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  1. While I would be totally willing to buy that adapter, I have no access to any game to test with and no game stores in the area where I could purchase one. Please understand that I'm not trying to scam anyone. I would test it if I could.
  2. Sorry, I was confused on the whole "Refernce" thing since I don't know anyone here. http://www.ebay.com/usr/wezaq That's my eBay profile, it's not terribly active lately unfortunately. (plus the nintendo power magazines I put up recently didn't sell) As I said in the original post, I can't test the system. One of the prongs on the TV connector is missing (just the prong itself) but I'm hoping that's easy to fix for someone in the know. For price, with what I included, I was hoping for $120 + shipping.
  3. 1. Knew I forgot something. I'm in Torrance, California (directly south of LA) 2. It should be NTSC 3. While I know it looks bad that my first post is simply to sell something, this is an honest sale I'm trying to make. I took those pictures myself, and if you want any others I can provide those aswell. I would simply put this on eBay if it weren't for their ridiculous holding of the payment, which, considering the cost of shipping due to weight, is an issue for me. If someone interested is local & would rather pick it up or inspect it in person I have absolutely no problem with that. Also if theres a website without that hold on funds I would be willing to use it, or any other method, I just currently can't cover the full shipping costs upfront. If there's anything you want as proof of my good intentions, please ask, I have nothing to hide.
  4. I'm looking to sell an Atari 2600 Heavy Sixer. Also included is the TV connector (see note below), original power cable, 2 joysticks, and a carrying case. The Atari itself is indeed a heavy sixer from Sunnyvale: Power cable: Joysticks: The TV connector is, unfortunately, damaged, though it seems to just be a missing prong, which I'm hoping is not hard to fix. Because of this, as well as not owning any Atari games, I cannot test the system. I can however guarantee the system has been kept inside it's case for 15+ years and thus appears to be in good condition. Please reply or PM me if you're interested. Thanks! ~WezaQ
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