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  1. As much as this could be a very intriguing project, I personally think that one of the highlights of the Vectrex is the true vector-based graphics. Using LCD/LED would take away most of the magic and turn it into a basic "emulation" type of unit. However... I wouldn't mind seeing a modernized version with color vector graphics and a larger display. That could open a whole plethora of options for the homebrew community. I also love the 3D imager, so utilizing that in a modernized way would be a bonus. But don't give up the search. It took me almost 20 years to get mine and its one of the highlights of my game collection!
  2. I would like to make payment for my set, but i was wondering what the total would be with shipping to 18104?
  3. Am i still at number 72? I wanted to make payment but there seems to be 2 at the same number, even though i dont think it really matters. Thanks! Also, how can we calculate shipping cost?
  4. Very nice.... whats your asking price?
  5. Got mine today.... love it! Definitely going to be in the 2021 club!
  6. Purchased a handful of C64 game carts. Super fast shipping and excellent communication! Perfect.
  7. That was honestly only meant as a tongue-in-cheek joke. Mine should be arriving any day now, so its not gonna be a secret to me much longer!
  8. "Port", you say? Hmmm.... my curiosity is extra piqued now. Hoping my copy arrives soon!
  9. This is the best news i've had this week. Can't wait to phoenix this years game!!!
  10. Sounds like a job for.... The Lonely Carts Club!🦸‍♂️ But in all seriousness, I wouldn't mind one as well.
  11. hopefully the next iteration would be Tron VR.... want to be theoretically "in" the grid 🙃
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