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  1. If anything, just use joy2key. It lets you map keyboard or mouse presses to a controller.
  2. Not gonna help it run, but psp1000 is really terrible for emulation. It has 1/3 of the ram that later models have. MAME won't run full speed I'm sure as even on psp 2000 double dragon needs frame skip. SNES9X is pretty slow on old models too I think.
  3. I think porting Arkanoid to Jaguar was a good idea. I really liked Arkanoid on SNES.
  4. I hope he catches up before he releases the neo geo pocket or jaguar ones.
  5. This is a good update. I see both are coming along now. Both will be great.
  6. Would that stuff being blurry even matter when you're printing tho? I've printed stuff that was clear as heck and they aren't nearly as sharp on paper.
  7. If anything I'd like to see a new video demonstrating the new levels or characters. The ones not featured in the last prototype. http://hiddenpalace.org/Thea_Realm_Fighters_(Early_demo_pre-alpha_prototype)
  8. You probably missed my post where I wanted a pic of the trf logo that shows when you first start. I think I'll upload your pic to the wiki anyway. Edit: Here's the wiki article if you wanna see it: http://hiddenpalace.org/Thea_Realm_Fighters_(Early_demo_pre-alpha_prototype)
  9. I need a screenshot for the game, to represent this prototype on a wiki. Can't be custom made.
  10. I don't suppose someone could get a screenshot of the trf logo screen in png format, preferebly at the original resolution, could they? I wanna use it on a prototype wiki. I took a screenshot of that youtube video but it has the bandicam logo on it, the screenshot before it was not in the original resolution either and seemed to be taken with a camera rather than a capture device.
  11. If anyone gots a skunkboard and video capture equipment, could you get a screenshot of whatever screen the game starts with? I tried it on virtual jaguar and I got gibberish and it seems to start on a character select screen. I need a screenshot for the hidden palace prototype wiki.
  12. But people are spending money buying cables that don't work just for the chance of saving a little money. Also, I hope Nukey gets pacman 4k working, maybe even pacman 8k.
  13. Ok, is there any reason you guys won't just buy official cables from the official store? Then you wouldn't have to buy non working cables.
  14. Yeah, when possible I don't order from China if I want it soon. When it gets to origin post it can sit for weeks.
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