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  1. I was in Orlando for most of last week at IAAPA 2021, where I got to spend a bit of time with the latest titles coming to the market courtesy of the arcade industry. Contrary to various media reports, the death of the arcade has been greatly...well, lied about, as there are still many arcades out there who need new games.


    I posted one detailed report here if anyone is interested, which includes pics of the new Ice Cold Beer reproduction cabinet that is launching next year.


    I've got a lot more to talk about from the show, but I'm focusing on editing together videos that I shot there and will then post about it on the blog.


    For some vids that you may or may not be interested in:



    Anyone a fan of Cotton? Arcades getting an exclusive version of the new game:


    Interesting new idea for arcade basketball. Took a page from the Connect 4 Hoops game that is out there, but throws zombies into it



    Yes, there is a Mission: Impossible Arcade game



    You can't have an arcade tradeshow without a new racing game:



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  2. 1 hour ago, toiletunes said:

    2022 is very soon (weeks not months) can't wait to see the 50th anniversary marketing blitz

    "What's your Pong high score?"


    Re: Nolan's "endorsement" - we went over this in one of the locked threads. Each clip had him saying a throwaway line or two and were under 30 seconds. The first time he saw their piece of plastic in 2017 or 18, he just said it looks cool. In the one pictured on the other page, he just played Tempest and talked about how cool that was (even though he'd been fired from Atari a few years before Tempest was even created). He never actually gave it a ringing, detailed endorsement saying "I would buy one for these reasons," which he has done to various other pieces of tech including the Switch.


    So should we call the Switch the real Atari because Nolan endorsed that? lol

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  3. 6 hours ago, Draxxon said:

    Someone swindled Curt Vendel? That sucks. Well then he should have got a lawyer and went to court. Or he trusted the wrong people, IDK anything about it at all. And, I understand that he can no longer be with us. :( No offense, IDK WTF any of that has to do with me and my Atari collection? So the company that rented the atari logo and slapped it on the VCS are douchebags??? That sucks, but it doesn't have shit to do with me.

    That 'someone' was Atari SA. IIRC, there were lawsuits filed, but can't recall what became of all that. If there's anything that this iteration of Atari truly shares with the past ones, it's enjoyment in filing lawsuits. They also have a long track record of screwing over their "partners" when it comes to things like payments, although dunno if the same trend has continued with their present CEO. Still, that's a very difficult bridge to put back together after you've burned so many people. So while it doesn't directly affect you or your Atari collection, it does end up creating less value for the VCS in general, as the pool of developers/talent willing to work with them on creating content isn't as large is it could be otherwise. 



    It's not going to stop me from buying one.

    I might have overlooked it in your posts, but why do you want to buy one? Just as an emulation box?


    As for your question about what would make it a "real" Atari system, the original pitch made it sound like it was going to be a great place for all of the homebrewers here on AA to go and create things. That had some merit on paper, but it soon became obvious that no one really knew what they were doing with the VCS. That and they completely misread the room on why people still make games for old systems. If they had some kind of unique "Atari 2600 Game Maker" for the VCS, then maybe it would hold some value in that regard, but really it still makes more sense, from my perspective, to get one of the various SD cart solutions for your old Atari hardware or buy carts direct from places like AA, than it does to buy an Obscure Indie Game Showcase machine with an Atari logo on it.   

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  4. 25 minutes ago, Razzie.P said:

    Asking as someone who has followed this thing virtually none -- was it / is it DOA?  


    I saw a couple of posts on here (and an couple of articles) and kinda started having an interest in it, but the impression I got was that it was doing ok.  Not great, but definitely had some value and maybe worth checking out.  But if it's generally accepted that it was DOA, then I'll go back to my nearly 0% level of interest.

    It's received an article here and there in the mainstream, but there's little indication that it's sold much more than the initial backer amounts. We don't know for sure how many of the 11,000~ backer orders were just for the joysticks though, so guesstimates put sales somewhere around 10k, probably lower. In the gaming business world, that's pretty much DOA, as it shows developers that there's no reason to waste their time on creating anything interesting or unique for it.


