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  1. As I recall, the mod had me remove the RF modulator, so pretty sure that's what I did. I'll see if I have a 10uf cap laying around...doesn't matter what the voltage is? Also so I'm understanding correctly - one leg of the cap goes from the twisted leads to the RCA jacks? Does it matter polarity used?
  2. From the sounds of it I may have to try re-modding the mod, although I can't remember what the original instructions are (probably all in on that video). What cap would need to be used between the R5 & R6?
  3. Funny enough Commando was one of the first games I tried on the DF, and that's where I noticed there was an odd issue as I expected to hear shots and explosions but it was just the music. I also tried BB, although I will have to try it again to see what the differences are between volume levels on regular carts and the DF. Thanks!
  4. Unfortunately I have no idea. When I get home tonight I'll have to see if I can open up my 7800 and figure it out. I did this mod years ago, so don't remember details like that, but I'll let you know. Thanks for the help!
  5. Not sure why it's behaving like this but every single original 7800 game that only uses TIA are completely quiet when played on the DF cart, while Pokey games play their sounds just fine. I've tested several of my regular carts - Xevious, Midnight Mutants, Dark Chambers, Centipede, etc. in their regular cart form where there are no sound problems at all. Never had an issue with TIA in the past, so that's where this was a surprise. Guess I'm the only one experiencing this problem...too bad I don't have a spare 7800 to test on.
  6. This mod replaced the RF out signal with composite out. As I recall, you have to reroute the video/audio circuit. This video shows what is used: Is it possible that I have a resistor somewhere in my 7800 that's bad or failing that could be causing this?
  7. Only mod I made to the system was the composite video mod. It's been a while, but pretty sure it was one of these off of eBay. Never had a problem with TIA audio prior. 😕
  8. Apologies if this was covered already, but I did a search for TIA and looked in the manual and could not find the answer. I got my DragonFly and one of the recommended PSUs per this thread (thanks!). Games load up just fine and games with Pokey sound work (I got the Pokey Max build, no YM yet). But when I try any game with just TIA sound - it's 100% silent. I did mod my 7800 with composite out, but TIA works on normal carts and like I said, Pokey sounds work. I fiddled with settings a little but no luck so far - please help!
  9. I just got mine today and have given it a play - first time I ever had the pleasure of playing IS3. I haven't played any IS in a while, but fortunately it was easy to pick this up and play. The speed really throws you off though, since the first two had the standard IS moving much slower. I'll definitely be exploring it more here soon. Thanks again Carl, just like IS2 helped breathe a 2nd life into the Jag, this feels like it's doing the same for the NUON.
  10. Sorry, CP not only needs a bunch of mods to even work, but it's practically slideshow quality on the VCS. The transitions between scenes on the original Myst are smoother than CP is. Not at all what one would call playable - the guy who did the mods even said so, stating that it ran worse on the VCS than on the PS4/XB1. On top of that, the same person has been unable to get other games working on it like Doom Eternal, so stuff like "I got it to work" isn't going to move units when the game isn't even playable and once again, you're better off with one of the other systems for modern games. You could but what's the point?? If that's what you really want it for, there are cheaper mini-PC options that will do office work just fine - or buy a laptop, which is what most people would do. It is really weird to me that anyone thinks that the VCS can be compared with the PS5. I get that Artz has to do that since he's competing in the same space, but it doesn't jive. Yes, the VCS should be considered a console, but it can't compete in any realistic way with the current generation of platforms, just because of the PC mode. Apart from the PS5 offering many more games, various exclusives, backwards compatibility with the PS4 (including multiplayer), far superior graphics and sound, and plays Blu-Ray discs if you opt for the more expensive version, it has all of this other stuff that you get thanks to it being supported by a competent company & team that has billions of dollars behind them. Yeah I remember the XEGS being marketed as a computer, as was the Famicom in Japan. Excepting the Famicom, every time a company tried the "It's also a PC!" route, it's a failure (although it's not fair to say that the Famicom/NES was a success because of that marketing line - it was purely down to the games, which is why they dropped that line pretty fast). Like I also mentioned, you could do certain office tasks with the PS4 and XB1. No one used them though and no one bought those systems because of those features. I get that it's the only thing Atari has beyond nostalgia to try and sell this, but you're kidding yourself if you really think that this time it's going to work where it's failed 100 times in the past. It was Rob's idea and Atari thanked him by not paying him for his work, as was pointed out a few pages back. Funny that they're banking all of their success on what he did for it now, including bumping up