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    I'm a gamer first, but collector close second. I have an extensive collection of classic Nintendo, Sega, SNK and NEC consoles/games and a couple of arcade games.

    I grew up with a 7800, but I lost it in the early 90’s. I got back into Atari a couple of years ago, with the much appreciated help of Paul Westphal (http://www.eightbitfix.com). My 800XL gets most of the play time, but my recently reclaimed 7800 is making a serious run for that spot. My primary interest lately seems to be comparing home ports of my favorite arcade games from the 80's.

    I am interested in eventually getting another 8-bit computer and one of the ST series, of which I have no experience with whatsoever. I'm thinking a 1040STE, but will gladly solicit suggestions when I decide to go in that direction.

    Some of the “hats” I have worn as an adult:
    A/V Tech, Hospitality A/V Group Manager, IT Specialist, IT Manager, Network Administrator…

    I can keep up in just about any conversation on those topics, but when it comes to coding I’m like a deer in headlights… wish that wasn’t the case, but it is. I secretly envy those of you who can write code…

    Outside of gaming, you may find me hiking in the mountains around the Portland area, at a random local dive bar, tinkering with computers and AV equipment in the garage or studying up on whatever topic fascinates me that day.
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    Wolfenstein (2009)(Xbox 360)
    Hardball (Atari 8-bit)
    Pac-Man Collection (Atari 7800)
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    Wolfenstein: The New Order (Steam)
    Borderlands 2 (Steam)
    Beef Drop (Atari 7800)

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  1. I’m looking for 16 bit era side scrolling beat-em-up recommendations. I have the Streets of Rage series, Final Fight CD and TMNT for the Genesis/SCD and Final Fight 2, Super Double Dragon and TMNT IV for the SNES. I have had all these for years and am looking for something new. Please tell me some of your favorites from back in the day!

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    2. DiscoDr.Bones


      Thanks all! From a quick Youtube glance "Pirates of Dark Water" is along the lines of what I was looking for. I see that there is a "Battletoads and Double Dragon" game that I missed too. Shinobi is great, I have the first two, but what I was looking for is more along the lines of some good Final Fight/Streets of Rage clones that I might have missed back in the day.

    3. TheTIGuy
    4. Rick Dangerous

      Rick Dangerous

      Mutant Rampage for CDi

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