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  1. Could we still be a member while only missing a copy of Bounty Bob Strikes Back?
  2. And the blue/black "tron" style one is sharp as well.
  3. In a world of plug-n-plays and "classic" re-releases, its a breath of fresh air that a beloved classic console is getting a second chance in a new generation. Thanks for keeping the revolution alive, Tommy!
  4. I dont know about anybody else, but i am drooling over the gold/woodgrain version... praying to the game gods i get a chance to grab one!
  5. Anyone in need of a SGM? https://www.ebay.com/itm/163738397666
  6. Quick! Start shipping these before Coleco Holdings lays down the IP hammer!!! But seriously, they look absolutely amazing. Outstanding work!
  7. http://atariage.com/forums/topic/223165-watara-vectrex-flash-cart-rewritable-multigame-cartridge-available/
  8. Any chance of a discount on the collectorvision rom pack as an add-on for the Phoenix?
  9. It would probably be worth more if it the paper sticker...
  10. I would happily chip in to help the costs for prototypes. I'd help with testing too!
  11. Agreed! Cant wait to give it a go....
  12. My vote goes to the Socrates from V-Tek. Does that even count as a console?
  13. I've got a copy and it is definitely worth it. Especially for what Shawn is charging!
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