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  1. Just popped in to state the obvious: AtariSA mentioned back in December that the release was delayed by "weeks, not months". (Note the plural). Well since we are in February it means that 2 months (plural) have in fact soon passed and they have yet again lied/screwed up/burnt their tacos.
  2. Then the virus stands no chance in Finland, the land where chugging extreme amounts of alcohol in a sauna hotter than a blast furnace is a traditional and wholesome pastime. The 1 confirmed case of the virus in Finland must be the sole person in the country not following these traditions.
  3. And I could really go for a meaty Taco, but to each his own I guess.
  4. My argument according to the chart: Sega Doesn't understand Target stores... ...what a lousy argument, because neither does Atari.
  5. Yeah, they were grasping at every little straw they could to be "hip" again, because when you say Atari people instantly think about really old videogames and arcades. When you say Blockchain people instantly think about super-modern advanced stuff. The suits over at Atari saw a chance to rebrand themselves as cutting edge, cool and modern by starting to fart out buzzwords like "blockchain" and the other suits over at the stock market responded positively for a time. The whole hype around blockchain is almost surreal. Sure, it can do a lot of cool things, but when my workplace (I drive a big rig) starts getting ads about how blockchain can improve the trucking business I just get tired.
  6. The Flashback Legends certainly has some interesting games on it but sure has a... "unique" look to it. But the Flashback X sure does have a great design with those "real" switches and all, but I might be biased as I believe my Light Sixer is at the pinnacle of console design. Would love to get one when they arrive here in Europe.
  7. Yeah I know. He has been inconsistent on that part, but I do think that his brand loyalty is gone for real this time around, and the only thing clinging him to Atari SA is his stocks value. Which in itself tells us all something.
  8. Well in my eyes Pdubs has gained at least a fair degree of respect from me. Why? He has at least gotten the Atari SA branded blindfold away from his eyes and admits to a degree that he was wrong about the whole ordeal. You dont have to look far to find dozens or more who vehemently defend Atari SA and the so far nonexistent VCS with tooth and nail with absurd fanaticism. We should be happy about people starting to look at this company with more critical eyes regardless of past opinions. Quite a bunch have come to this site and regretted their preorders. Historian was also under severe flak fire from us when he took Ataris and Feargals side last year without any apparent critical thinking, and now he is welcome again.
  9. I'm positive that most of us is or was intrigued by the console design, the joystick and the general prospect of a new Atari console at first. It is new Atari that pushed us from prospective fans to dedicated hater brigadiers with their nonsense. Maybe the VCS will be alright in the end. Maybe it will be a piece of shit. Both options will probably result in some other company buying Atari, which is probably what they want. In the first case Chesnais & co will be rich. The other case will see Atari go bankrupt and someone buying the ruins.
  10. Ladies and Tacomen. Se have our official FAQ.
  11. Stumbled over this on Facebook and I felt it would be relevant to you guys. Filed under chapter 9 in the book: "Things to do while waiting for announcement of announcements"
  12. I saw that the pigeon is named "Yuji Pigeon". Isn't that a bit too close to "Fuji Pigeon" to be a coincidence?
  13. Being able to play Battlezone is the only reason my Flashback 4 is around the house. I got the Flashback 8 Gold for the rest of the gems and I think it's great, but since they figured out that they couldn't keep Battlezone past the 4th iteration...
  14. Tommy sure is everything that NewTari isn't. Open, honest, humble, communicative and enthusiastic.
  15. While Atari is surely showing off their bomb-diggety stuff at E3 and making all kind of success I decided to take a look at their stock now that they are registered here in Sweden. A whopping 3.80 SEK per stock as it stands now, which is about 0.40 USD if my math isn't bonkers, down from about 4.4 SEK when they registered here, which is about 0.46 to 0.47-ish USD. Extra research effort: As we don't have Taco Bell here as far as I know I decided to take a look at what 3.80 SEK buys me at the closest "Taco Bar", a taco chain we have here. A "Soft Taco Regular" which is 3 tacos and some nachos, salsa and guacamole will set you back 94 SEK. That means that one Atari stock will get you about 1/25th of that serving. Btw I love the new forum update. EDIT: Got the numbers wrong. They registered at 4.4 sek, not 3.98. That is just the highest today. Down from 3.98 to 3.8 today.
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