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  1. I see that I am on the list. Thx! I want 1 for sure.
  2. Look on https://csdb.dk . A ton of games have been converted. Even multi-disk games such as the Dungeons and Dragons ones.
  3. Just wanted to update this thread that I sold it for what I was asking.
  4. I don't know why but I loved Carnival since I was a kid. I have no issues with it and it is my mindless game play go to game.
  5. I am going to post this in Lemon64/Amiga also. For those who may not be on this forum.
  6. UPDATE: Here are pics of the SX's I mentioned in the OP. There are enough parts to make a SX-64 and a DX-64. Which I had planned on doing. I had one of the SX's running many years ago but was going to change it into a DX. There is lots of stuff. Things like a Amiga Hand Scanner, SCSI flatbed scanner, zip drive, etc...
  7. Thanks. I have been a Commodore person/collector since 1984. Hopefully someone that has the time for this collection will take care of it. I wanted to do that LCD screen mod to the two Sx-64's. Just don't have the time.
  8. For sale for pick only in the Cleveland, Ohio area. I have a collection of rare Commodore computers/equipment. I don't have the time anymore to put into them so I am selling them. I am asking $2000. I will not take less and I will not part them out. Commodore 1960 Monitor Commodore Amiga A4000T ,040 with compact flash HD, Video Toaster 4.1 Board, Time Base Corrector Board and other boards Commodore Amiga A500 with VXL030, VXL RAM 32, 3.x ROMs, Supra500 no HD has RAM, external floppy drive, extra A500 for parts including a brand new keyboard membrane. Two Commodore SX-64 computers. They are disassembled at the the moment. But EVERYTHING is there including the very hard to find real keyboard cable. Official Amiga 3.1/3.9 OS floppies/CD. Plus tons of Amiga floppies. If you want I will throw in my Mega Collection of C64 software. PM me with questions.
  9. There are some recap services on Ebay. Pretty cheap. Just search for amiga 4000 recap.
  10. What are the requirements? ECS? Is there a ROM version I can purchase for my LTO?
  11. I have a custom from Ray. The process was straight forward and I received it in a timely manner. There are no better power supplies.
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