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  1. I can no longer seem to find CX-40 clones with a USB plug. That being said Im thinking of using real CX-40s with an adapter. Im probably going to get a USB joystick encoder and solder a db-9 to it. Logically this would be good. right? I mean it seems to be the best current option. Dont seem to see USB joysticks or adapters for sale anymore.
  2. Atari vs commodore?! Really??! Lmfao. I love atari but news flash. Both are very dead. Move on. all the major platforms at their time are good in their own regards.
  3. My first two were pacman and pole position on cart xmas of 1983 with my 600xl! One of my favourites though Centipede. The version i like is the 5200 version. Note when i first got mine it was on a tape we bought in europe called atari compilation released by atari uk.(I actually am from Canada) In the uk the 5200 centipede was released as an official home computer release. I find it superior to the official centipede and even superior to millipede. I have sooo many favourites too many to list. Would love to HSC Centipede 5200 one day. all that being said i am going to try and participate a bit in HSC no matter the game, i think i will really enjoy this. with the next round i hope galaxian wins i plan to be revisiting this classic anyways. Broke many cx-40s on this one as a kid lol
  4. Thanks! Havnt played much since. I will try and join in more often. Had a long break from the A8 line and am all about it again. My favourite platform even after all these years! figured out getting images on the board, hadnt thought of drag and drop before.
  5. Voted on a game i been playing since 1984:) galaxian and dig dug narrow were my third and fourth game I got as a child. Parents got me both at the same time thats why i say third and forth.
  6. Anyone with an extra xl two joysticks and pacman want anyof this stuff hint lol
  7. noth the main game though you can get more scenery discs if memory serves for disk version
  8. Basic a 1979 basic b 1982 basic c 1983 600 and 800 xl 83 as well. However i think basic c was complete before 600 and 800 were looking back. im not debating what chips were in machines. Im stating that c was complete earlier than i would of once though. Did some googling now and found my thought is actually common knowledge. i guess i didn’t expect pre JT warner owned atari to be cheap and use buggy b if c had already gone gold
  9. I know the published history or atari basic rev a b and c. I was only questioning when their true existence occurred. any boxed copy of c you can find has this exact book. I guess atari was lazy and didnt update properly. Also note the xe selling point being c is a little wrong. C was released by warner long before the new atari put out the xe. Xe having c was used as a selling point yes but we all know that it came before the xe did My debate is it seems it was being produced before the 600 and 800 xl. And after more digging im sure it was. I think atari just didnt wanna waste the chips it already paid for with b.
  10. Yes very very. This Altirra is a dream. Only one big bug. I now have it installed EVERYWHERE and am Atari 8 bit like 20 hours a day LMAO At work just came off a 1 hour lunch playing Centipede 5200 lmao 30 min before work I was playing with basic lol lol
  11. this might explain the dates. Cause the book and CXL4002 rev c indicate C was complete Jan 1983.
  12. right but it was published pre 600xl retail time. With the c revision. thats the complicated part.
  13. Ill probably get to see. Slowly getting back into BBSing lol. Joined the basement last night, will use it a bit soon and then probably join a few others. Kinda nice seeing this sort of stuff again.
  14. Huge file section? Like atari stuff? Not being funny honest question. Do alot of users access the files via the bbs these days? Im really curious being VERY VERY VERY new to looking at this scene again.
  15. Im aware that all late XLs had rev c. one hint if its pal its a late XL for sure. initial NTSC shipment had rev b is all. My whole thing was that the rev c book seems to predate the revb xls which has me scratching my head.
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