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  1. In 1987 I got an Intellivision II. Thankfully INTV Corp was still releasing games which were better than some of the original Intellivision games. They were finally releasing sports games with a AI so you could play against a computer opponent. There were some really good arcade games too. Commando, Hover Force, and Thunder Castle come to mind. If it wasn't for that time in my life, I wouldn't be here keeping tabs on the Amico. I think Intellivision was the main reason why I never jumped on the Nintendo bandwagon, and I'm OK with that.
  2. I have been through this a number of times with people. I do not notice any lag on my Atari FB9 Gold. I bought it because eventually I will be getting rid of my 27" tube TV and need something that will work and look good on a modern TV. For the amount of gaming I do, which isn't anywhere near what it was when I was a teenager, the Flashback works great. I also bought an INTV flashback, but that turned out to be less than desirable so I had someone put a raspberry pie in there and now I have a great setup for playing Intellivision. I plan on buying the Amico because I haven't bought a new system since the Genesis and want something simple to play with a retro feel to it. The price of the system and games is right and the team of people working on it are doing a great job and are just like us in terms of gaming, so why not? It's really a win-win and will introduce the entire family to co-op gaming without the hastle of trying to learn extensive game or controller directions.
  3. I bought the Atari FB 9 Gold because I could load all my ROMs on it and hook it up to a modern TV for casual play. I love it because it works and makes things so much easier because I don't have to mess with cartridges not working correctly or cleaning contacts to make them work.
  4. As with any new system you have to start somewhere. PS & XBOX had the same issue when they started out. I have confidence that the Amico will be successful because of the area of gaming they are targeting and the fact that it's way more affordable than the competitors systems.
  5. You will be glad to know Tron Deadly Discs is on the list of reimagined games to be done: https://www.intellivisionamico.com/press-releases/press-release-october-22nd-2018
  6. I'm glad I never got one of these. I've heard about way too many issues that scare me away from buying one. More than a year after the initial release and it looks like the company isn't even supporting it anymore. Just another reason to avoid all the headaches as this thing should work properly out of the box.
  7. Skiing, Snafu, Shark Shark, Astrosmash difficult? These are some of the easiest games for a beginner to pick up the system and play for the original Intellivision. I don't think you will have to worry about that! If the fourth game is in fact Shark Shark, these will be the best group of pack-in games for any video game console ever IMO. That's a huge step up considering all we got was Black Jack & Poker for the original Intellivision 😏...
  8. Dude, these are two of the funniest posts in this entire thread and they appear on the same page! Where have you been all this time, especially when we were stuck discussing those two YouTube dolts?! Thanks for the laugh. I almost spit my breakfast at my computer screen! 😆
  9. And for that he can go "Smurf" himself! 😀😁😃😄😆😂🤣
  10. Tommy, to echo the comments of others, if there was a way to put out a game catalog with screen shots like Intellivision did back in the day, not only would that be a great source of advertisement, but would speak to those of us who grew up reading these things over and over, while we looked forward to certain games coming out. That would really spark up some nostalgia in the process! 😎 Do you think something like this is possible, even if it's done electronically as a PDF sent to those on the email list?
  11. Good points. Nice research! The next time a nintendo fanboy complains about "the disc" someone needs to **tch-slap them with this! If I had a dime for every time someone complained about the disc, I would have enough to buy a couple Amicos. I believe the disc helped pave the way for the modern game controller dpad, and a lot of the same people don't complain when using them...
  12. And what's this "shovel-ware" you speak of? I thought that was reserved for the Atari VCS?! 😄
  13. I'm talking about games that IP do not upgrade. Otherwise no.
  14. If the homebrew is considered an upgrade to an existing game, there would be an interest I'm sure.
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