    As for "some value," that depends on what you're looking for in a gaming device. For the model I saw at Best Buy at about $400, not sure what games or features it has that would justify spending that money on it instead of a Switch or an Xbox Series S, both of which are cheaper. If you want a really expensive way to play 5 or 6 7800 games on your new TV though, I suppose there's that. Or you just get the Atari-branded Raspberry Pi for $100 that has HDMI out and let the emulator do the rest. 

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  5. 1 minute ago, Djmicklovin said:

    I remember you saying literally the exact same thing in another thread. We get it, you don't like the VCS. What good are you really trying to achieve by bringing up the same dead talking points like a broken record? I like the fact that it's a small community of supporters, we have comradery here. 

    Probably will achieve more than you do with you using military service to try and shut down debate, or stupid claims that people care about web browsers on consoles.

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  6. I saw my first VCS in the wild this week, in the Nintendo Switch Lite locked case at Best Buy. If I didn't know what it was, I'd have overlooked it completely, as they didn't even have the box facing outwards and the price tag thing was on top of it tucked in the back. Probably embarrassed to be placing a $400 device next to something that actually has a reason to buy it, and for half the cost. You'd think Atari would at least try to get them to maybe put it near the retro game console stuff or maybe the PCs, but apparently no one really knows what to do with it. At least it'll probably be hitting fire sale in about 8 weeks. 

    On 11/1/2021 at 10:35 AM, zzip said:

    Just look at through the old threads,  they would get dozens of posts per days from yes a small group of people who seemed to have nothing better to do than trash the VCS all day long.  

    Sorry, hadn't visited the forum all week. Guess I'm slacking on my daily 2 minutes of VCS hate, but I'll make up for it here.


    It wasn't happening in a vacuum. You guys fed it, we fed it, responses were made, typical forum stuff. I remember you trying to pass that off as some great interest in the VCS, although as we can all see no one outside of a small subset of VCS backers cares. There's zero talk about the VCS outside of here and the other tiny pockets that have always been talking about it. 


    On 11/1/2021 at 9:56 AM, zzip said:

    I have a PS5.   And right now I kinda regret buying it early because there still isn't enough next-gen content to justify it.   Mostly it is a glorified PS4 at this point.    PS5 is selling in large quantities on name alone.    Yes there's a lot of faith that the big exclusives will come.   But so far they haven't announced anything amazing recently.   Many of the games that we thought were going to be PS5-only are now getting PS4 versions.   And Sony keeps putting more and more of their library on PC.     Unless things turn around, this may be the most disappointing Playstation generation.


    Sorry to hear that - I remember hearing some gamers say the same things about the PS4 and XB1 when they came out too. One friend of mine, a former editor of Gamefan Magazine (ECM), talked about how both his PS4 and XB1 were great dust collectors. Just because they were for him, didn't mean that they were for everyone else.


    I personally don't have much interest in the PS5 as I've never really been into their exclusives - God of War, The Last of Us, Uncharted, Spider-man...meh. I don't care. Millions of other people do though, so Sony execs won't lose any sleep over my single lack of support. 


    On 11/1/2021 at 2:28 PM, zzip said:

    If you were an Atari fan BITD, you may appreciate the VCS design.   If you were in Intellivision fan, you might find the Amico appealing for similar reasons

    Sure, the VCS design is cool. But when I buy a game device, that's a secondary or tertiary consideration. I don't find the Amico's design appealing and I have zero nostalgia for the name, but I enjoyed playing Moon Patrol and Astrosmash. I'm curious to see how Breakout plays on it. If it has enough fun games that I enjoy, then I'd grab one. But if all the games were available on other platforms(particularly ones that I already own), then no, I wouldn't be interested.


    That's why, as I've stated more times than I can count, that the VCS is a pointless product. It's a shame, I wish that Atari had made something worthy of the name, but they didn't. If I wasted the money on one, even at $100, it'd be nothing more than a dust collector, just like that stupid Atari Pong Jr. unit I got. At least that was free though. 




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  7. On 10/29/2021 at 6:32 AM, Lostdragon said:

    We to this day, don't seem to have any firm details regarding Bill Rehbock's trip to Japan, to try and drum up developer support for the Jaguar. 


