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  1. Funny that I just watched this episode last night! Hilarious! Make sure you have fold out legs on the bottom of your book CurlyQ so it would double as a coffee table! 😄
  2. Honestly, I question the validity of the source as I doubt it's updated weekly. Monthly, maybe.
  3. You two crack me up. I still can't determine whether you are good friends or bad enemies! 😄 Whenever I read the title of this thread I can't help but think of Antiques Roadshow...
  4. I can't for the life of me comprehend why we are even having a discussion about a release form when this is a topic that's supposed to be about a video game console. Now I know the majority of the people in here feel the same way as they are looking forward to more information about the Amico and it's eventual release. It just goes to show that some people will argue about anything as long as it takes the attention off the thing they don't want to see become a reality. It's only a new video game system people, so get over it! Are these so called "gamers" worried that there isn't enough room in the market for another video game system? Are they worried about another "video game crash" or something? If there is one thing this pandemic has done is shine the light on people who are supposed to act like adults, but instead choose to act like entitled, over-bearing idiots! It's sad that people feel the need to act this way just to get a point across. To those people, I'll just leave this for you...
  5. Thanks for your review as it really gives clarity to those of us who have not been able to attend an event. It's things like this that ignites the excitement I had when I first heard Intellivision would be releasing a modern console. Thanks again for the detail of your review, it makes me look forward to the consoles release even more!
  6. Thanks for starting this thread Rev. It makes more sense putting things from the event here instead of cramming them in with the Amico Fun Talk thread...
  7. Tommy if you ever get out to Ohio, plan on having a challenge game of Intellivision Hockey! Of course it would be awesome to get to play the Amico if it makes it's way over here (Cleveland/Columbus). Here's to hoping!
  8. Good! Glad to hear you will be able to make it as the Amico Atari Age group will be represented. Please give us an update on your experiences as most of us will have to live vicariously through them! 😉
  9. Here is the thing, I believe there are chip shortages, but because these come from China, I have to ask why this continues to be a problem because the news paints a picture of China like they have this infection rate in their country under control and people have resumed working production again. If this is true, and I question that it isn't, then you would think production of the said chips would be ramped up by now?
  10. I looked around on the Intellivision home page and FAQ and couldn't find this link you mention. I even went on their youtube page and couldn't find the list of 30 games you mention. Do you have a link you could share so I can check this out?
  11. "Intellivision lost 3 months due to the pandemic?!" Most companies have lost way more than that! This is why I stopped following this guy. At first his videos were informative, but his is just garbage. He might as well join the forum posting his crap along side other "know-it-alls." There's 4 minutes of my life I will never get back! 🙄
  12. Thanks for sharing this Tommy! It's more stories like this that we need to see, hopefully on a weekly basis as there have been way more negative Nancy's on here than I care to acknowledge. This is the kind of vibe that I can't wait to take over when the Amico gets released to the public. When that happens, all the negative comments will be, to quote Kansas, "dust in the wind." What a great day that will be! Until then, we all need to stick together and keep pushing forward...
  13. Here are my choices... Top Tier: Astrosmash/Moon Patrol Mid: Night Stalker/Battle Tanks Low: Earthworm Jim The space games seem to excel in higher end retro graphics which is good for me because those are the games I gravitate towards (pun intended)! The cartoony graphics like Earthworm Jim turn me off and I usually steer clear of those kinds of kiddy games.
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