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  1. The screen shot reminds me of an M-network sports game. Can't wait to try it!
  2. I run an emulator because I want to play games on a modern TV without all the snowy interference that was typical with old systems. Don't get me wrong, I still have my original Atari hooked to a CRT TV, but after either one breaks down, I'm done with trying to search for a used system or TV to keep the thing alive. If they came out with a new Atari console that could play cartridges, I would buy the thing! For me it's all about convenience. I don't have the time or money to put into used equipment anymore.
  3. The Atari FB9 composite is not compatible with the firmware because it uses the same emulator that's found on the Atari Flashback Portable. Therefore the SD card slot is supposed to be active out of the box. The drawback to this is it isn't as compatible with the roms as the HDMI FB9.
  4. Ok, my bad. Yes the guys in the video didn't put much thought into reviewing the Amico. On a separate note I'm sure there will be a new version of golf your team is working on, but what about doing something a little different like disc golf? This may help get the younger kids to play the game since it doesn't involve knowledge of golf clubs. Just a thought...
  5. Interesting that you would deduce no thought was put into the system, like they are just putting it out there for the purpose of putting it out there. As you noted, they are targeting a different group of people instead of the "in-crowd" (i.e. those that play the switch, xbox, etc). The fact that they are going for an old-fashioned approach is what's caught my eye because nobody is doing that these days. Most companies just keep feeding the approach that if it's on their cell phone, it's good enough. The problem with certain people is they are on their phones way too much an lack human interaction. What IP is doing is encouraging people to be in the same room to play games and interact with one another. IMO, it's a step in the right direction and is something people need to go back to.
  6. No I didn't. I had a PS1 & 2. I stopped buying consoles after that. I hope the Amico will change that if I like what I see.
  7. I'm going to guess the Amico trailer will be released on July 30th. Here are the 10 games I think will be on there: 1. Astrosmash 2. Shark! Shark! 3. Baseball 4. Night Stalker 5. Snafu 6. Tron 7. Cloudy Mountain: Crown of Kings 8. Missile Command 9. Atlantis 10. Demon Attack
  8. For me personally, my retrogaming era is 1978-1995. Started with Atari, ended with Sega. I never really got on the nintendo bandwagon.
  9. Some of us are not tech savy so I would still buy a set if they were made available!
  10. Yes! This is what it's all about! I have similar experiences.
  11. I'll add to the conversation and list some games not mentioned I think should be on the Amico: Space Battle - I'm sure this could be re-imagined and improved upon. This is fun game as is! Tron - If Tommy can get the license from Disney, I would love to see a port of the arcade game that has not appeared on any home console (as far as I know - and speaking of firsts)! Beamrider - IMO this was the best Activision game on the Intellivision. If Tommy can get the license from Activision, this would be a blast (pun intended)! Space Spartans - This was another awesome game for the Intellivision. Maybe they can do a re-imagined version? Sports Games - This was Intellivision's bread & butter back in the day. Release them with a serious overhaul in computer AI for one player games and these could make the system's one player options even better! Minotaur - AKA Treasure of Tarmin. This could also be a re-imagined game. It would make sense as they plan doing Crown of Kings. Burnin' Rubber - AKA Bump N Jump. Fun arcade game that could be re-imagined for co-op play? May need a license to put this on? This is just my list of older games. Anyone have others in mind?
  12. Tommy, if Swords & Serpents is one of the reimagined games, please make sure there is a dragon to fight at the end as the original left it out unfortunately. Thanks!
  13. Tommy any chance of tweaking the AI in the sports games to make them more challenging/enjoyable?
  14. This looks great! It's like a cross between Treasure of Tarmin and Grail of the Gods. Can't wait to see how this develops!
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