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  1. I just went through this myself. I used my micro USB from my PS4 to get it to work. High probability is the cable you are using.
  2. Have a Merry Christmas everyone, it's been saved!!!
  3. I haven't saved Christmas yet, this is the year. The book really expands the story of the game. Great companion piece. Very heartwarming story with a great ending. planning to pull it out in a week or two for the Christmas season.
  4. I have the book, really enjoyable!!!👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻. I also have 1 patch from the old competition. 😃
  5. Wow, I just finished a few rounds of Christmas Carol and was about to grab the book and post about it on here. any interest in posting high scores. I’m not very good at it but it could be a fun event.
  6. OK, Ignore the above post, but here's a tip for others. I used my micro usb from my ps4 controller and it worked.
  7. Arg. Now I'm having this trouble. As far as I can tell I only own 3 cables and I can't get any of them to work. I've tried different ports, cables, rebooting, plugging in and then turning on GUI, the opposite etc., what am I missing?????
  8. I tried twice with PayPal, just displayed a "false" on a web page. I switched to a credit card and it worked. So I'm getting between 1 and 3 of them. I assume one. 😁
  9. Hey everyone A while back I bought a system changer. I didn't have an Atari cartridge until recently. It appears the switches on the changer don't work but I don't have a manual. I've searched for one with no luck. Can anyone help me find a scan of the manual so I know what they should do before I start taking it apart. Thanks
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