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  1. A second modded drive I found has 2 leds, a switch and a d-sub connector on the rear of the drive: I have not been able to find much info about this mod.
  2. Hi, I found several topics on disk drive modifications, alternative roms, etc. and the Atari 8-bit FAQ mentions several mods for the 1050, but nothing in one place. Here's an attempt to gather that info in one thread. I have several 1050s in my possession, of which some have been modded by their previous owners. Previous attempts at consolidating information regarding 1050 drives I could find are: Let me start with a mod I found in two 1050 drives in my collection. It seems to be a happy clone, which probably originated in Germany, judging by the text on the board. The happy companion disk 7.1 recognizes the modded drive as 'happy'. ROM: rom.d2 I dumped the ROM using @E474's DUMP1050 tool, which can be found here: https://github.com/e474/DUMP1050/ ctab.d2
  3. I guess it's in the eye of the beholder. To me the output of the early 2600 systems is a lot better than that of the Jr(s). I do agree that the video output of the 7800 is the worst of all the Atari hardware I own. The video circuit of the 7800 is available to both the 7800 (Maria) and the 2600 (Tia) parts of the system, which seems to be part of the issue. Over in the 7800 section of the forums someone is trying to improve the output of a PAL 7800:
  4. I don't own an 8bitdo adapter, yet, but the mod is supposedly a single wire mod. More info is found here: If the single wire mod is beyond your soldering capabilities, you can also purchase the seagull 7800 adapter, which allows you to plug in your Sega Genesis 8bitdo adapter and connect it to an Atari 2600, 7800, 8-bit or ST! Also available in the 'local' store: https://atariage.com/store/index.php?l=product_detail&p=1079
  5. A random pile of Atari joysticks and a set of paddles...
  6. A (working) collection of 'The Arcade' controllers.
  7. It probably has to to with an unsupported (windows proprietary) codepage. See this link: https://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/251969/how-can-i-correctly-decompress-a-zip-archive-of-files-with-hebrew-names
  8. Use a different tool to unzip the file. The command line unzip program has problems with unicoded filenames, is my personal experience with debian (raspbian) and Ubuntu.
  9. Thanks for this! I've chosen a different path, where I wrote a shell script (Linux) to generate similar disk images straight from the fandal archive (or others if required). The script can be found on github: https://github.com/senorrossie/sh-a8-16mbgamedisk I must say that I have since been spoiled by the SIDE2 loader, where I just copy all executable files to a CF card and browse through them using the loader.
  10. I recall this was discussed in a thread about sic carts, this is probably where the cart image came from.
  11. No problem, I can always flash stock OS/BASIC to a slot, it would be a 'nice to have' though The OS came from AltirraOS-3.20.zip (md5:1b3ddad8229231cfbd5e9ca937f4fdc0). The altirraos-816.rom (md5: ed8d05ad2435cb18a0df4bbc82085259) has a CRC value of C7C1 in ant 1.4. I will flash a different version of the AltirraOS 816 and check if that fixes the issue. Thanks!
  12. No, I am not. Well, I should have checked before flashing, the diamgos3.rom file is 64k and should of course be flashed to a cartridge, apologies for that. Anyway, the anttest3 works fine on almost everything I threw at it. No more glitches, fonts remain readable throughout the program, which is great news! As the Antonia uses an 65C816, why not flash Altirra OS for the 816... Flashing works (also using your own 65C816 XL/XE OS v2.41), but when the Altirra 816 OS (md5: ed8d05ad2435cb18a0df4bbc82085259) is used to start the binary (which I load from the SIDE Loader by FJC), the screen corrupts and I am unable to continue can successfully select a different OS by pressing the correct keys in the correct sequence Loading binary Directly after the application loads (Altirra 816 OS): A bit later I end up with a solid black screen. Until I press keys.
  13. No, I am not. I copied a few ROM files so I could test the new release. As the diamgos3.rom fails to boot, I figured I should try other ROMs as well. I reported the 'issue' for completeness. Not near a system at the moment, but will test the new version later today. I was wondering if it would be possible to add a 'clear' OS and BASIC slot function (as in flash the content from the protected area of the Antonia)? When I flash the same roms via ant, I see the CRC value listed and not the text as when the slot is not updated.
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