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  1. it's super impressive just how close to OG hardware MiSTer actually is
  2. I mean this game is weird as hell but it's also a legit awesome 3D beat em up. Anyone check this one out yet?
  3. It's still such a bummer this entire series is stuck in licensing hell and every attempt at a remake / new game have failed. Even with that bummer its still amazing 21 years later
  4. We can hope but I don't expect. Not even being pessimistic...just doesn't seem likely
  5. Sure this may be 100% a complete ripoff of SNK and the Metal Slug formula...but it's also just a legit awesome game too and def worth checking out!
  6. Hope this helps some people! Especially if they are thinking of picking a MiSTer up. I am continually impressed with this thing
  7. Heretic II was the ultimate bummer to me...I wanted another FPS
  8. A little more Samurai Shodown 64 beta gameplay fun!
  9. People love DOOM so much I think they cant see past it and realize other games in that generation are at least AS GOOD
  10. I can't say I love this game in particular but it's great to have it on Dreamcast. I've just never managed to click with it. What am I missing? lol
  11. I wish this would leak / get dumped. Lets hope the owner is the sharing type lol
  12. Iron Soldier was always fun. Seemed so revolutionary back in the day
  13. Especially with modern mods and other features the game plays like something that could have come out this year. I dare say I enjoy it slightly more than Doom too anyone else into Heretic?
  14. Happy Easter everyone! Lol but in all seriousness damn do I love Gunblade NY. Maybe even slightly more than LA Machineguns. I am mostly bummed about the fact a third game in the series was in development from Sega and was cancelled and never heard from again. Would have made an epic trilogy!
  15. The rarest and cheapest of the M2 boards
  16. https://youtu.be/6pixjsEceYQ first of eleven videos. If anyone wants to help spot differences send them my way. I need a fresh set of eyes lol
  17. awbacon

    Prices going up.

    it seems like the pandemic just exacerbated an existing problem with retro game pricing...basically everything is going up!
  18. it was planned as an ad on but abandoned pretty quickly once they learned the bus width on the OG 3DO would be way too much of a constraint for M2
  19. awbacon

    Crazy prices

    gaming prices have been wild all across the board during the pandemic
  20. I'd gotten a LOT of questions about MiSTer and analog video so I hope this helps some people!
  21. I was 11 when it came out and I got a new PC that christmas to play it on...and I CANNOT believe that was 25 years ago. Makes me feel old lol
  22. I haven't seen a cab for this since it came out in the early 90's but it's still legit an awesome game that combines a run and gun with a shmup and gets really creative with it anyone else remember this one?
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