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  1. I've said it before, but this game made me choose a 7800 over the NES, I own 2 copies of it and has kept my 7800 always hooked up and ready to go.
  2. Well, mine arrived today and its been already said, but this is an amazing high-quality game. Really impressed here, thanks for making this. My inner 7800 fanboy feels "justified" finally for choosing a 7800 over an NES back in 87'.
  3. Wow! is this real? and why have I not heard of it before. Very much ready to reserve one.
  4. right on. I will keep an eye out. If/when they happen I will be on board to support it with my cash!
  5. To CyranoJ, I've aked before, but again if time allows maybe consider that double dragon 2 port? the Jaguar does not have a single beat'm up and the Atari st game is actually pretty damn good, maybe with some music added. Also hows that Jaguar shooter coming along? haven't heard much more about it since the last video was posted.
  6. Not a sequel, but I want Skyfox. I used to look at the pic on the box all the time thinking it would be like a "top gun" sort of game. its been about 31 years waiting now, so its time for the 7800 to deliver!
  7. I have both the XE and 7800 versions, crazy but the 7800 sounds better, and the XEGS version only have 5 levels before repeating, choppy animation and much less enemys on screen. That said, I still like the XE game and its still cheap for a new copy.
  8. I always have to comment when people talk about Desert Falcon, its the reason I bought a 7800 over a Nes, crazy, but this game even impressed my Nes owning friends when I showed them the "Warp" and how fast/busy the screen would get on "Expert" mode. I have 3 copies of it today, 2 of them still sealed for backup. This was the 7800's "killer app" for me.
  9. Well, if this ever becomes a cart, I will surely support it with my money!
  10. If you ever have time Double Dragon 2, the ST port was pretty decent and we don't have any beat'em ups on the Jag yet.
  11. Love Rampage, even though I have the master system version, will this one have a cart release?
  12. Cyrano J, well I guess. Its a buy the way it looks now, but the Jag only has 1 good shmup- Raiden. You're new project looks like it could really kick-ass if mentioned things happened, it would be awesome to have a game stand out like that on the Jag, we may never get Native, but this upcoming title does make me dream a little. Keep it up.
  13. super cobra meets R type? awesome, I will be ready to buy for sure. If some more big bosses and the extra color of the Jag is used this could possibly hold up with the 16 bit golden era of shmups.
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