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  1. My argument according to the chart: Sega Doesn't understand Target stores... ...what a lousy argument, because neither does Atari.
  2. The Flashback Legends certainly has some interesting games on it but sure has a... "unique" look to it. But the Flashback X sure does have a great design with those "real" switches and all, but I might be biased as I believe my Light Sixer is at the pinnacle of console design. Would love to get one when they arrive here in Europe.
  3. Yeah I know. He has been inconsistent on that part, but I do think that his brand loyalty is gone for real this time around, and the only thing clinging him to Atari SA is his stocks value. Which in itself tells us all something.
  4. Well in my eyes Pdubs has gained at least a fair degree of respect from me. Why? He has at least gotten the Atari SA branded blindfold away from his eyes and admits to a degree that he was wrong about the whole ordeal. You dont have to look far to find dozens or more who vehemently defend Atari SA and the so far nonexistent VCS with tooth and nail with absurd fanaticism. We should be happy about people starting to look at this company with more critical eyes regardless of past opinions. Quite a bunch have come to this site and regretted their preorders. Historian was also under severe flak fire from us when he took Ataris and Feargals side last year without any apparent critical thinking, and now he is welcome again.
  5. Ladies and Tacomen. Se have our official FAQ.
  6. I saw that the pigeon is named "Yuji Pigeon". Isn't that a bit too close to "Fuji Pigeon" to be a coincidence?
  7. Thank you. That one flew over my head. Yes I do like hard hat. Some good competition in there if you are playing with a friend.
  8. Tommy, could you enlighten someone like me who's incredibly out of the loop on which games from the Intellivision Flashback that you still have the rights to and which might see a revived version? I am extremely partial to B17 Bomber, Crown of Kings, Hard Hat, Shark Shark, Snafu and Thin Ice. 😎
  9. Tommy sure is everything that NewTari isn't. Open, honest, humble, communicative and enthusiastic.
  10. Amazing progress! Besides owning and playing a Flashback Intellivision I have had no experience from the Inty before, but your enthusiasm and openness of development has made me a fan of yours. I'm looking forward to see some games in action. I wish you all the luck and success you can handle.
  11. Just popping in to see if anything has changed. Apparently not. Oh good old Mike Kennedy. My take is that MK started out with honest, if impossible and delusional, intentions. He then discovered that hardware is hard and expensive and talk was cheap, and that horrible combination made him ultimately transition to pure con artist as he desperately needed $$$ to get him out from the mountains of promises and "simple as that!"'s Atari SA is different in the way that MK spoke too much and promised everyone the moon. ASA doesn't speak at all, and that makes their intentions more enigmatic, but I am all for the theory that I first read here that they are looking to prop up the brand then sell it all for top dollars and then retire in luxury in Taco-land. It is so poetic in its misery. Mike was chasing the pixeldragon to find Retroland, but failed and didn't even get a Taco. Atari SA is pretending to be from Retroland, but will end up in Taco-land.
  12. Oh and don't forget all the more or less ridiculous stuff that followed in the wake of CD. Sure, dial up services existed before but now most of the console makers tried some variety of rudimentary internet service. Movies was released for them in absolutely horrible quality. We got digital photo collections in pixelfest quality, and even encyclopedias and the Bible released on CD for some systems. Yeah I imagine living through it was horrible.
  13. This. When floppies proved unfeasible for consoles and the leap from carts to CD had been made things went so goddamn fast it was unbelievable. I took us a decade to go from Pong to NES, and what? 2 years or something to get from the first CD based systems to Sony stepping in and stomping everyoneflat with PlayStation. I for one feel that the 3DO, CD32, Cd-i, Jag & Sega CD and others of its ilk was made obsolete almost the instant they hit the market, and being among the first of their kind they had to make all the bad experiments and choices that made them age really poorly mainly in the software department. Those super-blocky 3D graphics and the blurry pixelfest that was their "full motion video" isnt something i remember fondly.
  14. The early CD-age of consoles is technologically interesting, but a big disappointment in the software department generally. CDs was so damn dirt cheap to press so any schmuch could make games for it. It's more than 1983 levels of shit software that hit the games back then. New tech + cheap software means a lot of companies that didn't have any business dealing with consoles or software to enter the market and not know what to do. Ugh... and the droves of "edutainment" games. Seems like every company had some belief that the kids wanted to learn stuff on their systems, not have fun.
  15. Neither am I happy that you lost your money, but it is expected to lose money on stocks if one acts in the way you did. Stock markets are hard to predict, especially with companies that flat out refuse to communicate anything and considering you wore the most rose tinted glasses too and refused to see the red flags. It didn't help. I sure hope they eventually deliver something to the backers, as I don't want people to have thrown out their cash and lost it for nothing. On the other hand it's high time people learn to stop shuffling money to the first best snake-oil salesmen they come across. As far as the company Atari/Infogrames concern I have no sympathy at all. They can bankrupt for all I care, I hope that their ip transfers to someone who actually cares about it.
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