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  1. Germany is now on our supported list of countries to ship to with our normal system, so you should be able to order as normal. If you encounter any issues, please feel free to email us vidiotgamestore@gmail.com
  2. We have made a second run of Reflex, this could possibly be our last run, as we are moving on to other projects.There are 20 in stock for those interested.
  3. I think it is fair to say at this point Al has the Air Raid reproductions cornered, so we will not be moving forward with this. We have some other (more unique) reproduction projects under development however, so we will post when those are a little further along.
  4. We are looking at $30 plus shipping ($5 in US)
  5. Everyone Knows That Owning a Copy of Air Raid is Every 2600 Collectors Dream! Vidiot Games is checking interest in producing reproduction Air Raid Cartridges. They will obviously be Atari black carts because of the cost involved in making Air Raid Shells. It will have new (and better looking IMO) Art work! Our First Run will be 20 Cartridges. Go ahead and throw any questions at us if you would like. Message us if you would like to reserve a copy and you will be put on the list. Thanks The Vidiot Games Team!!
  6. Hi Everyone, We would like to thank atariage for the huge amount of interest in these Reflex reproduction cartridges. We are ordering parts for a regular non limited run, which should be available at the latest next month. We have added support for selling/shipping to the following international countries as well: Canada UK Ireland Australia Belgium Finland France Germany Luxembourg Netherlands Spain If you are an international buyer in a country not in this list we can still sell to you, just email us at vidiotgamestore@gmail.com when we have stock again and we can make special arrangements.
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