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  1. Spent a few minutes with the docker image. Followed instructions after getting familiar with the basics of docker. It seemed to setup the docker container flawlessly, and I had my generic example built in no time after modifying my Makefile's a bit. This is awesome, I need to try this in Windows now. I am not sure what feedback you are looking for, for the Jaguar Image Converter. Its great that it is just a python script now, and this will be great in case of future updates. Unfortunately I haven't worked on enough Jag stuff to justify using all the options that the image converter offers. I did do some quick conversions to make sure that the options I typically use still work. 4, 8, 16-bit image depths all converted just fine. I actually avoid the dithering options in the image converter, as I like my work to look the same before and after it is added to my programs. I am looking forward to using an up-to-date version of the image converter. Thanks for putting this together Seb!
  2. There is a possibility that our streaming time will change in the next couple to be a bit later on the same day. Hopefully it doesn't end up in the middle of your workday... 😋
  3. No worries. We appreciate you and the few other regulars that join us and chat when we are wasting time.
  4. We did a live stream of Wormhole 2000 yesterday, with an on the spot review. The three of us really found the game entertaining even though it is a bit rough around the corners. Only one of us actually owns a Jag, and I recommend this game for anyone who likes playing and collecting homebrew for the Jag, but you may want to hold off until it is being sold through AtariAge to get a complete package (game, box and manual). The actual gameplay starts around the 33 minute mark. We like giving the VLM some love before going to meat of the stream.
  5. This is great news. Having a more universal option like docker will simplify things considerably. The Jaguar Image Converter conversion to python will be welcome as well. I don't know how many hours have disappeared trying to figure out how to build this program from source with ocaml. Thanks Seb!
  6. This is a dedicated thread to several scripts I have been maintaining that make setup of RMAC, RLN, JLIBC and RMVLIB tool chain for any ubuntu distribution a nearly one click solution. I will update this thread when updates occur for those who are interested, and for address any problems you may run into in regards to these scripts. Huge thank you to everyone that has put their time and talents into these tools, and for helping me get to this point that makes these tools more accessible to linux users. There are more details about the script on the github page (linked below), but here is a quick overview of what you need to start and what these scripts give you. You will need to be running a flavor of linux that has access to the Ubuntu repositories, and uses apt to pull packages from the repositories. I have only tested this on Kubuntu, but it should work with Ubuntu, Xubuntu, Lubuntu, etc... without any issue. Please let me know if you run into other problems with other distributions that have access to the Ubuntu repositories. The Ubuntu repositories and apt are necessary for the script to install the m68000/gcc cross compiler tools, build-essentials, and a few other applications. If you are using a distribution that doesn't have access to the Ubuntu repositories, or can't install debian packages, you could potentially bypass these steps in the script by manually downloading and building and installing the cross-mint tools and any other tools that are installed with apt inside these scripts. Please do not ask help to do this. I will assume that if you venturing outside the boundaries of Ubuntu, you probably know much more about Linux than I do. As mentioned before, the rmvlib_inistall.sh script builds and installs the necessary tools to compile assembly and C code related to the Removers Library. There is another script called additional_tools_install.sh that will download/build/install other binaries that make Jaguar dev a bit easier. This includes virtuajaguar, jcp, lz77 and jag-image-converter. Again more details about these tools on the github page. After you run the install script, there is a small example program inside the Jaguar folder for testing the tool chain to make sure it is working correctly. Again, see the githup page for more details about getting started. https://github.com/lachoneus/ubuntu-rmvlib-install-scripts
  7. Thanks for the followup question, I didn't think that the patch would also make the changes to the rmvlib source obsolete as well. Just tested everything out to confirm @SebRmv results. The patch provided by @cubanismo builds rmac, jlibc, and rmvlib without all of the quick fix changes I was doing 6 months ago to rmac and rmvlib. Time to update my shell script. Thanks everyone for the continued updates to rmac!
