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  1. Mq from atariarea made adapter that let's you use standard 6502 in XL/XE. http://www.atari.org.pl/forum/viewtopic.php?pid=239882
  2. Seven years ago, someone already did a pocket Pokey player. It's based on PIC32 chip and runs Another Slight Atari Player.
  3. How does TurboGrafx HuC6280 works? It's a custom 6502 that operates at 1.79 MHz and 7.16 Mhz.
  4. They were selling sets, like you can see in the post above, with a few good games and rest not so good. This way they could sell more tapes. You could also make your own set. In this case they charged you per title. It was more expensive than buying a set, but you got what you wanted. You choose your titles from the list and you could pick up your tape later. They could sell you a new tape, but back then even tapes and floppies were expensive, so many people reuse their own old media when they get bored with the games.
  5. I will fix it later today, when I get on my computer. I just spoke with Duddie and he told me that he should have something ready in few weeks.
  6. He just made a smaller, internal version of the drive.
  7. This XF551 clone is made by zaxon, 3.5 drive can be replaced by 5.25 one. http://www.atari.org.pl/forum/viewtopic.php?id=15941
  8. Looks like a typical enclosure for the 70's electronics.
  9. Molex would be the easiest choice, but it would look bad on the power supply used outside of the case. You would end up with exposed wires.
  10. I would use more plastic, or some braces around the socket for better durability.
  11. This got me thinking again about one box power supply solution for multiple AC and DC devices. My idea is to use a metal enclosure, similar to Nu-Brick 64 Power Supply, and fit it with one or two dual 9V transformers (for two or four separate AC outputs) and one 5V DC power supply. I want it to be a modular PS with detachable power cords. This would eliminate even further unnecessary cable clutter, you would use only cables for the devices you want to power at the given time. It would also allow for a custom length of those cords and give you more freedom of what plugs you want to use (for example 2.1x5.5 or 2.5x5.5 barrel). I have a problem finding a suitable connector on the power supply side. I want something that has 4 pins and has a threaded nut for better mechanical stability. 4 pins would allow me to have the same 5V DC connected to all outputs (for example pins 1 and 2), you could connect a DC device to any of the outputs. Pins 3 and 4 would be connected to 9v AC transformer, each output to a separate winding. Right now I'm considering M12 connector https://nianyeong.en.taiwantrade.com/product/wp-m12-f-4pin-d-coded-rear-lock-solder-type-lock-pg9-1786727.htmlbut they can get expensive. Does anyone have any other recommendations? Single transformer version would have 2 AC outputs (shared with 5V DC) and 1 DC only, two transformer version would have 4 AC and 1 DC. How about adding one USB-A socket for additional 5V DC output (for SDrive Max)? I want to make it user proof if I will ever want to sell it.
  12. You should ask this guy. http://atariage.com/forums/topic/266604-new-keyboard-membranes/
  13. I understand you, but in your first post you asked someone to make you basically a reproduction of the homebrew cartridge. You not going to get a box and manual or other items included in original release. In this case it's best to buy a bunch of Maxflash cartridges ($20 each) and print your own labels on a color printer.
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