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  1. Thanks to everybody for the precious help! I've just ordered some DRAM from a reliable source 🙂
  2. Thanks for the advice. I'll try first to piggyback a 4164 to the one pointed out in the troubleshooting guide to see if the problem persist.
  3. If I press '1' when being in the blank screen with just the two coloured stripes I'm sent to a blank screen. When I do the same while the characters are disappearing from the start screen I can see the text of the BASIC screen fading away in the same way of the one on the start screen leaving me with the same blank screen.
  4. HI! After a long time, yesterday I took my two TI994a out of the closet and while one of them functioned perfectly, the second showed a strange video behaviour. When first turned on, the image is perfect and both the stripes of colours, the TI logo and the text appear as expected. After a few seconds the image starts to degrade as the logo and the text begin to fade away pixel by pixel, leaving just the two coloured stripes with the wrong colours (see attached photos). If I live the computer off for a minute this behaviour repeats with the image being perfect at the start and corrupting after a while. Turning off and on the machine without waiting brings back the two wrongly coloured stripes. Consulting this troubleshooting guide (https://www.ninerpedia.org/index.php?title=Troubleshooting) is seems that the problem may lay in the third VRAM chip as the corrupted screen depicted for Mask 11101111 corresponds to the one displayed by my TI994a. What really baffles me is the fact that the video corruption does not manifest immediately when turning on the machine but appears slowly pixel by pixel and on the text and TI logo only. Is that a sign that the real culprit may be the VDP and that the VRAM chip is not to be blamed ? Have some of you experimented the same feat ? Thanks a lot for any help!
  5. Thanks Bruce! A real treasure trove Thanks again.
  6. Hi! I've recently 'discovered' the Coleco ADAM and I've found a fascinating machine I'm now trying to collect as much technical info as I can, but I cannot find anywhere the source code files (I understand that binaries are the ones used by MESS) of the ROMs of the various 6801 processor used by the ADAM. I've found the PDF with the same code, but having source files would be very handy. I've already searched the forum, but the link to the archive with these files (http://drushel.cwru.edu/6801/6801_src.zip) does not work. Can anyone send it to me in a PM, or give a working link? Thanks in advance for any help.
  7. Hi! Bought the multi cart for my Dragon 64. Very satisfied with it Great communication with Rolo! Thanks for everything.
  8. Hi ! Is it still possible to buy one cart for my Dragon ? Thanks a lot !
  9. Beautiful! Got the SLT files for that?
  10. Great job! Have you got a similar link for the flat headed led you've used? Thanks!
  11. As I already said, please book me for one [emoji2]
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