the specs. When the VCS was first announced (under Feargal Mac) there was zero mention of it also working as a PC. PC mode was nothing more than a hail mary that Rob threw since he realized that Atari has very poor resources to make it a success, but like I've said too many times, that really doesn't move the needle with the general gaming populace that Atari would need to make this thing a success. It makes backers of it happy and gives you something to talk about while you wait for Atari to live up to other promises like T4k and Atari Jaguar games in the VCS store. Otherwise, what's Atari doing to make this a truly competitive system? Nothing, by the looks of it. Speaking of Rob, he wanted to do a lot more with it, but Atari kept backtracking on their promises and cutting things out, until they stopped paying him for the work he'd done - just like they did to Mac. I know the head of UNIS, a company that has partnered with Atari on two different products; He said that after they lost Rob, they tried to get them to finish the VCS and manufacture it, but they took a hard pass as they could see what was going on with it. Such an ethical and upright company, no wonder they've made a hard play at operating casinos in extremely poor parts of the world!
  11. Yeah...that was my point. You made it sound like "PC" itself was nothing more than a fixed platform, that one can say VCS = the rest of PC gaming, when it certainly is not I love how you make these silly blanket statements making such comparisons, then act like it's not what you meant. The XBS/X and PS5 can also handle [email protected] - not on every game, but they can do it and they aren't outside of the budget you mention. They also handle 4K video really well, while the VCS struggles and offers a sub-par experience. You should know that, unless you don't want to mention it since it once again shows how superior they are to the VCS, while falling in the same price range. We agree then - frame rates make a gameplay difference on a lot of games, particularly 3D ones. Controls do as well, which has some to do with software capabilities. Yes, Atari is pushing out as many 2D platformers as they can, although I don't seem to recall in any of their pre-launch hype that it was intended as the home for your 2D platformers. They're the ones who clearly stated "GAME, STREAM & CONNECT LIKE NEVER BEFORE" and now they're pivoting to it being "something different in the console wars" as Artz acts like you can't already stream with far better and lower priced platforms out there. Are really old arcade games & 2D platformers better with joysticks/gamepads? Yep. Is that what most gamers are out there looking for right now? Nope. Everything popular at the moment, not from 1981, works better with kb/m. As for 3rd person games, I just barely finished playing through the 2014 Tomb Raider on PC. In the action sequences, the precision of the mouse was very welcome and I was able to get plenty of headshots that I never would have managed using a thumbstick. That has nothing to do with fun, just is a limitation of the VCS that was done to save a buck. Per the latest interviews, Michael Artz keeps hyping streaming up, while acting like PC mode makes it so that people will actually do office work on the thing, hence you should buy it over a PS5. I guess he has to try and make it seem like there's some magical value there. About $600. Yeah, not everyone can afford that - heck, I can't really afford that right now, so good thing I bought it well before the pandemic started. But it can run circles around the VCS without breaking a sweat, also being a Ryzen CPU and Vega GPU, being able to run a variety of recent games that no one has even been able to boot up on the VCS, it has several times the storage space and I can upgrade my CPU/GPU well down the road when it's needed. It handles everything I've thrown at it so far with high or ultra high settings. I never said anything about Linux here, but what OS will the general public look for so they can play certain games? W10. I can take my existing W10 PC and easily add Linux to it for Linux gaming, without spending a dime. I find that amusing though since as you pointed out, W10 is an extra cost, something that seems to be glossed over when talking about the VCS doing this or that at the greatest impulse buy price the world has ever apparently seen (also in that you need more storage and more RAM - suddenly the VCS isn't so competitive in that regard anymore, is it?). As for building a better spec PC, there are a lot of great options out there that one can find after a few minute search. CPUWIZ has also pointed out some mini-PCs that are better specwise in this and the taco thread. Have you looked at the R1606G+Vega 3 compared to anything else? It's a fly fart in the wind compared to the many options out there that you can build or buy. Not to mention that the latest Xbox & PS are priced the same or better and are vastly more powerful. Big whoop, you can't use them to run your Steam client, even though they mimic a lot of the same games through their stores (last gen you could even print documents from your XB1). Again, you guys & Artz keep acting like PC mode is the greatest innovation in console history when really: Thank Rob Wyatt, who Atari didn't want to pay for his work and ideas, which was to basically try out the Steam Machine model and hope that the logo would drag it over the grand finish line of shipping out to IGG backers, something they didn't do with the Gameband.
