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  1. The game was designed by Play Mechanix, which is presided over by George Petro (of Midway fame - he did stuff like Terminator 2, Revolution X). On the hardware, it was the first non-indie arcade game to operate at 4K; Uses an HP PC, although not 100% sure of the spec. Whatever is needed to do [email protected] On the software, unfortunately that's been PM & Raw Thrills' MO for the past several years - "skill kills." All their games operate on a "time to die" feature, making the chance of 1ccing a game virtually impossible 😕 Places like Dave & Busters really likes this setup, but it's not gamer friendly, as you witnessed. The 4-player version is pretty neat, at least for the spectacle of a 4-person gun game, and interestingly enough the gameplay is slightly different from the 2p model (2p has more targets that show up on enemies) If you are looking for a modern game that is a bit more like how they were in the 90s, Sega is still around making games. They launched their new House of the Dead at the same time as Halo:
  2. We'd likely know by now, but unfortunately with the pandemic hurting exA's home market of Japan a bit harder than places like the US, this keeps pushing things back. That said, the stuff we can expect to see from SNK are names that you all definitely know In other exA news, Cosmic Digger 3671 is now up for pre-order. Remake of a super obscure Japanese arcade game from 1980, now with 4-player support and Jeff Minter-like graphics.
  3. Sure, some JAMMA and JVS setups have used that, so I don't imagine it would be too difficult to support, it's just that the main platform is made for the joystick/button controls. In exA news, SNK is now an official exA partner, which means that SNK titles will be coming back to arcades. Samurai Showdown V Perfect is the first, but they have several others in development (can't spill what they are yet, but some exciting stuff is on the horizon with SNK & exA)
  4. The test animation could easily turn into something like wandering around an area to choose your mini-game, a lot of games have done that sort of thing in the past. While they could try and radically change it to broaden appeal, it'll have to be something amazing to do so, on the level that Nintendo manages to do with their Mario games. That said, they still generally stick to the core (side-scrolling platformer) when it comes to primary Mario games, excepting the occasional experiment here and there. Would a "Dr. Earthworm Jim" or "Paper EJW RPG" departure like that work? Perhaps, but they've already set expectations that it's going to be a new adventure in platforming (99% of people looking forward to it likely didn't see what Tommy wrote on a forum among mountains of text), so screwing with that to subvert expectations often ends up in train wrecking a franchise. If true, it's too bad - IMO Finnegan Fox looks very 'meh' so a proper EJW is the kind of game that the platform could use to get some positive attention.
  5. Yup, agreed with all of you. EWJ just the best that Amico has when it comes to name recognition. If it isn't a platformer though...eesh. Never mind. That'll end up becoming one of the dumbest mistakes in gaming history. Skiing looks kinda fun, but revolutionary? Nah. Maybe I missed it, but have they shown footage of all the pack-in games, or are they still sitting on some of it?
  6. He has the awards all sitting on top of his sock drawer. Sure, they all look like they were cobbled together at the last minute using the clearance bin down at the Hobbycraft, but they're all perfectly legit.
  7. Let me butt in here to mention that developing a game with the success of Wii Sports is a once-in-a-generation kind of thing, and the factors that went into it being such a success are nearly impossible to replicate. It was clear from the first Wii unveil that the Wii was going to be a mega-hit, because the controller matched with Wii Sports was a fresh idea that had only really been tried with some success in arcades prior to that. That's all old hat now, and no one outside of the INTV fanbase seems all that interested in having mini-WiiU controllers. If the Amico had a Wii Sports-like game already, then everyone would know it by now because it would be driving millions of people towards wanting the console already which is what happened in the time between the Wii's E3 reveal and the console's launch. Not sure if you recall or were around the scene back then, but the hype was massive, arguably bigger than anything Nintendo had done since SMB3. That all said, it's still important to have at least one killer app for your game console, then the more the merrier since that increases the spread of potential buyers. The only thing that seems to be generating that kind of interest is Earthworm Jim so far (and to a lesser extent Moon Patrol), although we've seen too little about that for any hype train to leave the station (I also don't think that EJ is that big of an IP to really drive millions of gamers to the console, but it's got more name recognition than anything else). Seems to me that they think that stuff like Bomb Squad and Cornhole fit that bill. It shouldn't be too difficult for them to come up with some kind of Match-3 games though - the Unity Asset store has a ton of cheap Match-3 dev kits and assets that can be used to throw together any kind of generic match-3 game you like.
  8. As much as I had hoped that they would have shown off MP4, Dread was a nice surprise. One of the things that the best of the Metroid series has been able to pull off is that sense of Dread, so here's hoping that this game nails it.
  9. 1) Sega has a lot more money than Atari does right now. 2) The Genesis sold millions of units while the Jag sold something like 150k. 3) The only Atari system that sold enough to make modern business heads turn is the 2600, which is why it gets most of the love Licensors look at those kinds of things when they consider who they'll license something to. They also consider things like reputation. The Jag has one of the worst reputations among produced consoles in history, which can mean it'll cost you more to license something out like AvP. Doesn't matter how passionate we are about the Jag or the brand, the numbers don't show the idea of a mini console being anywhere near a success. If Atari is going to do anything with their Lynx/Jag IP, only makes sense to put it on the VCS, but even then it's not a free ride to do so.
  10. At one point in the VCSBox saga, Atari did promise Jaguar games for it, but so far that hasn't materialized. Granted, they own practically nothing of the Jaguar library at this point, as most of the games were developed and owned by someone else. Per the latest list, the only Jag games they have the rights to are Missile Command 3D, Tempest 2000, and for some reason they list Space War 2000. The story is similar to Lynx titles. Also, good luck licensing AvP anything now that Disney owns that license. The cost on that alone would make any kind of Jag mini project economically unfeasible. That's also likely why they aren't investing in a Jaguar emulator - recouping your cost on such a thing is unlikely to happen at this point.
  11. This is the kind of stuff that would have made a person like me interested in the Box - new takes on Atari's classic games (and maybe the classics of others - which is one positive point the Amico has going for it). Thanks for sharing your experiences, interested to hear more.
  12. Next thing you know, the Computer Space story will change from it being developed in Ted's daughter's room to JW's bedroom.
  13. Oh yeah, just showing up and talking about something else is totally an endorsement. 🙄 VCS sales will begin to skyrocket at any moment now! Rofl that proving you wrong over and over again is "trolling."
  14. The first one is available for free on PC Not sure if there were a bunch of changes on the console versions though
  15. Wow, your competency knows no bounds. My reaction was based on you gloating of his non-endorsement from a whole two pages ago. You know, the one that you proclaimed was his grand endorsement? Let me help you remember: As the description of the video itself says, that was three years ago. As for this recent Instagram video, this also isn't an endorsement. It's just him talking about a game that he had nothing to do with (he left Atari 3 years before Tempest was released) and playing it on the VCS for a moment. If he had other glowing things to actually say about the VCS, I wonder why Atari didn't share that? Keep grasping at those straws big fella!
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