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  1. Thanks. My wife is. If no takers here by end of this week, I will have her post on FB.
  2. I am looking to find a good home for this Sony CRT model KV-24FS120. The TV is in great condition and works perfectly with original remote. This set weighs 73 lbs. It's located in S. Philly in my late Father In Law's house. If you are interested, please send me a PM and I can give you the address. My brother In law can let you or whomever you send in to pick it up.
  3. When will the winner be announced for the collectorvision Phoenix?
  4. Hi Eduardo, I have slso received the latest newsletter and I am very excited like everyone else for the upcoming games and SGM2. With the SGM2 coming later in 2022, when will pre-orders open up? Thanks is advance! 😁
  5. My secret games and membership arrived today in Wilmington, DE!!! I can't wait to play them. Game selection, cartridge label, packaging, and game manual are amazing !! 😁
  6. I purchased the 7800 concerto cartridge for the Atari 7800. This flash cartridge is able to play both 2600 and 7800 roms. I highly recommend for your Atari 7800 console.
  7. I purchased the Dragonfly with everything. It arrived and the shell was warped. I contacted Rafal and he immediately sent out a replacement shell. This flashcart is the ultimate cart for the 7800. It plays pretty much everything thrown at it. Highly recommend this for your Atari 7800!!
  8. I sent Jesse my A/V modded 7800 initially to fix the TIA sound issue when playing from the Dragonfly flash cart. I ended getting the works with cap replacement, switch replacement, new LED color light, power regulator installation, and UAV S-Video mod. Excellent communication which included a video explaining the work done and the improvements, extremely reasonable price, and super fast turnaround. I highly recommend Jesse for your retro consoles needs!
  9. If replacement parts are hard to source you can always upgrade. 😁 https://atariage.com/store/index.php?l=product_detail&p=1246
  10. I purchased one from his first run. Awesome controller. They are worth every penny and quite a bargain. @Bratwurst It would be cool to post units sold to date in your first post. P.S. I love all the support and new products that the community of Atariage have been giving this great console.
  11. Just purchased a boxed Defender from Mumbai. Expertly packed and reasonably priced.
  12. Did the CV console come in it's original retail box from the mail-order catalog site?
  13. Please add me to your list for one Dragon Fly cartridge in Burgundy w/ Pokey Max, YM2151 module, & 5.5/2.1mm plug. Thanks!!
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