will continue to use it until the Amico comes out, depending on which of the old games I can load on it. I disagree! It is the next generation Intellivision made by Intellivision Entertainment. It also has the Intellivision name on it, and it plays the old Intellivision games as well as the new ones they are putting out. So it is not the old Intellivision, but it is a new version for a new generation. 😉
  5. Thanks! I couldn't find a topic on this. Glad you did!
  6. I am looking for a list of games that are fun for co-op play (two players at the same time, not separately) on the Atari 2600 that use the joystick only (no paddle games please). Here is what I have so far: Air-Sea Battle Armor Ambush Atlantis Basketball Boxing Championship Soccer Combat Combat II Football Fishing Derby Freeway Frogs and Flies Ice Hockey Incoming Joust Outlaw Real Sports Baseball Real Sports Boxing Real Sports Football Real Sports Soccer Real Sports Tennis Real Sports Volleyball Sky Diver Space Invaders Space Rocks Super Baseball Super Football Super Challenge Baseball Super Challenge Football Any help would be much appreciated!
  7. Didn't your parents ever tell you not to play with electricity?! 😄
  8. With Tommy being generous lately by giving a game away and more information, maybe he will end up being the "Oprah" of video games: "You get one. You get one. You get one. Well, you all get one!" 😂 Just kidding! Seriously though, my Dad and I played hockey all the time. It would be fun to be able to play with four people at the same time! I spoke to the wife and showed her the new website. She was like "what's that?" I told her that was the new Intellivision system I was talking about that is coming out in a year. To engage her more in the situation, I asked her which color scheme she liked best since it will be going in our living room. She liked the black & blue one the best because it looks modern. That was the one I picked out because it reminds me of Tron! So glad we agree on something! 😁
  9. I think he is saying it could be Astrosmash or Frog Bog as the pack in game. He's just not telling you which one. 😉
  10. Then it must be for legal issues is my guess. It encourages adding illegally obtained ROMs? If that's not the reason, then what is it?
  11. Bill, For those of us who are not skilled with a soldering iron, will there be an option to buy compatible paddles for the FB9? I don't understand why paddles are being made for all FB systems but that one, especially when it was publicized that AtGames paddles will work with the FB9 Gold.
  12. I'm not in the know with techy stuff, but exactly how would you utilize the information on the card that comes with the t-shirt? Is this basically downloading an app that will read the information? Thanks in advance for the help!
  13. From past experience on the FB handheld, all I do is keep a backup folder of all my games on my PC or USB stick. When I want to add a game, I add it to the backup folder, then I delete all the games on my SD card for the FB. After that I select all the games in the backup folder and copy them to the SD card making sure I'm starting with the first file in the folder. This method copies the files over in alphabetical order which will keep it in alpha order on the SD card when read by the FB system. Hope this makes sense...
  14. atarifan88


    FB9 Gold because it has an SD card, HDMI output, and wireless joysticks that work great. The only disappointment is the lack of paddle support.
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