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  1. Did this ever get completed to be available for purchase?
  2. I received mine yesterday and have read through Frenzy thus far. Thank for puting this fantastic and fun games guide together!!
  3. Purchased mine October 2017. I use them every month!! Worth every penny for those who prefer original controllers and hardware. Fantastic Quality.
  4. I was meaning to pick up pacman Jr. along with baby pacman. Hopefully, the other pac titles will become available again for the 7800.
  5. I recently purchased a GC game. Great price and fast shipping. Prompt communication. A pleasure doing business with.
  6. Summer time would be awesome!!
  7. Was there an estimated timeline on when these will be available on the AA store?
  8. Purchase Super Return Of The Jedi. Fast shipping and well packed. Smooth transaction. Would gladly do business with again.
  9. Hi Albert,How many prints will be made for the first run? I am all in to purchase one CIB, and would like to pre-order if that is an option. Thanks.
  10. They are sold by MrRetroGamer. http://atariage.com/forums/topic/140627-how-to-beat-home-video-games-dvd-sets/?fromsearch=1
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