  12. I guess none of us haters are smart enough to read and compare specs or notice that there's nothing unique about it, nor any software that's original on it. There are plenty more flaws that go beyond marketing, but it'll take some research on your part to figure out what they are, apparently. Ever heard of a little thing called "frame rates?" How about input lag? These things affect gameplay, particularly with popular fast-action, competitive titles. There is also the fact that keyboard/mouse controls outperform analog stick controllers in these types of games every time. Every real PC gamer knows this, but I get you feel the need to defend the VCS because it has that sacred Atari logo on it. What's "fun" is entirely subjective. It's also a poor excuse to pretend that the reason you don't have AAA titles made just for it is because Atari wants a "fun focus" for the thing. Get real. Every one of the VCS' competitors have fun games on them. Everything you can play on the VCS, I can play on my PC, where I will get a superior, smoother experience every time. Why would I change my mind on that, just because of that logo? Atari keeps saying that the VCS is for "streaming titles" but that's just as much of a joke. On the most popular streaming site right now (Twitch), I don't see anyone streaming their gameplay from a VCS. Why would they? Along that same line, no one would ever consider using the VCS in an eSports setting - because whoever was dumb enough to think that "just fine" would win the day would be slaughtered in a match and rightfully mocked for being so naive. Oh right, I'm the one reaching in a world where, right now, the standard in PC gaming has 4k120fps rates for games while running a whole slew of other techniques and features; yet Atari's little bit dumpster runs most 3D titles at 720p 30fps, low/mid settings, like we were in 2012 🙄 Maybe that's "fine" if you are content with 16-bit wannabe titles, you don't do modern gaming and you think that all PCs are equal, which is what it sounds like. And as has been pointed out many times, there are many PCs that are about the same price as a VCS - maybe a little bit more expensive, although not really when you consider that they come with more on-board storage, more expansion features & hardware upgrade options, and already have Windows 10 - yet outclass it on the CPU & GPU.
  13. Alien Isolation...that's another one in my Steam library that I never have gotten around to playing. Too many games are like that
  14. Ah yes, none of us haters would have anything to talk about if it wasn't "fashionable" to hate on it. 🙄 Granted, you can say that when you ignore the various other flaws pointed out about it, but that must be "hate" because you don't agree with it. If you want to watch gameplay videos of PC games, then there are thousands of people out there streaming that on Twitch and YouTube, providing far superior gameplay & visual quality than the VCS can manage (even with hardware mods).
  15. I spoke with the head of Bamco America about it back when they first showed the English version at a trade show, and he said that PB & PB2 were sort of successful in Europe, but in part it was due to some distributors there over-buying the game and making it look more successful than it actually was. When they looked at the actual sales numbers of the past, plus the tepid response at the show(granted, they didn't really push it and the game was shoved in the back of the booth), they decided against releasing it here 😕 Video from that trade show, for anyone who missed what we're talking about:
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