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  1. I personally would prefer Hammond case instead of 3D printed one. https://www.hawkusa.com/manufacturers/hammond-mfg/enclosures/plastic-enclosure-box/1551lbk?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIib3VwI-a8QIVm3NvBB0YhwEZEAQYAiABEgKFYfD_BwE Like one used in @ctirad RAM320XL.
  2. I just wonder what it will do the ebay prices of 400.
  3. I will take one Deluxe version.
  4. With the current ebay prices, I think we should rename this thread "What's the latest Atari related thing(s) you've sold on ebay?"
  5. Isn't that the best use of PBI port today? I will reconsider it when we get the new 1090XL.
  6. You have to ask yourself for what you need all those upgrades. Does lack of them is stopping you from enjoying the machine? Is there something you can't do on stock machine? There are other upgrades that are less intrusive, like Antonia 4MB, Sophia, PokeyMAX, AVG cart ect. Just recently someone posted a video of a clever way how to mount a DVI connector without making holes in your computer.
  7. Yes, it's about 3-4 mm space in one corner. Those are two penny coins, I didn't have anything else to measure the distance.
  8. I had time to inspect this board more closely now, and I can see that there are some wire fixes in the UAV module. On my board, two wires that are connected on the components side, but are loose on soldering side. I assume that I have to solder them to the board, is that correct? I also have a small complain about manufacturing quality. My pcb is slightly warped diagonally, you can see it in the pictures. Are all boards in this run the same? Recently, I got couple of 800XL boards (which are bigger than XE) from JLCPCB and those came perfectly flat. Both of them are 1.6mm thick. Personally, I wouldn't mind to pay extra for better quality pcb.
  9. @santosp, again thank you for the board . It arrived yesterday, everything looks fine, the package was intact. When it comes to addressing, I'm not expert or I don't work for USPS but I'm guessing what the issue might be (and it was suggested by the USPS representative when they called to update me on the status of the shipment). We have different address formats in USA and most of the Europe. Here you put building number first and then street name, in Europe it's opposite, street name first and then building number. My address, which you hand wrote on the box looks exactly like it should, but in the computer generated label is very confusing. It looks like that: "customer name" "street name" "town name" "building number" "state name" "zip code" "country" The highlighted red line could be a n issue, it was printed all in one line, without any periods or commas. The house number was last and there was a town/city name between it and street name. I guess when the post office robots scan the barcode that it's on the label, they see it the same way as it is printed and have some problem interpreting it. Maybe a live person had to read the adres from the package and manually forward it, so it could be the reason that it was traveling all over the country for almost two weeks.
  10. I'm not complaining to you. I contacted USPS after they send the package from Chicago, Illinois to New York state, which is about 800 miles away. The person on the phone told me that there's an issue withe the way the package was addressed.
  11. Yes, my wife probably signed for it. I send the Google map link because I moved to new place and street name is a little complicated. But from what I can see, others also had to wait longer for their package, maybe @MrFishcan tell us what was going on with his parcel since it arrived in US?
  12. @santosp, from what I see with tracking number, my package also got delivered today. I'm still at work so I haven't see it, but I suspect that might be some issue with the way you addressed it or your post office software did it. It took the package six days to arrive to USA, Chicago Illinois post office which is about ~25 miles away from my home. There were no updates for next nine days and then the package showed up in Queens, NY (about 1000 miles away). When I saw this, I contacted USPS and I was told that this package has wrong US address format and they had some problem with delivering it. They told me to wait. From there, it bounced between couple more pots offices in my area and I suppose, it's at my home now. I will check what's up with the address and will let you know later today.
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