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  1. That would be quite hard to do (but not impossible). There are cheap displays available in China, ie: 2.8 Inch TFT Touch LCD ILI9341 https://a.aliexpress.com/_mqq0U5b (there are tons of these for sale, this is just an example). If you search the forum, or check the Sdrive Max page (https://atari8bit.net/tutorials/de-re-sdrive-max/), you'll find more compatible screens that are affordable and may be available locally. Good luck!
  2. I just did. Seems that fujinet only supports booting from floppy images You could use Altirra to create a (bootable dos) disk image with the executable.
  3. Not to be a wise-guy, but there is a uSD slot in the Fujinet. If you don't have a uSD card, than there is the windows tnfs server that you can download from the fujinet github repository. IIRC, fujinet can load an executable directly.
  4. IIRC Micro Rhythm and Digi Drum are the same program. Micro Rhythm was distributed by firebird. I recall a dog bark and scratching, but that may be from Digi Drum 2. @ivop I may have some of those pattern files on a floppy somewhere.
  5. I don't have a bare cartridge and don't want to open one up (yet). I tested for continuity between B33 and the suggested components. There seems to be connectivity between all of them. I ordered a logic probe, so once that arrives I can continue this quest. Thanks for the suggestions thus far.
  6. SIO2Arduino has been obsoleted by SDriveMax. Having said that, IIRC you need an older version of the Arduino Ide and an older version of the sdfat library. I also vaguely remember a patch to get the code to compile with a version of sdfat that was available at the time I was testing it, but that is more than 6 years ago and I am unable to locate it at the moment. Personally I don't think it's worth the hassle to get SIO2Arduino working. A lot of the available (disk) images do not work in my experiences with it. The SDriveMax has a lot more features and is quite stable. And there are some cool cases available for it that you can print yourself if you own a 3D printer.
  7. The good news is that I tested the JGD in a different console and there it works fine. There is continuity between these two points. So I guess the bad new is that I need to fix my console. Any european sellers of that cartridge slot?
  8. I managed to borrow a jaguar from a friend, so I can also test the JGD in a different console. Once I get home tonight I'll measure the continuity on my own board and report back.
  9. As I have the patient on the bench, here are some pictures of the cart slot.
  10. I cleaned the cartridge connector and carefully bend the pins to make sure they contact the cart edge. Both carts (Cybermorph and the JagGD) now boot directly after insertion. The load then freeze issue remains:
  11. Thanks for the quick reply. I kind of figured this would be the case. I did a visual inspection of the cart slot, but didn't notice anything wrong with it. I'll try cleaning the cart slot first.
  12. Just picked up my Jaguar GameDrive ordered through the AA store. Firmware is current (according to the webpage). The only other Jaguar cart I have is Cybermorph, which sits tight in the cart slot and loads/plays fine on every try. The JGD however is not a tight fit in the cart slot, I can move it back and forth without using force. I need to, as the JGD does not always boot at Power on (the system does power on, but there is no output to the screen). If I move it slightly I can successfully start the JGD. When it boots, the memory test (2+7) runs without a hitch and I can browse the contents of my SD card (the marquees show as well). Now the bad part: No matter which ROM I try (Bad Apple GD, the Reboot game pack ROMS, or some official releases' .jag/.rom files), the ROM loads to a full bar, but then the system just freezes at that point, until I power cycle it.
  13. @drac030 I admire you patience! Thanks for the entertaining discussion. Hopefully the hardware you were able to loan will shed some light on the cause of the issues others are experiencing. If not, I guess the request for information made approximately two pages ago still stands.
  14. I have written down my own attempt at archiving my collection: https://github.com/senorrossie/sh-archive2atr Everyone has their own preferences, SIO2PC, SIO2SD, APE, etc. Use what you're comfortable with. A SIO2PC requires a PC (Windows/Mac/Linux/...), SIO2SD, SDrive, Fujinet, etc does not and the archiving can be completely executed on the Atari. For pc's there are plenty of tools available: RespeQT, sio2bsd, ape, etc. Read up on them, this forum is full of posts on tools and using them. Once you are familiar with them, start archiving with your favorite.
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