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  1. Has anyone tested these with the NES 8bitdo bluetooth receiver dongle?
  2. Try this link: https://nintendosoup.com/product/famicom-controllers-for-nintendo-switch/
  3. I did not see this as a topic. I was able to purchase a second set of NES Switch Controllers today for half price. Total price shipped was $34.99. I know I don't need 4, but an in expensive back up set was my Christmas Gift to myself. 😎
  4. I purchased mine in 1986. I have since installed Blinking Light Wins. They are built well to last.
  5. Perfect!! Thanks!! I'll be sure to backup each core update separately going forward.
  6. Can you post the version you have here? Like an idiot, I copied over with the current version that has the sound issues with Frogger.
  7. Hi Al, Any updates on when Baby Pacman will be available for purchase? Thanks, Tom
  8. Can each version of the cores be posted separately? That way if a new issue arises, the previous core can be reinstalled.
  9. Arcade 1 up is definitely a hobbyist's dream come true for those who have the knowledge to modify. I love seeing cool mods like this!! How would a kid in 1983 react if his parents put this next to the Christmas tree?!😂
  10. I'm very happy with backing Collectorvision on the Phoenix. I am very confident they will support their system as they have stated. Especially since I have no idea how to make games or systems myself. I just know how to purchase and play them. 😀
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