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  1. After reading the article, I'm reminded about the soup nazi episode from Seinfeld... 😂
  2. Back on topic... 🙄 If the Amico is supposed to be out in October, I would think we would find out something for sure by the end of July. I'm guessing at this point the first run of consoles will be a limited run. That being said, the woodgrain has the highest demand. I'm looking at getting the graphite. Hopefully those will be available if we get a limited run in October...
  3. We obviously need more Amico content on here when people are starting to talk about other products. Anything that isn't Amico related is a pass for me. New games are going to be coming out every week so my extra funds will be going toward that. Just look at the list of some of the games that will be out in 2021 if the Amico gets released... Battle Tanks Biplanes Bomb Squad Breakout Cloudy Mountain Golf Missile Command MLB Baseball Moon Patrol Night Stalker Pong Pool & Billiards Soccer That doesn't even include the pack in games or others that I haven't listed as they are not on my radar. Either way, the Amico should give us enough to keep us busy for a long time!
  4. My top 5 anticipated games on the Amico: Cloudy Mountain Moon Patrol Asteroids Tron Deadly Discs Hockey
  5. I do not have an order for a founders edition or a pre-order (yet). I am still in the wait and see mode. Truth be told, I've been a die hard Intellivision fan since the 80's. I've not been as excited for a console like the Amico since the 1980's. However, I do have understanding for the delays. I am willing to wait for as long as it takes and not having any money invested makes it even easier. I plan on waiting to see when the Amico is finally offered up on Amazon US. If there are some good exclusives, I may pre-order one. At least this way, I don't pay anything until a physical product ships. At the end of the day I have hope the Amico will be released, if not this October, definitely by April 2022. Complaining about the wait is not going to get it here any quicker. Until then, I'll keep enjoying the videos Tommy and the various YouTubers are putting out. It only adds to the excitement until that day comes!
  6. I remember going to Kmart and playing what ever cartridge they had plugged into the kiosk. I do remember a time when they abandoned the cartridge system and switched to a kiosk that would let you play a choice of several games. That is when things got crazy! I would spend the entire time in the store glued to that kiosk. They also had an Intellivision as well, but I didn't play it because the controller looked too complicated at the time (too many buttons)! 😄 I think once I got an Atari at home, I didn't head back to that kiosk as much. I just gazed over all the cartridges trying to decide what to ask for next! 😉
  7. Me too. If there is another delay, I would hope it would still make it out by Christmas. If not, it would make a great birthday present for me if it came out in early 2022!
  8. But you're Intellivision Master so there's no quitting! It ain't over... 😆😂🤣
  9. I absolutely love how Intellivision is doing the artwork with a retro theme to it. I hope this continues! Maybe there will be enough to do an Art of Amico (or Intellivision) book?!
  10. You really owe it to yourself to get the Intellivision version and try it out ASAP, even if it's through emulation. I used to wonder what the fuss was all about with Demon Attack. I didn't care for the Atari version much and then I tried the Intellivision version and it blew me away (pun intended)! I love the fact that Intellivision added some great background graphics and of course the boss stage. It keeps you coming back for more!
  11. Going to give this a try. Anyone know if this works on the community build of Stella on the Retron 77?
  12. I think it's downright crazy to buy a physical game just to put it on a shelf and not play it, but that's just me and I'm not a collector...
  13. Looks great! Is there a new version of the Graphite Black?
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