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  1. If you watch the Amico video from yesterday, the announcement is near the beginning.
  2. I was hoping they fixed the camera from zooming in and out during gameplay. IMO, this makes it annoying to play a game. I thought I read a while ago they were going to fix that?
  3. Sorry, just showing allegiance to my team. The NHL playoffs and this Amico event are the two biggest things on my radar right now. Getting ready for game two very soon!
  4. A good idea, but it would make it an even better idea if you had your flashback made into an ultimate flashback HERE. I have two flashbacks, one original and one ultimate. The ultimate is HDMI so the picture and emulation are even better. Not only that, but you can add games to it so it's expandable. You can't get much better than that! 🤯
  5. The Roms are a better way to go because everything is pre-loaded before you plan and you don't have a mess of cartridges laying around. Loving this thing!
  6. Did I miss something here? Is Amico actually going to do a version of Tunnels & Trolls?! Either that or you were referring to one of the other possiblities: 1. Comparing T&T to the D&D Cloudy Mountain game that is coming together nicely. 2. The seasonal "trolls" that lurk in the Amico forum. I'm not sure which one you were referring to, but all could easily apply! I would really love to see a long awaited Tunnels & Trolls game on the Amico. Wouldn't that be something?! 😄
  7. No problem. I will say changing the dejitter settings helped stabilize my paddles and it hasn't negatively affected them during gameplay. It's a win for me because this is the first time I have been able to get paddles to work for emulation. Thanks for all the work you and the rest of the crew put in to get Stella working on the R77!
  8. I wasnt sure if you meant we both had high settings so I chimed in with what I was using and confirmed that I've used it on an actual Atari. I thought that was the information you were looking for. I didn't realize you were asking nyhack56 as you didn't quote him directly.
  9. The AtGames paddles are like new and they work like new on an actual Atari. No jitter or cleaning necessary.
  10. Figured out how to get to that tab by hitting one of the back buttons on the R77. Changed both the dejitter averaging and reaction to 8 and that fixed the issue. I left the sensitivity at 100. Thanks for the help!
  11. I did the advanced-options-input-emul-default then plugged my AtGames paddles in and they work with a little jitter. These are like new paddles, bit they are usable. I didn't get a chance to try the dejitter settings.
  12. But what about original Atari paddles? When did those stop working on R77 or did they ever work to begin with (using the front port)?
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