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  1. Just wanted to confirm that I am still good for one of each set. #29 Thanks!
  2. Purchased a Dingoo from him. Sent quickly and packed well. The communication and service he provided was excellent. Highly recommend him to work with!
  3. Good to hear. Just wanted to make sure it didnt go to some random person or just didnt go through at all🤨 Thanks for offering another great title. Looking forward to playing it!
  4. I had made payment yesterday following the email instructions, but I do not show as paid. Can you confirm it was received?
  5. i believe you may be able to harvest a replacement one from a coleco expansion module 1. That is how I repaired mine.
  6. I purchased a lot of Mega Duck / Cougar Boy goodies. Superb service and communication. Arrived fast and not a single issue. Great guy!
  7. I purchased a collection of gameboy games from him on 5/12/2021. The package was sent same day and received on 5/13/2021. Couldn't have been better! He is close by, so the speed is partially related to that, but his service and communication was phenomenal. Would do business with him again without hesitation. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
  8. Oh that is definitely getting its own protective case!
  9. Id like a copy of Moxie Wins, please. I dont know what it is, but I friggin' cant get enough Moxie!
  10. Other than the screen issue, the microvision was also notoriously sensitive to static electricity. I highly recommend that anyone performing work on a unit takes the necessary steps to protect them from static discharge.
  11. As much as this could be a very intriguing project, I personally think that one of the highlights of the Vectrex is the true vector-based graphics. Using LCD/LED would take away most of the magic and turn it into a basic "emulation" type of unit. However... I wouldn't mind seeing a modernized version with color vector graphics and a larger display. That could open a whole plethora of options for the homebrew community. I also love the 3D imager, so utilizing that in a modernized way would be a bonus. But don't give up the search. It took me almost 20 years to get mine and its one of the highlights of my game collection!
  12. I would like to make payment for my set, but i was wondering what the total would be with shipping to 18104?
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