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  1. thats because the Wiki doesnt have full confirmation look at the Key again is says PAL or SECAM and orange is SECAM confirmed UK defo is PAL and so is Australia with parts of China also PAL Pakistan and india don't have a standard actually but its common to use PAL, every TV there is actually multi adn will handle PAL/NTSC/SECAM/CableTV/UHF/VHF/FM which is a little over kill but they are mostly manufactured in china so its cheap anyway the rest of the blue areas the wiki has made a calculated guess from other wiki info they find dont forget the wiki is user based so mistakes are common and you need to take it with a pinch of salt
  2. Actually PAL is only UK and Australia and Parts of China Europe is SECAM
  3. what could I do to convince you as I would really like to try and convince you
  4. Thanks for posting that here this is my mod I since modded other sticks too
  5. Just to update had a lot going on in my life and not had a chance to look at the test image I will look at it and post back as soon as I can
  6. no probs I will give that a go and report back
  7. your spot on Spiceware tried my EPROM version on my 7800 NTSC and 2600 PAL version with wrong colours and works perfect no more teleporting but it does on the Taiwan NTSC Junior. I didn't bother with the Sears as I am pretty convinced that is the issue but that said the Harmony which is a Melody cart and how they will be distributed. works perfect on the Taiwan Junior Does anyone know what component it is in the Junior that is casing this issue as I want to change it out and make the Junior like the rest of my consoles
  8. Ah that's what it is I had mine set to B cool that's what I wanted is a PAL60 version here is a video I made shows the teleport glitch and its defo not my console as I used the same one for the previous build https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rlrvswSNTXE not sure how to embed videos on this forum sorry I do love the idea of being able to select weather the darleks shoot in 4 way or 8 way thast awesome makes the game more challenging
  9. been real busy and only got a chance to play it a few things to mention first one: I didn't hear any VOX audio, where was it added so I can listen out for it Second: im lucky I have an NTSC machine but will a PAL version be available AND Thirdly: Major BUG Now I don't know if you actually added this but if you did remove it as its really annoying The Darlek when moving are jumping across the screen I think its a glitch and a major one at that. its like they teleport a short distance one min they are a few steps away from you and the next they are in front or behind you and sometimes they teleport and reappear right on you and kill you
  10. Cheers mate will give this a go in the morning its almost midnight here in UK
  11. are we going to get to test the new build I only see the older 20150217 build on post 1
  12. Cyberman evil otto is supposed to be faster its just he was WAY TOO FAST before. one important thing to mention on this and Cyberman is he comes out tooo FAST, in original berserk 2600 you get enough chance to clear the board before evil otto comes out here cyber man comes out pretty much within a few seconds of play per board I reckon about 10 seconds would be an ideal time to delay cyberman from appearing
  13. Thanks for clarifying how to set cyberman I had a great play with the game and speeding up dr who would defo make the game more enjoyable as right now its just feel like a chore to go to where you want to go and it hurts my hand due to my natural instinct of thing the more I push the joystick the faster he will move.... lol
  14. can I make a few small beta testing comments I feel Dr Who him self travels around the board to slow Also Evil Otto as I know him as. travels way too fast there is absolutely no escaping him
  15. I love my VOX I actually ordered 2 of them but one will go to a dear friend I love Juno First with the VOX its great GO fish was a little let down on the VOX side
  16. so let me get this right will the Speech be VOX enhanced or just samples the same as speech enhanced Berzerk?
  17. Can the Atari Video Pinball be AV or S Video Modded and if so is there any information on how to go about doing it Thanks
  18. just seen this update I live in PAL land and the update is NTSC will it be fine to use this or is there a PAL version update Thanks
  19. im also in for 2 been enquiring for months for these
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