    It would be nice to get an idea of whom he visited, what games Atari were trying to get and what the Japanese reaction was. 


    Also, was such a visit made during the Lynx era? 


    Or did Atari try and get around it via the back door? 


    Who would they of had to of approached for the rights to Cabal on the Lynx? (not that they ever considered it a priority for the system..) 


    Coin-Op was published in Japan by Taito, in North America by Fabtek, and in Europe by Capcom. 


    Home console rights went to whom? 




    There was a memo released to the net a few years back (by Curt Vendel, I think?) that showed that Bill was attempting to court Konami in regards to the Jaguar, although that was probably just a hail mary or "what have we got to lose" kind of thing. I don't know when this trip of his was, but it seems logical that they would have tried to make connections there and also with SNK, since there were some connections between Atari and SNK USA. That they also had the Toki license would also indicate some connection with Seibu Kaihatsu, although it's just as likely that they could've got that via Fabtek, without really needing to court anyone over at SK.  

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  8. Taking a page from @awbacon here, sort of. Here's a capture of an obscurish arcade title; It's new from 2020, but it's only found on commercial Big Buck Hunter Reloaded games. Typical Raw Thrills light-gun fare, but it is a little bit more skill-based than a lot of their stuff:



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  9. 30 minutes ago, leech said:

    Hey, it's likely already beaten the JaguarCD sales 😛


    It IS a PS5 killer.  Because you can actually buy an Atari VCS!  Ha, I figured why not, and put in with Sony to see if I'd MAYBE get on the list to be able to buy one... After Best Buy basically created a 200 dollar 'club' you have to join to be able to buy one from them.  This chip shortage needs to freaking end...  Also, if you want to compare it to the PS5, much like it, it's only getting a few original titles, the rest are just remastered like the VCS! 


    I say of course this all in jest, no one expected it to be a PS5 killer, and I said it'd be somewhere between the power of a PS3/PS4, which it is.  One of the reasons though you're only seeing small indie style games developed for it, is the thing only comes with 32gb of storage.  Your typical PS4 game is much larger than that.


    Hmm, I should have tacos for lunch.

    Hadn't seen this, so repsonding separately.


    On the JagCD, I'd always read Atari produced 20,000 units, never saw sales numbers. Not aware of the VCS selling above 10k 


    As for "you can actually buy a VCS"...well, the PS5 hasn't already sold 11 million+ units because no one can buy one 🤐


    Yes, some of the most rabid defenders were calling it a PS5 killer, which is just as dumb an argument as saying you should buy something because of a logo. Granted, there are fanboys for every system who will blindly buy any new Sony/MS/Nintendo console because of that, although usually they can at least expect some certain exclusives to come with that system at some point, while Atari can't/won't do that.



      Though I believe AtariOS actually did something before PS5 did, and that's the ability to add internal storage.  Pretty sure you can just attach it to AtariOS and install games on it easily that way.  I should look again at that...

    Pretty much every console for the past 10+ years has allowed you to add external storage so it's kind of a moot point and the PS5 has an internal storage bay that can be swapped out for something bigger in case the 1TB of existing storage isn't big enough. The only thing the VCS has over it is upgrading the RAM, but that doesn't magically enhance the CPU or GPU base computing & rendering capabilities.

  10. 15 minutes ago, leech said:

    Seems there is just as much controversy over the Amico being a thing as the VCS, isn't there?  I haven't kept up with all of it, but it sure seems there's been some back pedaling on what they were trying to sell, and it's sounding more and more like the VCS or Chameleon.  Only one of which became a real product.

    I've played an Amico, and they've shipped some game products, so it's light-years ahead of the Chameleon. Whether or not it ends up being like the VCS remains to be seen, although they certainly are comparable when it comes to shipping delays at this point. I find it funny though that some who crow about how the doubts about the VCS shipping were unfounded are now saying that it's unlikely that the Amico will ship, as though those numerous high-profile delays the VCS had never happened.



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  11. What Say GIF - What Say Did GIFs


    And to make this VCS related to a post above, the VCS reaching 50k sales is a very generous prediction. I'd be amazed if it even matches the Jaguar's sales numbers, which were dismal. That might not be the case if all these Recharged games were only available on the system though.


