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  1. Got these today and tried them out. Thanks for making these! My one sentence review first, more details below. If you spend a considerable amount of time to playing your Jaguar, or if you want to improve the overall experience controlling games, these replacements are a must have. Just dropped 5 of these replacements into controllers (these are really easy to put in). All versions of the replacement D-Pad are an improvement in my opinion. Particularly the thick variant of the D-Pad on a standard controller feels great. I played Ultra Vortek to try out moves for several characters. Special moves feel easier to pull off. Also tried all the styles (thin/thick and D-Pad/Stick) in Missile Command 3D for a few hours this evening. All are obvious improvements for the standard, pro, and reproduction pro-controllers. I do prefer the D-Pad style of the replacement over the stick style. The stick style feels a bit to much like it is trying to be an analog controller. This is a bit distracting, but perfectly functional, are still an improvement over the original D-Pads, and I natural adjusted to them after a few minutes of play. The stick style has one advantage over the D-Pad style. Both styles give you more play time before thumb fatigue, particularly when compared to the standard controllers original D-Pad. The stick style is a bit better at preventing fatigue when compared to the D-Pad style replacement. This was the case for me anyways. This doesn't effect game play, but the red replacements look so good with the Jag's red buttons. Also, the color red used in the replacement, is a really close match to the A/B/C buttons. Again, definitely worth the investment.
  2. Yep, that list you have there is "most games" for sure. Could you be more comprehensive please? I really want to know how deep the rabbit hole goes about the nefarious artists, programmers and companies that spent a significant chunk of their lives to make people 30 years later feel ripped off. At least there is one beautiful, hope filled, thoughtful, glimmer of light in our fume filled pit of Jag obsessed disrepair.🤪 Seriously though, who would of guessed that one day we would hear music, and see that status bar in its proper position, in Jag Doom? Our favorite cat might be a bit quiet, like most cats are, but it's a great time to have a Jag. Just as it was 27 years ago.
  3. I have been trying this for about an hour now. I'm not the best coder in the world, but it looks like the ST just doesn't want to let @CyranoJ go.
  4. Have you tried adjusting the volume in-game? This can be done by starting any game type, pressing pause any time during gameplay, and then press B. This will reveal the control for SFX volume (press A for music volume control). Press up and down to adjust the volume. I believe this in-game adjustment is saved to the EEPROM on the cart, which could explain why there is a difference between the two copies of the game.
  5. For first person perspective, the only one I can think of is Warbirds. I can't find a video of someone demonstrating this online, but below is a video of single player action. Games like California Games and Xenophobe(it's been a while) have independent "cameras" for each player, from the side-view perspective. For example, the surfing game in California Games, the camera will follow the player's character on screen, regardless of the other players. You can see this in action with this YouTube video below. I also imagine that Checkered Flag necessitates a independent camera for each player, because it is a racing game.
  6. I downloaded RMAC from github yesterday and noticed the build process was complaining about the patch file that we were using to get Removers Library to build. Didn't use the patch this time, and everything seems to be working. Thanks for you work on this.
  7. Decided to investigate why cd2jcd.exe won't run through wine on a mac. Turns out there is a huge difference when running wine on Linux vs. MacOS. It would seem that the latest version of MacOS has dropped 32-bit support. For wine this means that you can only run a 64-bit version of wine. When trying to run cd2jcd.exe with wine64, it doesn't work. I am guessing that cd2jcd.exe is a 32-bit application. Unless you are using an older version of MacOS, it looks like you will need to wait for the source code or a build cd2jcd for MacOS Catalina.
  8. Just installed wine on a fresh install of Linux (installed this morning). Works out of the box. I can't imagine what the big difference would be with wine between platforms with a relatively simple program like this. Does it give you any message when it crashes after running it from command line?
  9. While waiting for the source for Linux, I tried to run the windows binary with Wine and it worked just fine. I would imagine, but can't guarantee, that wine for MacOS should be able to run it as well.
  10. One of my favorites. I still listen to the soundtrack when driving, and the visuals are some of the most memorable on the Jaguar. (The roman reliefs with the eyeballs, the old ice factory with the guy with a mouth on his shirt, the final fight with the guardian.) Yes, definitely a clone of MK, but a very well done clone that obviously had a talented group of people behind it.
  11. That would be great! Thank you! I guess I should have sent the video over to you first to look at. This timelapse was sitting on my to-do shelf for a while, waiting for upload. I figure I would get it out there before everyone had their game already, and before it would start to become more irrelevant over time.
  12. I recorded a good chunk of the process for the cover art for this one and made a timelapse. The video is a bit long but I know there are those who enjoy seeing the process for these kinds of things. Huge thank you to Reboot and Albert for letting me work with them on this impressive game. I am really excited to hold the packaging in my hands and play the final game soon.
  13. Because it is only the best game ever! I bring references. 😆
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