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  1. Interesting to see the discussion go in terms of power...since the N64 is being mentioned, not many know that Sega had a chance to use the N64 chipset for the Saturn, but they decided to pass on it where they had the Saturn hardware far along. Eventually Silicon Graphics found a buyer with Nintendo. But that minutiae aside, power only takes you so far. If you are spending millions of dollars on making a video game, you want it to sell on a platform with millions of customers (or potentially millions). Not 10,000. The sticking point for the VCS and the Amico in today's market, which is significantly different from the 1990's(a time where DVD players were new, the internet was new and mostly via dial-up, no social media, no smartphones or tablets or App Stores, etc.), is that they don't have the same resources as Sony/MS/Nintendo have for producing games. Atari even less so than Intellivision it seems. If the VCS were 10x more powerful than the PS5, would that change anything? No. Microsoft has been playing the power game since the original Xbox, and it's only gotten them so far; Devs have hopped on because they know there will be sales. They made stuff for the Wii in abundance because Nintendo created enough value for it that led to everyone and their grandparents wanting one. With sales like that, developers were eager to get on board as it was apparent that the system would be a success. They did not jump onto the WiiU as eagerly, as they saw that it was not as hot an item for consumers and it had confused messaging. I know certain shills want to continue believing that the Atari name still has that same kind of value as it did in 1981 - it doesn't. Not even close. That's why no AAA, AA or A studio has signed on to the VCS so far (I just don't see it happening at all). For a highly publicized crowdfunding campaign, they only managed to make $3m. That's also nothing in a business where most top-of-the-line games would spend more than $3m on marketing alone. The VCS has some of the most confusing messaging ever seen in the console business, and they've managed to botch all of their "good will first impressions" that every gets to enjoy or fail out when you unveil a product. On top of that, they have no money (and a terrible reputation) to fund a bunch of AAA "2nd party" devs (like Nintendo did with Platinum Games) that could help make up for it. I see no possible way for them to "right the ship," which is why we have tacos to keep us fed during the entertainment.
  2. There are some insiders (PR people) who have apparently got one, but that's it. As of right now, the software roster for the VCS stands at: Atari Mega Vault Missile Command Recharged Tempest 4000 Certain Atari classics available on their version of the eShop (Asteroids (arcade or 2600 version?), Yars Revenge, Centipede). Antstream streaming Game Jolt service Air Console service As has been pointed out ad nauseum in this thread, zero of these games or services are exclusive to the VCS. Since we're bringing the Amico back into the thread, so far they've announced or shown (feel free to correct me on anything wrong here, as I may miss something). * indicates exclusive to the console, as far as I know: "Animal fighting game" Armor Battle* Asteroids Astrosmash* Auto Racing BackTalk Party BINGO Bi-Planes Blank Slate* Bomb Squad Bomberman Bowling BurgerTime Breakout* B17 Bomber "Carnival Game" Cloudy Mountain Dolphis Quest* Earthworm Jim* "Evil Knievel game" Farkle Finnigan Fox* Flying Circus Mattel Hot Wheels Game Incan Gold/Diamint Intellivision ACL Cornhole* Intellivision Battle Tanks* Intellivision Monster Spades* IntellivisionPool* Liar's Dice* Lock 'N Chase* Major League Baseball game Missile Command Moon Patrol: The Milky Way Chronicles* Night Stalker* Nitro Derby PONG Rigid Force Redux Enhanced "Running man game" Safecracker Sesame Street game Shark! Shark!* SideSwipers Skiing* Snafoo Space Strike* Telestrations* ToeJam & Earl* Love or hate the Amico (or the VCS), doesn't it say something that the two lists are a night and day difference? And for fun, let's throw some of the latest numbers from Nintendo on the Switch. The belief that the VCS will even manage 1% of this is laughable:
  3. Fixed it for ya I'm sorry, I didn't know that we were required to jump on a VCS thread with Amico news every time it's posted. You can easily find discussion about the delay and the Amico elsewhere here on AA, it's a bigger forum than a single thread. While it's obviously a setback, at least they had the balls to announce it. Atari quietly blamed delays, but haven't been "transparent" about it like you make-believe all the time. Of course, you want to talk "funny," I noticed how you completely ignored my points to your various claims and assertions. I'll take that as you don't have a valid response to come back with. Now for the latest incompetence from Atari's PR firm: So much for Superman (1978) holding that card, as well as Atari's own Super Bug (1977) technically being the first game to have a bigger world than fit onto one screen. And many of the people in that thread still believe that Adventure was the first game to have an easter egg (it was Anti-Aircraft II, as far as has been discovered)
  4. Probably referring to the use of MMC cards. I haven't seen anything use those since the CC2 was released (I'm sure there's something out there, but finding SDs is certainly easier)
  5. I'm not saying that had they been responsive that it would have attracted devs, just that had Atari been taking this as seriously as they supposedly have been taking it, then that would have at least had been professional. Just the fact that it will have at best a little over 10k units to sell a game to means that no one in their right mind would make something exclusive for it. Even more laughable is the thought that it's "the place" for indie devs to go to right now, as though the Nintendo Switch doesn't exist. It's just another example of their incompetence in the matter.
