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  1. Alright you primitive screwheads, listen up....this is my Boomstick!
  2. Well I store all my games for Snes,Atari 7800/2600/Jaguar in Universal Game Cases. In fact these inserts keep me wanting to buy more games as they look good on the shelf, and I can play my games without destroying boxes. Also the Ebay pirates are making boxes and games with their own artwork and pushing them as original work, one seller I see from France even has Another World for Jaguar. But I have yet to see anybody pushing UGC inserts as they are obviously not original or collectable, they are just for the gamers and good-looking storage. I appreciate what travistouchdown is doing as I'm sure others are as well. I hope he is allowed to continue as I do think this does promote the hobby as well. I would even pay extra for games in the store if these cases were included for use.
  3. Well its a clone in a sense, but I would say its more a progression. It just seems to get put in the "just a clone" box.
  4. I always feel I have to defend Desert Falcon, is it a zaxxon clone? in that sense is Raiden just a Xevious clone then? I think Desert Falcon is better with more strategy than zaxxon and matches it graphically. Also it is a game the NES could not handle, all those enemies at once. I put right at the top with the best 7800 games.
  5. Well, on the PSX they claimed it as a "new" monster not on PC, so I guess the Jaguar can have its own "new" monster too. I say leave it Blue, it looks great. I always like the red skys and brown info bar as well.
  6. I was going to say the same thing, but the Blue spectres look cool. I think the PSX had a green one as well if I remember correctly.
  7. Steel Talons was on the Atari Falcon and looked good, but I don't think it can be converted. Steel Talons or call me crazy, but an the arcade version of "Pitfighter" would be my pics.
  8. Well, shame as I would like to see what you could do with it. I'm willing to bet better than what's been done.
  9. Well I was happy enough with "silent doom", but CyranoJ has apparently done the impossible! Now if this could just be used with some of those levels by Saturn, well it would be the "second coming" of Hell to the Jaguar.
  10. Skyhammer, Total Carnage, and Protector, All games with lots of replay and challenge.
  11. He sent me a early "prototype" of the robotron controller, and I was worried about the 3d printed case and d-pads, to my surprise it didn't feel bad at all and had a nice "weight" to the controller. Also the 3d printed "handle" the nes style controllers go into make longplay sessions much more comfortable. If you play a lot of Robotron, its a winner for sure.
  12. I've said it before, but this game made me choose a 7800 over the NES, I own 2 copies of it and has kept my 7800 always hooked up and ready to go.
  13. Well, mine arrived today and its been already said, but this is an amazing high-quality game. Really impressed here, thanks for making this. My inner 7800 fanboy feels "justified" finally for choosing a 7800 over an NES back in 87'.
  14. Wow! is this real? and why have I not heard of it before. Very much ready to reserve one.
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