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  1. I'm half expecting that to be the next Medium update. "Innovative new way to help us get the VCS out into the world!"
  2. It's nice of Atari to finally get back to developers after the fiasco of ignoring them for YEARS (since they had nothing to offer, but still ,why setup the "[email protected]" email address if you didn't plan on responding to anyone interested). I wish Jan the best luck, although anyone can support him right now since this is available on Steam right now for $10. But hey, at least it's something more than just Atari Vault on your $300+ game console!
  3. So that's what Sad Bizarro World looks like. For those of the TruAtariFaithTM, they do know that the comment section isn't a live chat room, right? I have a feeling that their "stunning rarity" is just a screenshot of some eBay seller saying "FS: COMBAT - ATARI 2600 *RARE*"
  4. Awesome, I love these kinds of games. Wyvern Tales was an excellent creation for the Lynx, so hoping that this scratches that same itch. And yeah, Towers II has been fairly lonely in that regard.
  5. I won one yesterday as a part of a contest on the UNIS Showcase 2020 event. They mentioned it near the end of the presentation, showing a couple of people in a corporate meeting room playing one, but aren't allowed to share price since that's all up to Atari. Likely Atari is gauging reactions out there and seeing how high they can go. Still, I should have one "by December," maybe a few days before they're available at retail. I'll report back whenever it shows up
  6. Do the poop bags have speakers and a Fuji logo? Dispose of poop like never before! That's why I threw out the $99 "ceiling." Given what they're charging for the VCS, I seriously wouldn't be surprised to see them pretend that it's worth a ton of money
  7. It's weird the things that you can do when you do it the normal way
  8. Yeah, $30 would be most likely. It's just Pong, and it's not like there are tons of people chomping at the bit for a 50 year old game at this point.
  9. Not yet, I asked UNIS about it and they said that's for Atari to reveal, but they did say "We aim for our markets in December," so I imagine we'll get that before too long. I really can't imagine this being above $99, probably less.
  10. Yeah, no HDMI out on this one. Screen is only 7.5"...too bad they didn't make it look like a Lynx
  11. BitChute FTW. They've been showing some pretty good user growth and everyone getting stuff banned on YT has been posting it there. This is what I love about these "Treasure Trove" discoveries, just finding new stuff. Of what's been revealed so far, now I really hope that Wolfman has a more complete version out there on a disk. Just knowing that they had another game in the vein of Dracula: The Undead, but with more color (from the looks of it) makes the loss of that one really suck - although if you're still looking through the disks, I really, really hope that the complete 512k version of Dracula is on there...that'd be the Holy Grail of finds (for me, lol). It's also really cool that some of this stuff had working ComLynx code. I wonder why they pulled the plug on Geoduel at the end of the day (maybe they saw BattleWheels and figured that one would've been good enough). Too bad they didn't decide to take that to the Jag where they could've done more with the concept; Spacewar looks a lot like what ended up going to the Jag in terms of gameplay, but either way, first-person PvP space arena stuff is hard to pull off in a fun way.
  12. Atari just sent out a press release about the Mini Pong Jr.. Includes a couple of pics of the actual unit. Odd that they still haven't done something like this for the VCS:
  13. This might be the dumbest video game article written in 2020. Not a super high bar I suppose, but Mr. Jones doesn't even get basic details of the 2600 right, such as claiming that it launched in November of 1982 This subheader is also unintentionally funny It's the other way around, champ
  14. I've got some more details on that here: https://arcadeheroes.com/2020/10/20/unis-atari-are-bringing-pong-home-again-with-mini-pong-jr/ I've also confirmed with UNIS (makers of this particular product and the Atari PONG Table arcade machines) that they have no involvement with the VCS, although it was offered to them for the Chinese market...
  15. Yeah, no one wants to see anyone lose their job or taken to court over an NDA break, especially for this thing. I'm am just continually perplexed by Atari's own refusal to live up to simple communication and honesty. It will be nice to finally see it "out there," so our predictions for better or worse can be played out. I'm still confident in mine that are similar to recent posts saying that this thing has zero legs to move beyond the initial launch phase. My bet is that it'll end up just like their game Minimum - It'll launch, get a little traction among the intended audience, but as soon as they see that it's not the next NES Classic, it'll become another piece of hardware that time will be happy to forget.
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