  6. Ah my bad, I mainly was watching the part with the games Scratch that I guess, but from a power level, I think it still holds to show that VCS running PC games is going to be a huge disappointment for certain individuals who are hyping that up
  7. Several hundred pages ago, there was a discussion of some people who did try and contact Atari when they had setup an email portal for becoming a VCS developer. 100% of those who said they attempted it never heard back from Atari. Maybe now they'll actually respond, but good luck in finding anyone naive enough to get suckered into a financial deal with Atari (and who find 12k sales worth that extra 8% in "exclusive" revenue sales). I don't have anything against AMD...I have a Ryzen PC with an RX580 graphics card in the machine I'm using right now. But for a company that is supposedly not trying to compete with other consoles or PCs, they sure do seem to like making it seem like their machine is totally a powerhouse (notice they don't mention which Vega is being used and many won't bother to look up to see how it all compares). Per this list below, the Ryzen R1606G finds itself as #906 on a list of 2937 CPUs - just note that this list includes old/ancient processors including the Pentium III and 4 (The Atari VCS - more powerful than a PC from 1996! or Outperforms the Sega Dreamcast in most applications! may not be the slogan they're looking for) https://www.cpubenchmark.net/cpu_list.php EDIT: I did some checking to see if anyone had some other R1606G embedded machines...there is the DFI GHF51, but can't find anyone operating games on one yet. Here's the next best thing - only $150 for the PC shown here, and it uses the AMD Ryzen 3 2200G - quite a bit more powerful than the R1606G (ranked 617 on the benchmark list above). This one at half the price of a VCS and more power, manages several games at playable rates, albiet when you run most of them at 720p low settings. Can't wait to see a shill assume that since Atari has said so much about "4k" with the machine that they try a PC game at 4K or high settings and watch the machine begin to smoke...
  8. I am kind of amused by the new FAQ. Notice how much of it is responding to points that we've legitimately raised in this thread? The shills should be thanking us for making Atari actually consider these things, but they won't, since they think that greatness comes out of a circle jerk of Yes Men. You're welcome! And LOL again at Atari being "transparent," but RacerX already addressed that. Since you're backing both, you should have seen the various Atari remakes that Amico has already shown? The Amico, for any faults it has, has much more appeal in new-retro gaming than the VCS does, as it will have certain Atari games on it. In that sense, they are "pooling talent" - however, you are operating under a very false assumption that Atari has any talent to speak of. They have no coders, no engineering department. It's a small collection of marketing people who know how to license out their IP and how to sue people. Not by much, but the problem isn't power - it's what you are asking for. With the VCS 800 coming in at $100 more than a Nintendo Switch, and at the exact same price as a PlayStation 5 digital, Atari is competing with those devices, like it or not. They are far superior in power, games, services and support. As for first party titles, again, Atari doesn't have a coding department to create anything with. They have to hire 3rd parties to create things for them. But to stretch the definition, the Mega Vault and Missile Command (which I'm tired of pointing out are already available on PC or phone) are those first party titles. If you are seriously expecting Atari to bang out a brand new Yars Revenge themselves, then good luck with that fantasy. On the Amico, I did see that their price point is edging close to $300 as well (latest update I had read). I think that's a mistake on their part too, although they are probably running into factors driving that price up. Still, for anything as niche as these non-mainstream consoles are, if pricing isn't well-below the Big Three, it's going to be extremely difficult to surpass the initial sales of early adopters. See above: "Tired of pointing out that these are already available on better existing devices." Granted, it's better than nothing, but the only reason it's a selling point for the VCS is because the VCS has nothing else on it to drive sales. This is because they figured out what they wanted to do before announcing a console. They also do appear to have a vision for what they are doing, which cannot be said for Atari. Atari has taken almost 4 years to finally articulate who the VCS is for, but that still won't change the fact that they know licensing - and nothing else. I think many of us wish we had the resources for such a thing, but unfortunately it's not realistic. Even the successful Wii was unable to be the "every man retro console" with their eShop offerings that brought Sega and Turbografx-16 games to the mix with Nintendo ones. The rights to many retro IPs are all over the place, which makes having an "all-in-one" retro box that is perfectly legitimate too expensive to offer. It would have been far more realistic for Atari to have approached a company like Nintendo or Microsoft to offer their games piecemeal on their existing platforms, which Atari sort of did back in the Xbox 360 days, then they gave that up when they figured that crowdfunding was an awesome way to Get Rich Quick!
  9. Teenage me was a little obsessed with that, I got into a few lunchroom arguments about it as I touted the new Jaguar releases. The NUON felt like the next best thing and I was all in on that too, as it felt like a spiritual successor. Of course it was all silly of me to get that emotional about it, but live and learn. I've bought plenty of Atari-labeled games since Infogrames took them over, bought the Flashback 2, etc. But after they emerged from bankruptcy, there's been little redeeming value from what they've produced. Just look at the reviews on Steam or the Play Store for anything under the Atari name. But even then I've occasionally grabbed something they've licensed out, like the Centipede board game. Pointing out that most of their stuff is trash (particularly the VCS), or that their behavior is often reprehensible doesn't make one a hater, we're just doing a service to our fellow consumer to find a better place to spend their money.
  10. It has been an amusing spin coming out of ShillVille. They never can debate on the "merits" of the VCS, so they have to pretend like they're real Atari fans because they're supporting the company no matter what, facts and tacos be damned. That doesn't win an argument of course, but it is entertaining to see how quickly they fall apart after trying to win an Atarid*ck measuring contest.
  11. Come for the tacos, stay to see the dimwit troll get stomped beyond belief by racerx
  12. They seemed to get some interest in it, but way too late for it to matter (Scrapyard Dog, Ninja Golf, Midnight Mutants). Granted, I do appreciate that they tried to do some more original stuff in the life-cycle, but it still would have been nice to see a few "Pro" remakes of 2600 classics. I know it's pointless to speculate, but I have to imagine that it would have helped move a few more units. I certainly would be more interested in a 7800 take on Secret Quest than what the 2600 was capable of...
  13. Sorry guys, I forgot to keep this on topic: Choose wisely
  14. Because TRUE ATARI fans don't make such sensible decisions, just us "haters"
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