    As for goal posts, goal posts have been moved frequently on both sides, but like X=user said, that was really Atari's fault. Most were reacting based upon the info on hand at the moment, and when Atari showed off nothing but a case and couldn't answer even basic questions about the device; forced out their console designers; made major delays, etc, it was a safe bet for many to say "this thing will never come out." Sure, it's almost a miracle that it did, but then seeing a few defenders here and there start to claim things like it being a PS5 killer, or we should buy it for the sakes of Nolan Bushnell and a logo was a bit more absurd than guessing that it wouldn't see the light of day. 

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  12. 3 hours ago, justclaws said:

    There's a lot of new things going on for the new VCS right now.
    Are those in this thread who are interested only in old topics, also interested in the actual system too?

    Is there any of that available solely on the VCS, or can I get all of the games on other platforms that I already own?


    Until that changes significantly, which it looks like it won't, I'm with Bill. ;) 

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  13. For those who are unfamiliar with the workings of the modern arcade industry, there's a huge arcade & amusement tradeshow that takes place every November by the name of IAAPA. This is like the E3 of the arcade industry, and when major theme parks announce new rides, or arcade game makers new games, they almost always debut their products at this event. The one exception to this was last year, for obvious reasons, but this year's IAAPA is happening, and it's going to give us a look at what arcades can expect to see in 2022.


    For Sega's part, they are pulling out all the stops to make a comeback in a big way. They've been relatively quiet since last year, only releasing Mission: Impossible Arcade and continuing to sell games that were produced pre-pandemic. For this IAAPA, they are showcasing several new games, which will include a new Men In Black mounted gun shooter and possibly Jumanji (these two are focused on ticket/redemption though, sadly).


    For proper video games though, they have new versions of their Mission: Impossible and ATV Slam games, and will finally jump into VR with a game called VR Agent.


    I'll have more news on this event next month as I will be there for most of the week to play and film everything I can. 

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  14. 21 hours ago, zzip said:

    PS4 always had a web-browser.      PS5 has one, but it's hidden for some reason


    I'd have to guess that both the PS5 and Switch hide them because it's really not that big a deal (not that it ever really was, except for maybe on the Dreamcast where it was novel at the time) and you likely have access to the web from a plethora of other devices in your home these days. Although when you can't run certain apps natively on the platform, then at least it has some other use.

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  15. 22 minutes ago, leech said:

    Yeah, but buying an Xbox and having to subscribe to their stuff gives money to Microsoft, and they have enough already.

    Sounds like you've got your work cut out in convincing millions of people to shift from the Xbox to the VCS then. If only that sweet backlit logo was doing the trick!

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  16. On 10/25/2021 at 3:45 PM, Trebor said:

    With less than a week to go, it's time to take the Midnight Mutants out. :D

    Agreed...I always play MM this time of year (and Dracula on the Lynx)


    One interesting tidbit that I learned about MM recently is that it was released October 11th, 1990. So happy birthday to MM!


    On a different note - does anyone know who owns the rights to this game? Seems Radioactive Software only got this one out of the gate, so I've always been curious who owns the IP...

  17. Of course it'll be a moot "major selling feature" for the VCS once the Steam Deck launches, but now the Xbox Series X lets you play PC and Steam games on it too. Also, I recall a certain someone who had claimed over and over again that only the VCS has a web browser as though that was some yuge selling feature 💩 Well, so does your Xbox:



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  18. Yeah, and given that as a kid I got to know the Metroid series through Metroid II (we only had a Game Boy, not an NES), that's where it also felt kind of weird when I eventually playered other Metroid games. Although I guess with the Prime series you do encounter them more often.



  19. On 10/21/2021 at 10:55 AM, digdugnate said:

    patch notes:




    Not sure what 'several other issues' is, specifically, though.

    If any of those improve some of the shinespark stuff, then I'll be happy. Some of those are a real doozy and pushing the Y+B in mid-air as some YouTubers say you should do, doesn't work for me.


    But I am really enjoying this game. One of my favorite Metroid titles...just wish that they wouldn't have written themselves into such a corner as to practically remove Metroids from the story. Seems like you should keep those in there a little more, given the game's namesake ;)

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