  8. Not to confuse things, but there was one more alteration that needed to be made to rmac along with the other changes to the the removers source files. It seems that the patch linked to by @cubanismo might do a similar kind of change I haven't dug into the patch yet to see for sure. Here is the change I was performing to the expr.c in the rmac source back in March/April of 2020, as suggested by ggn if I remember right, to get rmac to build things. sed -i '/_attr = cursect | D/c\*a_attr = DEFINED;' expr.c This bit of code in the script makes the following change: expr.c Line 466 From - *a_attr = cursect | DEFINED; To - *a_attr = DEFINED; I just tested the latest rmac, jlibc, and rmvlib with this change and the changes to the rmvlib source mentioned above, and everything seems to build correctly.
  9. You or @ggn can confirm if this was the same issue I ran into when first getting rmac to build the rmvlib source. In order to get the build to happen ggn had me make some minor changes to display.s, paula.s, sound.s in the rmvlib source. Described below. Making these changes allows rmac V2.0.12 to properly build rmvlib. I don't know if the recent adjustments to rmac for other bugs may have changed things. I haven't tried building rmvlib recently. display.s line 150 - padding_nop (G_RAM+$10-*) change to - padding_nop (G_RAM+$10-pc1) Add one line before - pc1=* line 169 - padding_nop (G_RAM+$40-*) change to - padding_nop (G_RAM+$40-pc2) Add one line before - pc2=* sound.s line 122 - padding_nop (D_RAM+$20-*) change to - padding_nop (G_RAM+$20-pc1) Add one line before - pc1=* paula.s line 67 - padding_nop (D_RAM+$10-*) change to - padding_nop (G_RAM+$10-pc1) Add one line before - pc1=* The pattern is clear, but I have no idea what is going on, I just know that this was one of the few things I had to do to get things building on my end a few months ago. I have a shell script that automates downloading and building rmac, rln, and the Removers Library in linux with access to the ubuntu repositories for the cross compiler now, so I don't have to make these changes manually anymore. The script is pretty simple and should be easy to parse on your own if you run into problems. https://github.com/lachoneus/ubuntu-rmvlib-install-scripts
  10. Still moving along. There won't be a 2020 release at this point though. This naturally pushes it to sometime next year. We apologize for the continued shifting of the release date, and thank everyone for their patience. If you want to see the updates to Flappy McFur, we recently played in on our live stream a couple weeks ago.
  11. Fell of my radar because of other interests to be blunt. Thanks for reminding me of this thread though. Read through this thread and I had already forgotten most of what was talked about here. It would still be nice to put together a more refined version of the layout drawing you provided along with a concise rundown of the information in this thread for anyone who might take on creating a method of using a modern device as a JagVR replacement. Just compile everything to make it a bit more digestible. I am interested in doing this, but I can't make it a priority at the moment.
  12. I believe this is how to enable Super Turbo Draw. Press Option to go into menu, press 4 on the number pad to turn on Turbo Draw, then press 8 on the number pad to enable Super Turbo Draw.
  13. I have been working on doing this in the Removers Library, strictly in C code, using Zerosquare's code linked above as a baseline for a while now. I can get things working pretty well, but I get a weird scrolling pixels visual glitch at the top of the screen though (only shows up on real hardware). I think that this has something to do with interrupts, but my knowledge ends there. After hours of blindly trying things with what is available in the Removers library, I haven't been able to get much further than this. Could be a problem with my simple vector library as well, but it seems like I got similar results after stripping the vector stuff out (Its been a few months since I last tackled this). I attached a sample program of the code that I am working with (a simple pong clone), I hope that this might help with getting some streamlined support for rotary in the Remover's Library. I definitely want to get this working in Odd-Ball before that game gets released. @SebRmv I am ready to go in regards to a build environment for the removers library (thanks to the great people here getting things building with rmac/rln), if you need another person to test things. pong_phys_2.zip
  14. We had an episode of "JagVirgin" produced a while ago. No plans on doing more of these. A bit cringe looking back at it now, especially when compared to The Jag Bar's fun to watch format.
  15. Thanks for all your work on this @SainT! I am also interested in Linux support if possible, or at least sources so I can build the tools myself. It has been great to be able to do Jag dev in Linux with the Skunkboard, and it would be great to add the Jag GD to my little workforce.
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