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  1. When will the winner be announced for the collectorvision Phoenix?
  2. Hi Eduardo, I have slso received the latest newsletter and I am very excited like everyone else for the upcoming games and SGM2. With the SGM2 coming later in 2022, when will pre-orders open up? Thanks is advance! 😁
  3. My secret games and membership arrived today in Wilmington, DE!!! I can't wait to play them. Game selection, cartridge label, packaging, and game manual are amazing !! 😁
  4. I purchased the 7800 concerto cartridge for the Atari 7800. This flash cartridge is able to play both 2600 and 7800 roms. I highly recommend for your Atari 7800 console.
  5. I purchased the Dragonfly with everything. It arrived and the shell was warped. I contacted Rafal and he immediately sent out a replacement shell. This flashcart is the ultimate cart for the 7800. It plays pretty much everything thrown at it. Highly recommend this for your Atari 7800!!
  6. I sent Jesse my A/V modded 7800 initially to fix the TIA sound issue when playing from the Dragonfly flash cart. I ended getting the works with cap replacement, switch replacement, new LED color light, power regulator installation, and UAV S-Video mod. Excellent communication which included a video explaining the work done and the improvements, extremely reasonable price, and super fast turnaround. I highly recommend Jesse for your retro consoles needs!
  7. If replacement parts are hard to source you can always upgrade. 😁 https://atariage.com/store/index.php?l=product_detail&p=1246
  8. I purchased one from his first run. Awesome controller. They are worth every penny and quite a bargain. @Bratwurst It would be cool to post units sold to date in your first post. P.S. I love all the support and new products that the community of Atariage have been giving this great console.
  9. Just purchased a boxed Defender from Mumbai. Expertly packed and reasonably priced.
  10. Did the CV console come in it's original retail box from the mail-order catalog site?
  11. Please add me to your list for one Dragon Fly cartridge in Burgundy w/ Pokey Max, YM2151 module, & 5.5/2.1mm plug. Thanks!!
  12. I received mine yesterday! It's very sturdy and well built. So far, I've been playing a lot of Frenzy and Bezerk with it. Thanks again for making these available.
  13. I would like the joystick on left and buttons on the right. Thanks.
  14. Please put me down for one. Thanks for making them available.
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