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  1. That's a great price on a boxed Space Age joystick. Good luck with the sales!
  2. Protos of Q*Bert and Astrochase for Atari 8-bit computers. Tested and working. $80 shipped per cart or $140 for both, Paypal only. Currently located in Scotland, but no additional charge for shipping anywhere else.
  3. There has been some spamming of the Atarimania votes, but the "by rating" list isn't too bad.
  4. My Editor Assembler cart is exactly the same. It didn't come with a box, though, so I can't say whether there were box variants corresponding to the different cart labels.
  5. Sounds very plausible. A second unknown cart in 24hrs. Very cool!
  6. Haven't seen this one before, but Rybags is almost certainly right about it. It's highly unlikely that there's any ROM in the cart. It's interesting nevertheless.
  7. There's another thread about this in Marketplace, where the seller explains what happened.
  8. There are over 200 cartridge-based titles for this sytem, and that's just the games, and just the cartridges. It's pretty tricky to give you a concise list of what to look out for, but easy enough to say whether a particular title is a $5 game or a $100 game. The "blue box" games that were mentioned are cartridge games that were released (or re-released) specifically for the XEGS. Many of them were already available for (and compatible with) previous generations of Atari 8-bit computers. "Choplifter" (discussed above) was released on cart by Broderbund, but the blue box re-release by Atari is significantly harder to find (and also has slightly improved graphics). Of the blue box games, the four that Rhod mentioned are the hardest to find (although not necessarily in the order that he gave ).
  9. Yep, although they're mostly NTSC and 110v and are all in the US.
  10. I'd say that Karateka was quite a bit harder to find than Choplifter in blue-box format. Of course, Rhod is only talking about XE-specific titles. The XEGS can run a good proportion of the entire A8 library.
  11. eBay Auction -- Item Number: 350563816995 Includes light gun and monitor cable. Shipping is a bit steep, though
  12. I think this is the one: http://www.atarimania.com/game-atari-5200-spitfire_14919.html
  13. Another one for verification - Fortune Hunter. Dumped from two separate carts, CRC 5CEE3180. fortune_hunter.bin
  14. Yes, it may be slightly off-topic, but the BBC's in-line assembler was a great feature in what was already an excellent version of BASIC.
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