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  1. I recently purchased a GC game. Great price and fast shipping. Prompt communication. A pleasure doing business with.
  2. Summer time would be awesome!!
  3. Was there an estimated timeline on when these will be available on the AA store?
  4. Purchase Super Return Of The Jedi. Fast shipping and well packed. Smooth transaction. Would gladly do business with again.
  5. Hi Albert,How many prints will be made for the first run? I am all in to purchase one CIB, and would like to pre-order if that is an option. Thanks.
  6. They are sold by MrRetroGamer. http://atariage.com/forums/topic/140627-how-to-beat-home-video-games-dvd-sets/?fromsearch=1
  7. How will the 2600 fpga core compare to the emulation of the retron 77 console? I don't have a retron 77, but was curious since I did preorder the Phoenix.
  8. I purchased for the Phoenix console, but thought the main buttons (start, select, left, right, a, b, x, or y) could be tested on a SNES. Pixelboy already explained as to why they are not recognized.
  9. I'm confident it will now that I understand how this controller communicates with the SNES thanks to Pixelboy's explanation.
  10. Thanks. I'll wager then it's a working controller and test it fully when I get my Phoenix this June.
  11. Ok. So does the NTT Data controller work with a north American SNES? I just received mine and tested it, but only the Dpad is responding. I took it apart and cleaned the board and all of the carbon dots as well with isopropyl alcohol, but no luck. No response from start, select, left, right, a, b, x, or y. I wanted check first before I contact the seller. Thanks!
  12. I finally got around to purchasing one yesterday for $65 shipped off Ebay. I have not seen them listed much lower than that, but like you said it's well worth the cost for the keypad functionality with the Phoenix.
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