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  1. Any idea what this is? Genlock Message Generator.ATARI130XE BASED?+multiplexer You are looking at a Channel Plus Genlock message generator from Multiplex Technology INC, it is model number GLM-1.00, and appears to be based on an ATARI 130XE computer system. Also included is a multiplexer module. The instructions say that the GLM1.00 provides an overlay of changing or fixed messages over any video source ie.satellite reciever,VCR,CCTV camera or computer. The Multiplexer that is included is a multi-channel, frequency-agile modulator system with a built-in loop-through combiner-it will accept video inputs from VCR's,videodisk players,satellite recievers and CCTV cameras:- there are 3 video inputs with corresponding left and right audio inputs, and there is also an "ftype" output and antenna plug on the back of the multiplexer. I have not thoroughly tested this unit as i do not have the time to connect everything together, however the computer powers on with a red light visible-but this may not indicate a working unit so it is being sold as UNTESTED. I am not sure if this is straight out based on an atari 130XE, but it is very similar(except that the RF port is not used). There are a few cables included as well as a switch box of sorts(as the picture shows).Power supplies for both the computer unit and the multiplexer are included.
  2. Hi Foebane, Yes the High Score on PP was a bit of a joke isn't it? And also the way they fast forwarded the game. Even my 6-year old son picked that up. :-) But then it is a movie right? Also, there was another appearance of the 800XL (and the 1050 drive) when DARYL was back at the lab/base, where he was playing Missile Command and a Space Invaders-like game (not sure what it was). I should capture that scene and post it here.
  3. Hi all, Just finished watching D.A.R.Y.L. on DVD and I was happy to see an Atari 800XL appearance in the movie. I then did a search on the net for an Atari 8-bit movie list but can't seem to find one. Any more movies I should check out? Cheers, Don
  4. Thanks Stephen. The monitor does not have any model number (it is an Atari re-badged monitor here in Australia). The only numbers I can refer to are the numbers in the back label which is 900 001015. I am just hoping someone has seen a similar RGB monitor (Amiga or Apple perhaps) that has the same 15-pin input.
  5. I think a standard 15-pin VGA port is one with 3 rows of 5 pins. This one has two rows of 8 and 7 pins. I'll check with Best Electronics anyway.
  6. Hi all, I am building a monitor cable for my STe for an Atari monitor that I found a while back. I don't know the model of the monitor but it has an RGB input that has 15-pins that is made up of 2 rows (the top row having 8 pins and the bottom row having 7 pins). It is a bit different to the 9-pin SC1435 and to the 13-pin SC1224. To start, I'm thinking of buying an ST monitor cable that has the 13-pin on one end and cut off the one on the other end. I would then buy a 15-pin adapter and guess where the pins are gonna go. Does anyone know of any RGB monitor with the same 15-pin input that I can at least pattern (rather than guessing) the RGB pinouts? Also, where's a good place to buy an ST monitor cable? TIA. Don
  7. Hi all, Here's my latest find. It's an Atari monitor with chroma/luma inputs. I couldn't find any documentation on this on the web and there is no mention of it even on the FAQs. Haven't tried it on my 130XE yet as I think the stock 800XL does not have chroma output. I am thinking if this works then I could share the monitor with my 1040STe as it has a 15-pin RGB input as well. I'm guessing it's just a rebadged monitor by Atari in Australia. Anyone know of any monitor with similar inputs? Cheers, Don
  8. Wow, it'll be interesting to see if this works. The 1064 adds 48k to the 600XL's 16K to make it 64K. So if this does work then that would make the 800XL have 112K.
  9. Hi jetset, It's a generic USB to serial cable I found in one of those computer flea markets. Got it for AUD25 I think? Some info on my setup. I used it on my Acer Travelmate 240 laptop, Celeron 1.6Ghz, WinXP Home with USB2.0 (although I think the USB-to-serial cable was only 1.1). APE was running on a Command window. The only thing I had to setup in APE was to specify the address of the serial port (created from the USB-to-serial cable). Then plugged it in into my 130XE. Let me know if you need more info. Cheers, Don
  10. I think this guy in NZ had the same idea. http://www.trademe.co.nz/Gaming/Other/auct...on-23622119.htm
  11. Hi all, I've been searching the web for a while but I can't seem to find a website that talks about collecting ST games or a rarity guide of some sort. I've been following some eBay auctions on ST games and games like Escape From Money Island and the Leisure Lary games demand the highest. Any related info on collecting ST games is appreciated. TIA, Don
  12. Hi guys, I'm from Sydney. My collection includes: Atari 8-bit: Atari 130XE (2) Atari XEGS (2) Atari 800XL Atari 1050 Disk Drive Atari XC12 Program Recorder Atari 1010 Program Recorder Atari XF551 Disk Drive - broken About 60 carts and various diskettes, tapes, books, magazines and manuals. Atari ST: Atari 1040STe (4MB) Atari SC1435 Monitor About 25 original disks and various diskettes, books, magazines and manuals.
  13. The function keys are grouped together if that's what you were asking. When I unscrewed the back of the keyboard, the function keys were separated from the "real" keyboard. I was thinking maybe it's something to do with the mylar that's sandwiched in the keyboard. I mean it only takes a spring to push the contacts in the mylar right? So when I push the SELECT, it could be inadvertently pushing the contacts for START. That's my assumption anyway so I could be wrong. Or maybe I just need a new set of keyboards. In addition to this problem, I've lost the spring on the HELP key (not that I use it) and the function keys lost the skin/protector so it has all the scratches in it. If anyone has any spare keyboard that they're willing to donate I'll happily pay for shipping. TIA, Don
  14. Hi guys, Having some problems with my Atari 800XL's function keys. When I press SELECT, the game starts so it seems the START key is also being pressed. I opened up the keys and unscrewed the back of the keybaord and did some cleaning/vacuuming but this didn't solve the problem. Any ideas? Thanks, Don
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