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  1. Yeah, at this point it's DIY and satire. Satire is fair use!
  2. Interesting, so it looks like any likeness of their IP they freak out about, although a brief search of registered, active trademarks do not show any of their consoles apart from the "Ataribox." Certainly not the Lynx or other consoles. Their logo I totally understand and didn't use (apart from the tiny bit that would have been visible at the bottom of the Lynx, but since I'd seen Sega and Nintendo stuff with the logos on there, didn't think much of it), and wouldn't bother with a straight up Atari logo shirt anyways. But yeah, I'll echo this: "fsck these guys and all of their backers, right in the cartridge slot. "
  3. I can understand it for anything that actually says "Atari" on it like the first one did. When I got the takedown notice that time, I just wanted clarification, but figured it would fall along that line. But for something that doesn't mention Atari at all? That seems outright ridiculous to me. They really have no clue how to treat the fandom; we're giving your brand free advertising. Of course I will not be surprised if the design or something like it suddenly shows up at Target.
  4. I had a run-in with Atari yesterday & today. I guess it's related, although if this belongs somewhere else, feel free to move. I created a design for the Teepublic store celebrating the Lynx. The first design said Atari Lynx on the side, and had the Atari logo on the Lynx itself among other things. After it was up on the store for a few days, I got a DMCA from Atari stating that they were enforcing an IP takedown. I sent an email asking for clarification(is it just because it says "Atari" or something else? It was a little bit of a surprise as you can type "Gameboy" into the search and 37 pages of designs pop-up, many are just pictures of the GB and nothing else), but didn't hear back from Teepublic. I figured it had to do with the Atari name on there, so today I re-uploaded the design without mentioning Atari at all - replaced "Atari Lynx" with "16-power" and blacking out the Atari logo on the Lynx itself. Image of the design in the store attached. This time, I got another takedown notice from Atari in about an hour along with a warning, despite there not being any mention of Atari at all within the design. I doubt that they legally have a trademark to an image of the Lynx, much less one without branding; the Teepublic store is loaded to the brim of designs showing Nintendo and Sega consoles, but noticing that there's nothing on there from Atari. They must have some kind of deal in place, but goes to show how much they really care about the independent creator (spelling bad news for Biff...)
  5. LOL And about that trailer - I really look forward to it. The gnashing of teeth that will go one when certain people realize that the only place to get certain Atari games won't be on the VCS, but on the Amico, will be glorious (and a little sad, but that's how it is at this point)
  6. Made a new design (Shirt/case/sticker/notepad/etc) to celebrate 30 years of gaming in color with the Atari Lynx!



  7. It'll end up like the small portion of fandom that defends the Last Jedi from it's many, obvious plot holes and flaws. Star Wars land: "Hey, Vice Admiral Purple Hair's "plan" makes no sense, and..." "IT'S THE FORCE, SHUT UP" Atari VCS land: "Hey, this doesn't work and how come the VCS Store is so barren with interesting content?" "SANDBOX, SHUT UP & BANNED"
  8. This is a really good point. If you want to know how Atari SA can handle projects, just look at the mess they've made of anything that tries to be major in recent years. Asteroids Outpost: Laughable to have called that a beta for a final release. Abandoned Haunted House: Cryptic Graves: Same situation as Asteroids. Unfinished abandonware Minimum: Playable and innovative because it was handled by Human Head, but Atari didn't have the money to finish paying the devs, so it ended up as abandonware. This was made worse by it being an online only game, so fans had to scramble together to run servers (for a while, you simply couldn't play the game though). Eventually handed off to someone else, but a lot of the planned content for it never materialized. RollerCoaster Tycoon World: This is supposed to be their main IP at this point, but they can't get that right. Same issue that goes on behind the scenes that you don't hear about unless you know a dev - they don't have the money or interest to present a working product. Years after release, RTW still is a buggy mess. Night Driver: It garnered some fanfare on the release, but was quickly forgotten. Currently sitting at 2.6 stars on the Google Play store, most reviews complain about the craptastic controls. I'm using a Windows PC, and looking on the Apple app store, there's no mention of the game, just a few things like Breakout and RollerCoaster Tycoon. Main website still says "Coming Soon," no links to the actual game on either App Store, so that tells you how much they care about anything that doesn't instantly become a hit. Yes, they do have some bright spots, although getting the Atari Vault and Tempest 4000 wrong would be quite a feat, since they didn't really have to do anything there. Flashback 9 is probably the best thing they can refer to at this point, but again, that was AtGames. All Atari had to do was give the thumbs up and cash the licensing fee checks. So what does all of the evidence point to - that even if the VCS does get out the door, the track record of the parent company in supporting it in the aftermarket is not something to hold any faith in. I also think that's why they are acting like the sandbox mode is going to be a huge deal, as they can easily tell people that it's their fault if they can't get Linux to run right, or will just throw out a "we can't guarantee compatibility" on anything that doesn't want to work out of the box.
  9. I have to hand it to TacoVCS supporters, they really do put a lot of effort into making pretzel logic...hmm, preztels and tacos?
  10. 1a. 1b. Oh yeah, like so-and-so and whatshisface. I love their AAA quality games! 2. I don't recall Atari proclaiming that it was a crappy pseudo-PC that could play all PC games ever made until last month. The Unconsole! 3. Arrrrrr matE3y 4. Which one, December 2019? March 2020? Whichever date that unforeseen circumstances due to cosmic rays delay it next time? 5. Fixed: "The Intellivision Amico will be awesome!"
  11. LOL. How much time has Atari spent pointing out that companies like Power A and AMD are really the brains behind the Tacobox?
  12. Either he's stepping on a nail or on a VCS... (and nice way to go before the ban)
  13. I'd still take half of the Jaguar library over what I've seen from Biff. Seems well past time for him to hire an artist, although that won't help a lick with the derivative game design. PLANS WITHIN PLANS! How could we have missed such brilliance before?
  14. The algorithm did some ok work on the skin tones, but I had to literally hand paint a bunch of the other colors in...so I guess that works out to it being a painting of sorts
  15. "It might have Alone in the Dark! You'll just have to buy one to find out!" - Fred Chesnais
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