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  1. Atari power supplies use transformer and linear regulator, which requires heat sink. All these components are big and heavy. Modern power supplies are switching type. They use much smaller transformers and don't require cooling.
  2. @SoundGammon, UAV is avaliable at https://thebrewingacademy.com/collections/atari-800-xl-xe-xel-xld/products/tba-ultimate-atari-video-uav-board-for-400-800-xl-xe
  3. Credit goes to @jedynymentos user from atari.area forum. Thank you.
  4. @Mr Robot, looks good. Can we get a rounded corners here? First I thought that you got it wrong and made the label up side down, but it looks like Frogger is reversed compared to other Parker cartridges
  5. For me, the most interesting idea is placing power supply transformer inside computer case. There's a lot of room inside 400/800 so space shouldn't be an issue, but what about electromagnetic interface from high voltage AC being so close to the motherboard? I know that 400/800 are very well shielded, but still it makes me think about video and audio interfaces.
  6. The other option would be EclaireXL. Considering what it has for around $250 build, I think it's the best bung for the bucks.
  7. Later I will try to measure it with calipers.
  8. I personally have big problem trashing one computer to fix or upgrade another one. I haven't come across any XL or XE machine that can't be brought back to life. Sometimes it may require more work but anything can be restored. Original 800 might be the only exception if the case ir broken and it's missing parts of plastic.
  9. I think supply matches demand, at least in case of zaxon offerings. Something like a complete build disk drive must be quite an investment for hobbyist to keep them in stock all the time. I have seen him listing his products on auction sites, because of low interest on forums. I agree on the availability of the hardware in the USA. Most of the expansions and mods must be sourced from Europe, which adds significant cost of shipping. Personally, I would like to see someone offering here more modern (SRAM) and affordable memory upgrades for our computers. Something like ttfh's 512kB for XL/XE and 48/52kb for 400. I personally don't like to pay $20+ shipping on one small ~$30 expansion board. I'm fine with only one flavor, if it's bacon 🥓🥓🥓
  10. I would hold off with buying POKEY's at the current prices. I hope that in near future we will get at least three new hardware solutions for POKEY stereo in Atari computers: PokeyMAX, PokeyONE and new FPGA Simplestereo from Lotharek. For main RAM, there's a simple, modern SRAM replacement with adapter that goes between motherboard and CPU. Also, China is good for some common chips, but when it comes to the specialized Atari chips, they have nothing or they will send you something else. It happened to me when I ordered Sally 6502 and got regular 6502.
  11. I'm not writing this to criticize other people choices, but how many more XF551 clones we need? I already have two different ones that fit in original case and one internal with 3.5" drive. I know about al least one more for 3.5" drive, I am pretty sure that I'm missing at least one or two more.
  12. @Mr Robot, maybe some should start new topic "Wanted - scans of rare cartridge labels".
  13. So I donated for CX-40 this morning, after reading more about it. I have couple of ideas and suggestions. Make it universal, one for all DB9 systems, maybe with two button support. Put the receiver in small, external enclosure and connect it to the computer or console with cables, reuse them from joysticks. Many of us have multiple computers and consoles and we use them alternatively (for example I use PAL XE and NTSC 600XL). This will eliminate need to purchase dedicated receiver for every system. Indicator LED under fire button? Adjustable rapid fire? Three way power switch: OFF-ON-ON with rapid fire?
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