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  1. Anyone in Ontario have a XL or XE they are willing to sell at a normal price? last few I found in my area are asking way too much. just taking a chance here. not to be rude I can't afford $500+ on a XL xe computer only.
  2. wow. ok thanks guess I overlooked. guess I'm too fresh with the current build of Altirra. thank you
  3. small wish list for altirra. Add ability for exclusive fullscreen with option to set resolution. like on my media center i keep the desktop at 1280 x 720. this is what i want on my large far away scren in living room, however i want to launch the emulator in 3840 x 2160 second wish. blarggs NTSC filter for NES. I believe it would be possible to adapt this to A8 display. Tweaked the right way I love what this does.
  4. After reading that its crystal clear alot of ground work with states would have to be done before even thinking about it. This being said for my purposes altirra already does what I would want. Anything new will just be a bonus surprise!
  5. an emulator called bsnes byuu.org has a proper run ahead routine for this. however that is a SNES emulator. run ahead up to 2 frames
  6. Thanks to altirra Im not getting any work done and lacking lots of sleep lmao I now have A8 on my workstation at work, media center in my living room and laptop to the tv in the bedroom lol Altirra has recently amplified my life long obsession.
  7. Before Altirra I used Atari 800WinPlus but always went back to my real hardware. With Altirra my real hardware is now a showpiece. One thing my real hardware wont to is NTSC and PAL. Now my PAL software doesnt run too fast or flicker or bounce. I love this emulator!!! Not too surprised. For years I used virtual dub which was amazing when I used it, when I visited his site and saw Altirra I was like no way awesome! Im so happy we have this. Very lucky.
  8. Thanks! Im actually in heaven with Altirra! its the ultimate tool for an Atari 8-bit user. Never thought Ide see an A8 emulator this well written and equipped. SO happy I get to use it.
  9. Got it! thank you. I was looking under adding devices in config and didnt think to go to file/disk drives, now I know what Mclaneinc was saying. I guess Im too fresh to the emulator all sorted. Thanks again guys
  10. hmmm didnt try basic i think lol. also i dont see an option for emulated 1050 other than full emulation. strange.
  11. Ive tried all settings in every mode and unless I add 1050 emulation that boulder dash doesnt run. weird since it runs for you without it. The other image from antic still crashes.
  12. I was in xl/xe mode. tried every mode. WOuld not work untill i added 1050 full emulation. When you say generic 1050. Isnt adding full 1050 emulation the only way to run as 1050??
  13. didnt set up drives, using standard emulation. do i need to setup full 1050 emulation and use 1050 firmware? I set up emulator to most accurate settings only thing left would be that so i enabled full 1050 emulation using a 1050 firmware and boulderdash 2 works. other still crashes. the antic show thats crashing is prob a memory compatibility thing.
  14. This worked for you? Not here. Maybe cause im using latest beta 20. Gonna try and drop to latest stable. no go here. sio patch disabled, accurate sector enabled. gets stuck block 671`
  15. the following 2 crash during boot 130XE Auto Artshow (198x)(Antic Software)(US)[disk].zip Boulder Dash II (1985)(Databyte)(GB)[disk].zip
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