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  1. Glad you've found something that works for you! To set aside some confusion, the Mars gun is definitely not Xbox 360 exclusive, and according to the company propaganda, they are planning on XB1, PS4 and PC.
  2. Awesome movie, dodgy game. The movie had non-stop action, the game had that snake flute on repeat.
  3. I've played: balloon trip blinky goes up boulder dash crazy balloon climber 5 colony 7 go fish hunchy 2 lady bug seawolf star fire thrust toy shop trouble vault assault asstd AA multicart roms Melody board games like Draconian, space rocks do not work Wasn't too familiar with Mappy or Wizard of wor arcade, but did not work
  4. I think even rasp pi 3 will handle most ps1, and every MAME title I've thrown at it. There might be some that it won't do, and there may be some games that aren't going to run great with emulators available, but for a massive butt-load of games it's more than enough, and the budget part is there.
  5. Yes, for the switch, you're right. The DS version has it, and there were versions for PS1 and 2, I believe, that did. Some of the older ports like ColecoVision didn't have the graphics to show that much detail, so the entire guy is just a solid color, and the really bad 2600 version didn't have the parachuter guys as I recall.
  6. Great job! Half the battle back in those days was taking the photo! And if you got to take the picture, people only seemed to develop film once or twice a year, so who knows when you could send it in.
  7. As far as Ghostbusters, not sure what you mean? The Busters themselves looked just like Pitfall Harry (with a proton pack on his back). I also think it goes down as another game where Activision crammed more in that many probably thought possible.
  8. Since Atgames totally loves adding paddle games (which don't work right with joysticks) to their systems I'd say that any "concerns" may very well be warranted. I saw you said something like the "artwork is not finalized", so I'll try not to be disappointed that I see both Tron and Star Wars listed on the front, although no yoke or trigger stick. Hopefully they won't be included after all.
  9. Nice Vectrex collection. Not gonna lie, I nearly got a woodro from these pics!
  10. Looks kinda cool! Since all you made were stickers, just post the files here for others to download and print. Black PI cases to stick them on aren't hard to find, but you could include some links too.
  11. I can say that my fascination with it was partly because that time was special, for a number of reasons, and the VCS one of them. This kind of stuff was new, and it was impressive beyond what people who grew up in a later era can really appreciate. This was beyond cards, or board games. It was "next-level". And they created the genres that we still play today for the most part, so when these new types of games came out it was kind of a big deal. I guess I can only speak for myself, a little kid at the time, but that's what grabbed me. Tech really became a genuine obsession for certain people around then, and now it's spread to nearly everybody to some degree. I personally skipped over NES because I quickly moved from 2600 and consoles to real computers like Atari 8-bit machines, apple ][, C64 et al and never even played anything on NES until years after it's release.
  12. Got an UnoCart very recently, and loving it! To the crew involved in making it happen - great work! I decided to go with this even though I have a boatload of carts. This is just so much simpler a way to play games on actual vintage hardware. The UnoCart came with label stickers in Atari style. The supplied 3d printed cart case looked good, and fit like a glove with the two 2600 systems I tried it on. I dragged and dropped some roms onto an old FAT32 SD card, and UnoCart read it perfectly. Navigation with the stick was fine. Appreciate being able to skip by the page using the stick. I wish that when you go into a directory, and then back out, the menu remembered where you were vs starting back at the top. There is a limit of 12 characters for names, but not a big deal to me. I played a bunch of favorites, and UnoCart worked great. Amazing really, and so much fun. I didn't play any home brews, but something to try. Wanted to try Starpath games, but I only have audio versions of those. I wish there was a way to get back to menu without powering the system off and on. Blaming this on Atari for having only one controller button! My opinion is that UnoCart is a great little device that you should buy.
  13. If you've got any interest in visiting the world's largest arcade packed with classic games, you won't want to miss this event on May 17-19, 2019 at Funspot in Laconia, NH. Funspot was famously featured in King of Kong, and it looks like the tradition of a gathering on (or around) Memorial Day weekend will continue! I understand that there will be a low key 2-day tourney, hanging out with other gamers, and also beer and hot dogs in a beautiful lake town setting, which has a beach if weather cooperates. You will not be disappointed if the only thing you do is buy $20 in tokens and just play arcade games that you probably haven't seen in a long time. Here's the list: http://www.classicarcademuseum.org/gamelist.php More details from the host/organizers can be found here https://forums.arcade-museum.com/showthread.php?p=3956181. If you can, I really suggest that you be there!
  14. Are there any groups or events in NE area? Last few years John from John's Arcade and Aurcade hosted retro gaming event at Funspot, but looks like that's not happening again.
  15. Awesome! In my opinion, this is the only way to get a game like this. It would be impossible for me to pay regular collector prices for this terrible cart!
  16. You're constantly coming up with funny stuff in the posts I've read. And it doesn't hurt that I'm also a fan of Cyborg and those classic Titans stories. I also laughed hard at the Centipede story!
  17. I did rread your stories too. You have a great sense of humor!
  18. Here's a Lunar Lander story: It was 1979 and I was at a local show for the Boy Scouts. This was an event where the troops would get together, and they'd have booth, etc. One kid from another troop has his Commodore PET setup and playing Lunar Lander at their booth. I kid you not, dozens of people adults and kids queued up to play that game! There was a line for like an hour of people wanting to play, then going back and getting into line to play again.
  19. WOW, $40? I think I'd spend the extra $6 and just get an XB1 bluetooth controller on Amazon.
  20. Old topic, but I so wanted the Big Trak when I was a kid! Never got it though. I had TOBOR, which was cool I guess, but not programmable. In answer to the topic question, my first computer experience was on PDP11. We played Star Trek. I was blown away by it!
  21. I did a lot of this! Definitely bought books and mags, along with shirts, books, pens/pencils. I had storage case and the padded binder. Also loved the WICO sticks. Had a few of those.
  22. Maybe you have a list of games you absolutely need, or perhaps try to choose a publisher to concentrate on? Like maybe Activision, or Parker Bros, etc. This allows you to get your collection going vs just shotgunning money at random carts here and there. Buy it now on eBay is best if you really want something. I had getting sniped or getting outbid at last moment on something I really want.
  23. I loves me some Xonox! After you survive the bears, and the eagle, then you need to use the piton to climb the ledges and avoid the falling rocks and boulders. On the next screen, you use the climbing axe to make your way up avoiding avalanches, and a yeti! Perhaps you were super-lucky and had this on a double-ender with Ghost Manor!
  24. The ones I've seen have a "P" on the back, and the I've seen Junior model with sticker that says PAL. Also, don't you guys use a different power outlet design? Check the power cord that it comes with.
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