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  1. It just seems really high in that pic, do you have any pics compared to stock on a starwander pro or grey button controller?
  2. For some reason the D-pad looks like it sits up really high in the first pic. Higher than I expected anyway.
  3. Its fun, but as mentioned above, Lucius is unbeatable if you spam his special move.
  4. Well, I'll buy a bunch to try of the red ones when you get them ready if that helps.
  5. If AVP, Doom, T2000, and Iron Soldier had been launch titles and add in Super SF2, with that 1-2 year lead I think Atari would have for certain been the as mention "sleeper" hit console for sure. But, woulda coulda shoulda. But, since they both tanked I bought them both at a local pawn shop for $75 for both with games in 97'. Both really fun, but I only kept the Jag.
  6. The Edladdin "Super 78" really must be played to be understood, the fun of 2 clicky sanwa's and a nice hefty feeling case make Robotrons and a lot of 7800/2600 games way more fun to play. Really can't stress enough, if you ever thought about getting an arcade stick these are great.
  7. ? I may be confused, but push "5" for the maps in game. If you didn't know about this that would help. If you were talking about additional levels well, no.
  8. Well, due to its origins, its cut down a bit on levels and enemies, but it moves fast as hell and has what appears to me as larger sprites on the enemies, they seem larger on screen. Also with a more "action/arcade" feel, It's one of my favorite versions, in fact I like as much as the PC original. If they tried this could have easily been made to be the "ultimate" version.
  9. Mine arrived yesterday! thanks Beast Busters is really good with the mouse adaptor and some oldschool metal playing in the backround and Alien Syndrome just kicks ass! Enjoying the Flame thrower for some "Aliens" vibe.
  10. Doom, Duke Nukem 3d, and Blood for the PC. Looks like fun.
  11. Waiting with my Ed laddin controller in hand for this to appear in the Atari Age store.
  12. Any chance of shipping the cart only orders sooner? If not I'll just wait and it will make for a happy new year.
  13. I'm going to say try and Edladdin arcade stick, he makes a few different styles. It may cost more, but its worth it, I wish I had bought one sooner and the arcade stick really is the most fun way to play vintage atari games. Give it a shot.
  14. Right on, the fighting mechanics would be easier, use something like beats of rage, but yeah, I think that would be great, in the future of course.
  15. Well we are getting way ahead of ourselves here, but- if you did a fighting game, consider a Beat-em-up instead. Maybe picture "Final Fight" occuring during a "Zombie Apocaplypse". I think it would be much more fun, and fit "JagZombies" theme much better. Just a thought.
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