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  1. Is the production going to be limited? And where is it going to be sold when ready?
  2. Also noticed that the numbers on the numpad are different on the gray one, there is a circle around the number one the black one and only a number on the gray controller!
  3. Ok thanks,the loose one feels much better than the black one, the black one feels more sticky also, the serial no starts with a g on the gray one and there is no missing pins in the connector on the gray one vs missing pins on the black one!
  4. Hi everybody i recently bought a new jag controller and the d-pad feels much better and smoother on the new one, the old controller is stiff! The buttons are also gray instead of black, so is the d-pad supposed to be stiff on the black button one, is there something wrong? Thanks in advance😁
  5. Can anyone upload some gameplay with the new music?
  6. Missed this so glad to hear there's a 3rd run😀
  7. Missed out on the first run 😢 when will the second run be available?
  8. Ok thanks, emailed you guys but didn't get any confirmation! is it ok?
  9. Intrested in this, how much is it and how much is postage to Europe?
  10. Bought a few games from Nick and he is a very nice guy and you can definitely trust him!
  11. Thank you! Did you take any pictures of the process? If so would you want to share?
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