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  1. I know many people only like original anything, but for many of us this isn't as important or an option. I made custom cases and discs for my SEGA CD collection. I used easily available 7mm thinpack DVD cases. They are very durable and inexpensive. I used lightscribe for the CDs and adjusted available artwork for the inserts to fit the 7mm size. I have all of the files and will gladly share with anyone who would like them. The entire SEGA CD library fits on 6 shelves of a small bookcase.
  2. I will say I find it extremely awkward to play GoldenEye after all these years. I too have become accustomed to the modern dual analog joystick configuration and have completely lost the motor memory from the trident shaped sticks. But I think RetroFighters tried to stay true to the original layout of the N64 controller.
  3. I didn't think about when it was going to die considering I just opened up the new box. A long term test is definitely a good idea. While most 3rd party controllers do die quicker, this seems well made. I still have a couple original first gen XBox controllers that the thumbsticks are good, hopefully this will stand the test of time as well.
  4. If anyone is interested in the new Brawler64 by Retro Fighters, we made a review of our thoughts. I personally think it's a good overall product. What do you think? https://youtu.be/YxC_3eiEiHI
  5. My XBox 1. The backwards compatibility list for the 360 and OG XBox is growing, there are quite a few retro collection game sets available, and it even has pinball variants. Without technically cheating with emulators, I still get to play a large number of older games and new ones as well.
  6. New video posted that's germane to this site:
  7. I used to have this same mind set. Then I started exploring the smart TV capabilities of our Samsung. It is so nice to go directly into Netflix from the main TV/Screen. YouTube is instantly accessible as well. Casting from our phones any media we wish is also great. We have Amazon boxes, but the Smart TV is really winning us over. The sound on it is good enough that we no longer have to have an AV unit hooked up. The living room looks so clean with just a TV, Amazon Box, and a Blu-Ray player.
  8. Mindless popcorn muncher. As long as I realize this before going in, they can be incredibly fun.
  9. TCL is a relative newcomer in the US market. The P series is getting rave reviews for most bang for the buck. The HDR and Dolby Vision are becoming standard, but the 14ms lag is outstanding for gaming. Best $600 spent.
  10. I realized I posted examples of my custom inserts and lightscribe CDs on page 2 but never offered them to everyone. If anyone wants any of these, let me know. I have 129 insets in png format about 9MB each. The entire set is a 1.2GB rar file. I also have 136 lightscribe files also in png format around 350kb each. The rar file for this set is 38MB. The inserts are for 7mm thinpack DVD cases found on E-Bay in single and double CD formats. If I get enough requests and interest, I can try to find a way to put the files on a storage/sharing site. Here are examples of the first title.
  11. I apologize that my knee-jerk reaction was to put Seriously, watch my video. I realize no amount of coaxing can convince someone to give a member here the benefit of the doubt and spend a couple minutes giving it a try. As far as it being a one-line response, Bill covered the answer in the post directly before mine, so I didn't feel the need to say it again. Maybe I could have added that the XBox One S never had a power brick and that came out nearly a year and a half ago. As far as rhythm/timing, I'm not quite sure what you mean. These channels are as varied as television shows and movies and some are certainly better than others. I believe mine are well made, entertaining, and succinct. If you want to watch how well they can be done, try one episode of Game Sack. Those guys are terrific. Your last line further shows how nothing I do can convince certain people to just try it. I refuse to return your animosity, and I apologize to you and any others that get annoyed with my posts referencing my channel. However, I will continue to promote what my daughter and I are creating any way I can.
  12. Sorry I don't have the time to type a transcript of the work I put on video. May I ask why you take the time to type responses and ridicule me for posting my links and even go so far as to say you would read a transcript (which would take far longer and involve more effort than just watching it), but not give me the benefit of watching it?
  13. While it isn't a night and day difference, there is a level of clarity and crispness to the One X that is obvious to me. This is true in that video and at my home on my 49" LG at 1080p. I think it comes down to one's level of disposable income.
  14. When questions are asked that relate directly to what I cover, I reference it, especially when I started this thread to showcase it. I'm sorry if my attempts to inform and increase traffic to my channel upset anyone.
  15. Seriously, watch the video, it answers everything. And I'm entertaining as can be if I do say so myself.
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