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  1. My boxed copy of Robot Tank needs its manual. Does anyone here have one for sale? I'm in Halifax, Nova Scotia. PM me with a price if you want to sell.
  2. According to the manual's photo, you control a pitiful wimpy-looking nerd
  3. Ok, so I am getting the hang of the run/jump run/jump rhythm to get through the dense clams/trees/lava. Pretty much only losing lives at the bridge now. Sometimes just rushing the guy on the bridge works like a charm, other times not so much. So I have reached 5.7 now with a score of 5700.
  4. My game improved slightly after watching the video. Bridge is now my undoing. 1.7
  5. Hi I'm looking for boxed Colecovision games. Still got any for sale? I'll PM you as well. Thanks!
  6. I agree, hanky luck on 0.6 is the only way to pass it. I find myself angrily yelling at the girl to just drop the damn hanky already but usually I'm clobbered by lava before it happens. And then on the few times I have got to the bridge, I'm so shellshocked from 0.6 that I pretty much immediately get bonked on the head before I can even orientate myself, haha. I so do much better at the easier levels.
  7. One of the 4116, U17, looks scorched to me. I've picked up an as-is console on ebay today so hopefully I can get one of them working.
  8. Hi everyone, Looking to pick the community brain. I found a Colecovision that belonged to my brother in law in the 80's. He packed it away like 30 years ago and the thing looks mint, he was one to take care of stuff. So I tried it out to see if it still worked. I got a black screen for the 12 seconds and an extremely scrambled game select screen lots of vertical lines and random letters. I can select a game and hear music and sound and see movement but the screen is so scrambled, games are unplayable. So knowing about the common power switch and power supply (I have the Canadian model), I took the switch apart and cleaned it and gave it some fresh dielectric grease. The only change was now the black screen had some random letters on it instead of blackness, everything that followed was the same as before so. I clean the carts and cart port and the entire circuit board with alcohol. I put a multimeter to the power supply and had +5v, -2v and +10v so I thought maybe the power supply had an issue, I cracked it open and cleaned the board and then I had proper voltage output, +5. -5 and +12. I plugged it in, and now it won't even output a signal. The power coming into the unit on the back side of the AC connector while the console is powered on is reading +12V, -2V and +1V, not sure if that normal to be that low. I'm just wondering what to do next. My soldering ability is pretty basic and so is my fault finding with the multimeter. I am a medical equipment service tech by trade but we never work on circuit boards because the industry's service is based complete board swap out rather then fault finding on broken board for liability reasons. I'd love to learn more about troubleshooting this Coleco board but I can't find that anyone has run into this particular problem. Any suggestions?
  9. Getting better at this game a little bit at a time...
  10. Pretty sure I can do better then this but here is my highest score so far.
  11. I don't have the ones your looking for but I'd love to get a copy of Intellivision's Dig Dug.
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