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  1. jacuk


    That's exactly how I did it. Took a year and a half but he got back to me
  2. jacuk


    Think I've payed 150,- for a vecfever. Write Thomas an email and be patient
  3. Great! That gives me some extra time to save up😄
  4. Hi Ratislav, I'd be interested but in option B for lefties if this is still available. Awesome project by the way!
  5. jacuk

    Vectrex SD Cart?

    Nice! I'd like one. Put me on the list!
  6. jacuk


    Put me on the list, please! Led version if possible 😍
  7. For everyone who can't get enough of Weltenschlächter, here is a little timelapse video of how the cover art was made: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=o1VaTQ0bSxQ Enjoy!
  8. next T-shirt will be Yastuna
  9. Last 3 days to score a Weltenschlächter-shirt. Grab yours before they're gone forever forever forever ever er! https://teechip.com/weltenschlaechter#id=1&c=F6F6F6&sid=american-apparel-t-shirt&s=front
  10. So if you're in Europe and you'd like a Weltenschlächter-T you might want to use this link: https://teechip.com/weltenschlaechter#id=1&c=F6F6F6&sid=american-apparel-t-shirt&s=front
  11. No, just the front. Wanted to keep the price reasonable.
  12. Yes he did, it's as official as it gets. I'm the one responsible for the artworks and pins of Weltenschlächter, Yastuna, Hanoi and Space Battle. Also did the pins for these games and for Alpine Games and the slideshow. More artworks are in the making so keep an eye out for them. The link is for US only. I'll post a European link as soon as I get the chance (I'm on vacation right now) I do these artworks to support the community and because I love doing so and of course because Der Luchs releases are the bomb quality wise. The T-shirts will be a chance to get some money out of it 😉 So the more shirts you Lynx heads buy the more time I can put into the releases and the more artworks will follow.
  13. In for some Weltenschlächter-merch? Now available! Limited to a 100 pieces and in july only. The official Weltenschlächter T-shirt. Grab it while you can! https://www.amazon.com/dp/B073GG97J9
  14. Anyhow, I can provide coverart if needed
  15. jacuk

    Wyvern Tales

    I'd like one too, please!
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