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  1. It's possible that some people would buy it only to play cartridge games. But they would miss all that huge software library or possibility to get pirated software. I wonder how XEGS was advertised on TV and i magazines.
  2. Everytime someones call XEGS a game console, I feel like they do a disservice to it. In reality it's a computer, same like 400/800, XL and XE series. This means that the software library is much bigger than any console, and it goes beyond games. Also, the amount of available peripherals is much bigger than any console of that time. The storage is not limited to cartridges only, but it also includes tape and floppy drives.
  3. i'm also considering making my own S-Video cable using tgis cable https://www.parts-express.com/S-Video-Stereo-Audio-Bulk-Cable-100-ft.-100-544
  4. Just to clarify. This is not my adapter. But i like that idea, and we can replace some of those old connectors with more modern ones, or give people options to choose.
  5. In his defence, you said that you will be traveling and it might take you longer to respond. Maybe he is just checking if you are back?
  6. I'm aware of the differences between 600XL and 800XL. The solution would be simple adapter plate/pcb with PBI connector and plugs for power, video and SIO that will go into 1090 mainboard.
  7. A docking station would eliminate cables, since 600/800XL computers could be inserted directly into 1090 pcb. The whole thing would be the size of 1200XL or a little longer to double as a stand for 14" CRT monitor.
  8. You got something here, docking station that doubles as monitor stand, has internal power supply and space for SIO devices. Like VIC-1020
  9. It's possible without mods like UAV or Sophia but it will still require some tuning inside machine (replacing couple resistors and run couple of wires)
  10. This is how it looked when I saw it Saturday evening. I hope it got repaired.
  11. For me, the biggest and pleasant surprise of the show was a young man (I guess in his late teens, sorry I forgot his name) with a nice display of boxed XE setup. He had even a prototype XC1411 monitor. So there's still a hope that our Ataris will not end up in landfill when we will be long gone.
  12. I was there Saturday. Nice show, but it needs more Atari. I want to bring my 8-bit hardware and maybe some new european games next year. I haven't seen any 16/32 bit Ataris this year (or even Amigas).
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