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  1. If someone wouldn't have bought Item X anyway, then they still have no right to steal it. No one gets caught sneaking into a movie theater and gets off the hook by saying "I wouldn't have bothered to see the movie if I had to pay." You're not stealing a physical object off a shelf, but you are stealing access to something that someone else worked hard to create.
  2. My two cents: I hear a lot about how the Jag was extremely powerful for its time... Most consoles were powerful for their time. The Jag was obviously more powerful than consoles two years older, big deal. It wasn't freaking Skynet or anything.
  3. You bought from wholesale suppliers when you were five years old?
  4. Where do you guys get those Jag colored glasses?
  5. Try to see it from a layman's point of view: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6s9LC4LmsGU Which looks better?
  6. Whenever I use Audacity I have to run a cable from the headphone jack to the microphone jack on my computer. Crude, but it's better than nothing.
  7. My friend just bought this game and the guitar won't register downstrokes. Not a huge problem until you start to play on expert.
  8. I have a black Raiden cart. The only other thing that was different about it was that the shrinkwrap had a little sticker on it saying "2 player" instead of being printed on the box.
  9. Honestly, in terms of hardware, what system couldn't be called superb? The Jag displayed some impressive graphics for its time, but the same is true for virtually every system. If you judge Atari consoles by graphics alone, then obviously the Jag would come out on top. That's no secret.
  10. The 2600 has more mediocre and bad games then the others. Does that make it the worst system? The worst system is the one you don't play. because the 2600 has so many games and was the first cart system, it ranks to be on the top. It wasn't the first cart system.
  11. Back in the day I would have said Sweet Tooth was Sony's mascot, but not so much anymore.
  12. Ok, I'll give someone a dollar if they can tell me how to beat it.
  13. Does anyone know where I could get the old DOS game The Jetsons: By George, In Trouble Again?
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