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  1. I think that my case is exactly what's described here. "Hyrmaskin" does just mean "rental machine." I live in Sweden, and bought this from another guy here in Sweden. I did end up "liberating" the Jaguar from this case, but it was just by bending the metal straps holding it place to get them out of the way. I can easily put the Jaguar back in its spot for transport, and if I wanted to I'm sure I could bend the metal straps back to their original positions (they're quite soft). The papers that came with it are just Swedish translations of instructions for a handful of games (none of which came with this system when I got it). They all just look like poor-quality monochrome photocopies of some other source. Anyway, I got this for a price that, for me, was worth it for just the Jaguar alone, and I'm quite happy to have this fun case as well! I can easily imagine transporting a Jaguar, two controllers, and a big handful of games all in this case.
  2. I recently acquired this Jaguar that came in a rental case, which I’ve never seen before. It looks pretty nice, like some kind of architect portfolio with nice Jaguar styling on the outside Opening it up, the console is bolted in place, with metal bands that are riveted to the frame of the case. Unfortunately this blocks access to the ports on the back (only power and RF are exposed), so I’ll have to cut it free. Thought I’d share this with the group, since I at least have never encountered this before. Has anyone else seen this kind of thing? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Update: cleaning the carts worked! Thanks everybody
  4. Yeah, that's why it seemed like an odd coincidence to me, too. OTOH, the NTSC carts all came from one seller, and the PAL carts from two other sellers. Maybe the guys selling the PAL carts were just cleaning out closets and found these dusty old things lying around! Anyway, I'll try cleaning them this evening and report back with my findings.
  5. -^Cro§Bow^- asked if the Atari rainbow appears for a few seconds, and no, it doesn't. Just straight to Asteroids. Thanks everybody for the advice about dirty carts, I will try to clean them and see how it goes. I guess I'm so used to the other 2600 carts that I have being in good shape, but these are all recent purchases and, well, who knows how people have been storing their stuff.
  6. So, I just got my very first 7800 up and running for the first time, after giving it a new power jack. Hooked it up to the TV, turned it on, let the TV auto scan for channels, it finds it and it is actually a really beautiful, clear display for being RF. So, I decide to try the games I have. I have ten, of which 4 are NTSC. The NTSC games each work to some degree, with varying amounts of garbage at the bottom of the display etc. About what I expected. The PAL games, however, dont work at all! Each one I try, when I power up I just get Asteroids, as if no cartridge is in there at all. I tried each of them at least twice. Has anybody seen something like this? Any idea what might cause it, or if it can be fixed?
  7. Thanks! This is an interesting counterpoint. I threw away both the RF shield and the RF modulator itself when I modded my 2600. I guess I was following the same set of instructions you're thinking of. I definitely see your point about not throwing away classic videogame parts, but in that case it is a VERY common 2600 model so I don't feel too bad about it But I want to be more careful with the 7800. I will strive to keep it in good shape, and will reattach the shield!
  8. A couple of months ago I installed an A/V output mod on a 2600. The set of instructions I was following told me to remove the RF shield and just throw it away. I did so, and it seems to be fine. So now I'm looking to start modding a 7800. Once I get the RF shield loose, can I just throw it away, or does it serve any real function that requires it to be there? My (limited) understanding is that these things are there to satisfy regulations about RF signals being emitted from a device, and that the only downside of leaving the shield off is the slight risk that I might pick up some "noise" on other nearby devices when using the 7800 later. I'd love to have this idea either confirmed or refuted by someone who really knows!
  9. RT @rsebbe: Xcode team: why?!? Nobody is using the debugger in Cupertino? Debugging Obj-C has been a pain over the years. http://t.co/cgrwB…

  10. RT @vurnt22: Robin gave SO MUCH JOY & LAUGHTER FOR SO MNYFOR YEARSSad to live in a world without him

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      He will be missed.


  11. Can't seem to stop myself from learning 6502 assembler for Atari 2600 programming. Working on my neckbeard.

  12. RT @thoughtbot: A nice crowd of developers at NSCoder Night in Stockholm this week. Join us next time! http://t.co/K3TxaQy4en http://t.co/f…

  13. RT @nothings: "Candy Crush maker decides it will be worth about $7.6 billion before its collapse" http://t.co/fwbdHfoWpS

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      :D I never use lol but came close. Nice article.
  14. RT @collopy: “I don’t want to play your game. It sounds monstrous.” “TOO LATE WE ALREADY DESIGNED MODERN CITIES AROUND IT” http://t.co/YU5s…

  15. Beginning iOS 7 Dev, in Apress Alpha, is nearly complete (just some layout problems remain) and is now 880 pages ? http://t.co/WH4Adti5Gs

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