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  1. @drac030 I admire you patience! Thanks for the entertaining discussion. Hopefully the hardware you were able to loan will shed some light on the cause of the issues others are experiencing. If not, I guess the request for information made approximately two pages ago still stands.
  2. I have written down my own attempt at archiving my collection: https://github.com/senorrossie/sh-archive2atr Everyone has their own preferences, SIO2PC, SIO2SD, APE, etc. Use what you're comfortable with. A SIO2PC requires a PC (Windows/Mac/Linux/...), SIO2SD, SDrive, Fujinet, etc does not and the archiving can be completely executed on the Atari. For pc's there are plenty of tools available: RespeQT, sio2bsd, ape, etc. Read up on them, this forum is full of posts on tools and using them. Once you are familiar with them, start archiving with your favorite.
  3. Do you have a level converter in place between the Atari hardware and the pi? The 8bit computer section of the forum has several posts on the subject, eg: As for the tools you can use on the pi to emulate the SIO device, there are several. The classic sio2bsd, atarixfer and respeqt to name the most commonly used.
  4. Click the A-Z link before clicking the download all button.
  5. It differs per source, I usually experiment with the gain value of Sox on part of a video to find the best value before encoding a full video.
  6. I wrote a small shellscript to automate encoding videos. It has been published on github https://github.com/senorrossie/sh-avf-encode it was mentioned in this thread earlier, IIRC
  7. Have you looked into the various pie recipes that are available for SIO 'emulation' on these cheap boards? If you have already have one of these boards, it may be a cheap alternative. A (random) selection from the results of a search for the words pi and SIO on this board :
  8. I added new photos of the pcb. Getting the EPROM off the board without damaging it seems to be a challenge. Without a means to dump the EPROM, it seems not worth the effort. As soon as this COVID-19 thing is behind us and the retro meetings can take place again, I will attempt to take the eprom off the board and have it dumped.
  9. Thanks again. I meant to say that the two irata rom dumps I created looked identical. I did not compare them with the last rom.
  10. The irata dump is attached to the first posting. As far as I could tell the ROMs from both drives were identical, but I only had a quick glance over the hex dumps.
  11. I connected the drive in an attempt to dump the ROM. Of course moving the drive around had loosened the board, so the drive did not respond to any command. After opening up the drive and re-seating the board it came back to life. I dumped the ROM using the DUMP1050 tool as promised, once with Happy mode on... rom_happy.cc7 ctab_happy.cc7 And once with switch in the unhappy position. Which seems to be a a dump of (a part of) DOS. rom_unhappy.cc7 ctab_unhappy.cc7
  12. Thanks for the information. Looking at the state of the board, I am a bit reluctant to desolder the eprom. I can give the DUMP1050 another go, will post the dump once I get home.
  13. A second modded drive I found has 2 leds, a switch and a d-sub connector on the rear of the drive: I have not been able to find much info about this mod.
  14. Hi, I found several topics on disk drive modifications, alternative roms, etc. and the Atari 8-bit FAQ mentions several mods for the 1050, but nothing in one place. Here's an attempt to gather that info in one thread. I have several 1050s in my possession, of which some have been modded by their previous owners. Previous attempts at consolidating information regarding 1050 drives I could find are: Let me start with a mod I found in two 1050 drives in my collection. It seems to be a happy clone, which probably originated in Germany, judging by the text on the board. The happy companion disk 7.1 recognizes the modded drive as 'happy'. ROM: rom.d2 I dumped the ROM using @E474's DUMP1050 tool, which can be found here: https://github.com/e474/DUMP1050/ ctab.d2
  15. I guess it's in the eye of the beholder. To me the output of the early 2600 systems is a lot better than that of the Jr(s). I do agree that the video output of the 7800 is the worst of all the Atari hardware I own. The video circuit of the 7800 is available to both the 7800 (Maria) and the 2600 (Tia) parts of the system, which seems to be part of the issue. Over in the 7800 section of the forums someone is trying to improve the output of a PAL 7800:
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