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  1. Whoa! Are those ... little ...people?! Is he rescuing people?! Like Defender meets Super Cobra meets ...Gradius?!!!! (Not that I know that much about Gradius...) It looks incredible! You guys are on a roll!
  2. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! I’ve been waiting for these!! Can’t order fast enough! Congrats, CJ and Yak!
  3. I finally beat Crystal Quest! It was well worth the time and very satisfying! (Now I need to go back and find the secret level!) I'm quite certain I used more continues than that, though! What a fun game! Thanks to all involved! Cheers!
  4. XM05ES

    Xenon 2 shipping box

    Xenon 2 shipping box
  5. I've only just picked up his amazing Beef Drop for the 5200 and waited too long to express my admiration! He was far too young!
  6. I would love one of these with the case for my Lynx model 2 when you have time! It looks great!
  7. XM05ES

    Serpentine 7800

    Sorry, still processing this, and I'm a bit behind... Did those other games have RAM on their carts? Is there a list of games that did?
  8. XM05ES

    Serpentine 7800

    Yup. I'd be in for that! What other games are you thinking of putting on there, CPUWIZ?
  9. :shock: Yow! This is fantastic! I love all of the colors and the way they change! It's really a brain melter! I played all the way through normal mode and a bit into hard mode. Lots of fun!
  10. I'm actually more interested in buying the hokey versions of these games! Has there been any progress on it? Are there any purchases I can make on AtariAge or elsewhere that will help to finance it's development? We're clearly nearing the time when we won't be able to justify ripping pokeys out of old products. The future is HOKEY!! (Is that a good motto?)
  11. Wow! Just saw this! I'd like to get on the list as well! Cheers!
  12. Wow! Just gave this a spin on my JagCD this evening. It plays great and is a lot of fun! You're an inspiration to us wannabe-programmers, Sporadic! Cheers!
  13. I'm in for whatever format you wind up with and I definitely can't make a better game!
  14. Received my copy yesterday along with ReBooteroids for the Jaguar. It plays like a dream with my CX-80! Now I just need to find another trak ball for co-op play! Big Thanks to all involved!
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