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  1. "But it's ATARI, you know, the PAC-MAN guys? I loved getting a high score on Pong too. Such good memories. How can anything go wrong with this awesome new game console from an iconic and groundbreaking game company!!"
  2. How many butthurt employees & project leads does Atari need to chew up and spit out until I can regain my Tru Fan Atarian Sainthood(tm)?
  3. So Fergal worked on it for nine months "effectively for free" and Rob Wyatt did the same for about six months before jumping ship. Atari sure sounds like an amazing "partner" to work with!
  4. I was a part of JS2 back-in-the-day, so one gets used to these drama/collapse cycles. Still, it's very apparent Kieran, since I assume you're reading this, that you have a major problem and need help. You've done nothing to refute the claims & evidence brought against you; Pulling that stunt with getting AA banned on FB was quite immature (I won't say childish, as that'd be an insult to children) and a stupid calculation on your part, as you've done nothing more than brought more attention to your bad behavior over the years. If I had known how you had claimed the credit for making games that weren't yours, I would have had nothing to do with you much sooner than now. That is absolutely loathsome. Quadrupling down on how right you are while everyone else is wrong and "vile" isn't how you solve this.
  5. What's a pipe dream game for the Jaguar? Penguinet's Rikki & Vikki MatoSimi's Ridiculous Reality Catacombs The Abyss (All with updated graphics that suit the Jag, of course)
  6. Ooops, looks like from my comments in this thread, I've been banned from the Jaguar Sector III group. Oh well
  7. I know that some people use the contrarian method just to stir the hornets nest, but the problem is that it's a method that should be used sparingly (and when it is, backed up with insight & logic) if you care at all about credibility and honor. If you only are a contrarian to be a rebel or whatever, you end up disintegrating said credibility. Stretching things to make a bad game or port (or platform) sound good doesn't make you look smart, it shows that you're an idiot. I suppose PitFighter and Primal Rage serve as examples as to when someone is letting blind fanboyism show through. Atari Games didn't really chase the fighter craze like everyone else because after those two efforts (and Guardians of the Hood), they realized their designers were better suited to different styles of games. Yes, they did have some unreleased fighters, but it's because they saw that the games would be crap, so they canned them and moved on.
  8. I get that we all have our preferences for gameplay, but it should not be difficult to take into account all of the elements between ports (frame rate, color use, included/added or missing features compared to the original, sound/music, etc.) if you are attempting to review a game. I'm pretty well versed in the arcade universe and no one likes PitFighter because it wasn't a good game, more of a badly controlled mess. Just because something is old or made by a company with a name doesn't make it a classic. I wouldn't waste money putting it in my arcade because people would rather play real classics like Street Fighter II or Mortal Kombat. That Ninja Spirit story reminds me of someone I used to work for (it also reminds me of the game "journalists" that need a special easy mode because they suck at the thing they are supposed to be good at). He was the CEO of a company that sold arcade machines, but when I watched him play games, he would button mash like a 2 year old and die quickly. After I saw that for the first time, I took his opinion on how games played with a grain of salt.
  9. I've had various interactions with him over the years, although I never realized the magnitude of his bad behavior until recently. I also had a similar interaction with him in regards to Nintendo. I brought up that the Switch was a massive success for Nintendo, (which it has been by all accounts, easily verifiable data from a 3 second internet search) and he seemed almost offended at the notion that anything could outsell the XB1. Then he posted this: It's fine to have your preferences and all, but then it devolved into some nonsense about Forza winning one award, so I pointed out that if you're going to measure dicks over awards, then Nintendo's going to clean clocks (to which it suddenly wasn't "relevant to the discussion" because it showed him as being wrong). Of course, the comment hasn't aged well, now that that Cuphead is on the Switch...and how presently the Switch has sold 4 million more units than the XB1 has, despite being out for a much shorter amount of time. But that's nothing really, compared to his mountain of bad behavior elsewhere.
  10. It was mainly "Top 50!" games lists for retro stuff, by what I'd seen
  11. I guess they missed the memo, being TRUE Atari fans and all, that Atari already tried to do a reboot of Asteroids a few years ago that had elements of what they are proposing here; It had nothing more to do with the Asteroids game other than having the name and taking place on an asteroid. Turning one of the most iconic games of all time into a generic FPS with RTS and RPG elements got people so pumped, that... it never reached beta and is no longer listed on Steam.
  12. As an old name in gaming, their home side is quite lackluster these days. But Konami is alive and well in the arcade business over in Japan (and the gambling sector as FM mentioned...also their health club businesses still do well). Atari SA wishes they could muster up a micron of respect, recognition & money that Konami still has, and Konami has people in the company to engineer both hardware and software(whereas *everything* currently made to the Atari name is outsourced). Some of their games make their way over to the US (at Round1USA locations), but the problem is that they all require too much skill from the current crop of US players, or the games are too weird, being that they're almost entirely focused on rhythm games, so only appeal to a niche of the gaming market. One exception to the rhythm game is the new - and fairly odd - Armored Princess Battle Conductor (jump to 20:25 in this video to see the trailer; the unique game cabinet is shown at 22:45) : Bonus: Two other brand new pieces of hardware and software from the House of Konami that were unveiled the other day, Pop'n Music Welcome To Wonderland and Jubeat 2020 On top of that, Konami just announced a new series of eSports gaming PCs called the Arespear. While they'll certainly cost a lot more than a VCS, they are doing more than just making a pretty case, as they've designed a new sound card via their department that creates the arcade sound games & sound systems used in the cabinets; their own specialized headphones and keyboards. All the models are designed to push 120FPS gaming as a standard and are going to be used in Konami's upcoming arcade games like the new Beatmania IIDX 27. And to top it off, you'll have the power to stream and game like never before!
  13. Amazing, yet another high-profile game for the VCS! Oh....wait So acclaimed and important that it's no where to be found on Atari's glorious new unconsole gaming platform
  14. If you want people to understand that something is wrong, you need to be capable of articulating a refutation of the piece. Instead, they just keep the circle jerk going over it being "trolling" because the Reg points out the obvious.
  15. And the only reason this video exists is because backers on IGG were demanding (in VCShill speak, "whining") to see the thing plugged in and being used. Had they done this a year ago, they'd be in a much better position. Of course, they obviously had nothing to work with then, so it was more fun to pretend that awesome things were happening. Of course once this passes, there's still the reality that there are no compelling reasons to spend any money on an unconsole.
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