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  1. Well, ST ports 4.2 pre-orders are happening now. If you ask Gaz about some older titles, he might still make them. I bought about 9 this last time.
  2. Its how I store all my Jaguar games!
  3. Hopefully some UGC inserts are on the way as well.
  4. I think if you just look at Defender2000 in the later levels in the video posted above, I have not seem the PS1 move this many things as fast. Dodonpachi was pretty good, but choked up in spots. Also I read something about the Jaguar being able to put more colors on the screen and that it did have advantages in 2D performance, but again, I know nothing tech wise and only have Defender, Rayman, Trevor McFur, and maybe the Native demo, but its just a demo, for any proof. I guess thats part of the fun for me. I always like the underdogs, but I do feel as a owner of a Saturn,PSX,3do, the Jaguar seems to do some things better, and I have always felt it was ahead of the 3do, but again, just a BS opinion.
  5. I was just about to mention Defender 2000. Again as I said before, it is throwing a shit-ton of sprites around, to much to take in. I have to watch the map when playing, but watching others play, its really fast and a lot of stuff moving. Also again, I know jack-shit about the tech side of these things. One more thought, but Trevor McFur, its a rough/unfinished game, but a lot of large zooming/scaling sprites with a lot of color happening there too. I don't know of a PS1 game that matches either of these. Too bad something like Metal Slug was never ported to CD, that would be a good test, PS1 cut animations and Saturn slowed down more than the Neo Geo in a few spots. I have always wondered if cart size didn't come into play how the Jaguar would have handled these.
  6. I always wondered how it would stack up in 2D performance. I thought it had an advantage on PS1 and close to equal to Saturn. Does anybody know how these really match up, I thought the Jaguar had an advantage in color depth and sprites, but my knowledge of how any of this works is jack-shit. But I have always wondered. Side by Side at home on the same television, on Rayman it did notice more color on Jaguar, you can see it easy in the leaves on the first stage, but again, you really have to look for this stuff to see a difference and Defender 2000 seems to throw a shit-ton of stuff around to fast to see.
  7. It does, I have the adapter and use an optical mouse with it. I can't program or create anything, so for me to suggest "hey, add mouse support" maybe out of place. But, if it can be done. would make a "lightgun" game fast and accurate. I've been using a mouse for these type games on MAME and even the Snes has a new optical mouse you can use for games like Operation Thunderbolt, and T2: the arcade game. If you don't have a light gun, this really makes these games MUCH better. The dual shotgun idea is cool, but if you can add mouse support, this game will have the best possible controls you could give it. It my opinion, again, I can't program these things, so I can only ask guys like you to make it happen. But, if it does, I will throw money at it.
  8. Well, I never bought the original JagZombies due to the youtube videos showed some bugs, but also a very short game. However, this looks much better with the scrolling and if its longer, will make a nice "Halloween" game and I will most likely buy this time around. Another thought, we don't have a light gun option, but Atari Age sells mouse adapters for the Jaguar, maybe mouse support? This would really be the best way to go for accurate controls and the option is already for available here at Atari Age. I'm keeping an eye on this one.
  9. Yep, maybe a slide if you use Pog to mix it up and get better distance for another jumpkick.
  10. Its blockable, but it does chip damage, so they are forced to block until you "chip" away all their health, or they can try anything, and I mean anything and die very fast. Even the last boss is helpless. Shame. If you want a fair challenge that means Kasumi Ninja or Dragon is the only way to go. Fight for Life is broke as well, just jump kicks will walk you to a perfect game too.
  11. You know, I would like this game more but its badly broken. If you use Lucius, you only need to use his high or low "hawk attack" and you can walk through the game on any difficulty, or a second player. Its only challenge it you decide to never use this attack. But, theres a cheat/secret for you, use Lucius, he's un-beatable.
  12. You could always fall back on the number pad like Total Carnage, or the D-pad on the second controller like in Llamatron, both methods work great once you adapt you right hand to play "overhand". Also looks to be off to a good start.
  13. Drsoren24, if you have nostalgia for the 5200, or are a collector, DO NOT, sell your carts. All these flash drives are great, but if you are like me and many others, you will want to buy them back in the near future, flashcarts are great, but are not like having a library on the shelf. Also SD and micro SD cards have a 3-5 year lifespan and dominant media platforms always change, those carts may very well outlast us all. I did this with my PC Engine collection and had to buy it all back. Anyway on the 7800, almost every game thats on both consoles is superior on the 7800, but if you have a massive 5200 collection and you have working controllers, you'll probably be just fine sticking with the 5200.
  14. Well, bummer you trimmed them down, but if you like tigervision or collect a bit, try Maruader, that and Polaris are the best out of the tigervision games.
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