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  1. OK, seems I am not good at OGG files. Here is the cure song in stereo as an MP3 and an OGG file which WILL load into audacity as 4 distinct tracks. And I have added the finally correct 4 exclusive channel ogg for Rydeen for use in Audacity (or DAWs). cure.mp3 RYDEEN.ogg cure.ogg
  2. ogg was not quite right, trying again... RYDEEN.ogg
  3. Amplified.. Shifted one channel full left and one full right Loopable MP3 and an ogg vorbis file you can mess about with in Audacity (free PC audio editor). RYDEEN.ogg Rydeen.mp3
  4. Thank you @Xuel Does anyone have anything they would like to hear mixed into Stereo?
  5. Back again! Can we get the SAP from LULU???
  6. What a wonderful trip down memory lane. I helped a friend get a job in their Manchester shop by educating him on everything they sold.... Particularly enjoyed the newspaper article post by @SectorWars
  7. In case you just want the music without the car noise at the beginning or the long space section in the middle, here is and edited mp3.... AlternateRealityJustMusicStereo.mp3
  8. So the three loops of 8 verses when all in a row looked like they were duplicates. But when I put them one on top of each other they are quite different. When you zoom in on the beginning you can see the different notes played at different times with different velocities. I have remade the video! Thank you again for your help. I have also made a stereo version of Alternate Reality. 33 minute ballblazer video... Alternate Reality Video - Stereo AlternateRealityStereo.mp3
  9. I sliced it up in Ableton, a Digital Audio Workstation, and it is amazing how well each of the random pieces play with each other. You can completely randomize it and get a 50/50 chance of something that sounds interesting, often way more interesting that ballblazer itself throws us as it follows a fairly consistent pattern. I was making a video for YouTube with lots of images I had gathered but it crashed on me after about three hours and would not re-load. So I either give up or start again.
  10. OK, I think I have done it. Don't think I need anything else. Time to move on to the next tune. I have attached a sample of a funky section with drums and no random melody playing. I played around making lots of randomizing versions. It is surprising that the ( 3 sets of 8 ) diamonds in the image above (which are a visual representation of the fade in and fade out of the random melody) are not a consistent length! So as well as the notes being different speeds and lots of different potential combinations of notes, their fade in, hold, and fade out duration varies as well. And on the bass track it plays a steady melody with odd semi random interruptions that sometimes end simply going back into the normal bassline and sometimes ramp back in in a very funky manner. I basically put the track with the drum and 1 note of the chord to one side, added the random melody. Then the track with the random drum/chord/slightly delayed random melody to the other Finally the bass+chord note in the center. I had the center channel oscillate slightly side to side with each note Then I put a slight reverb across the whole thing. I think it is quite nice! Now to grab some images and make a nice video to pay homage to a technically great game with a even more technically great soundtrack! Thank you very much ivop for all your help! BallblazerStereoFunkySample113bpm.mp3
  11. I don't think you edited 5m up to 65m. I convert it exactly as you suspect using ASAPCONV, but you can also split out the tracks into individual wavs which is what I do. So the wav for track 4 looks like the image attached. As you can see, the rising falling track does that 8 times, the final one is traingular in shape. I have compared the traingular ones and #2 is different from #2 which is different from #3 but then the #4 is the same as #1. So I have no idea what you did here! You seem to have given me 32m 14s of unique ballblazer music, which is wonderful! Sorry, I just get carried away with this stuff. Like I said, makes me feel like a kid again. Now.. XEGS and 7800 versions... I have located the CRC checksum for every version of ballblazer I can find out there. According to the interwebs there should be 3 different 5200/8-bit roms and 5 different 7800 roms but I can only find three.. 8-bit/XE/5200 Versions def2a207 - Ballblazer (1984) (Atari-Lucasfilm Games) - 5200 and 8-bit 94d97d14 - Ballblazer (1984) (Atari-Lucasfilm Games) [a1] - 5200 820E5CE5 - Ballblazer (1987) - ballblzr.bin - US 8-bit and XE, XEGS 64 KB (13) So the 1987 versions are all the same! So if your version loads up with the date 1987 then you have the funky version. And the version you have given me is definitely funky. I have come to the conclusion that the version in this video is heavily edited. It has a reverb on and it starts with a bass break and no random melody track.. which just does not ever seem to happen!! Can we get the music from the 7800 versions.. As I understand it the 7800 had 2600 sound, so to get good sound you had to put a chip in the cart, Ballblazer had a pokey in there. OK, I just got ProSystem emulator to work (it is a fiddly swine!) and loaded up the USA version and this is the one! It does not play for long before the game stops the music and starts playing an attract mode game. Can get you the music out of a 7800 cart? https://lmgtfy.app/?q=Ballblazer+(USA).a78 7800 Versions 48f75a89 - Ballblazer (Europe).a78 7800 aff85565 - ballbleu.bin - PAL 7800 a4c4808b - Ballblazer (USA).a78 or ballblzr.bin - USA 7800 5b635cb6 - 7800 cannot find this one 44615260 - 7800 cannot find this one
  12. Seconded! I would also like this!
  13. You are absolutely correct.. I must have made a mistake when I ripped it into WAVs. DOH. Appreciate the effort, apologies for my mistake. I would still love an actual SAP rip of the XEGS version!! In the mean time here is a stereo MP3 of Jet Set Willy. JSWv2.mp3
  14. Also the XEGS version is WAAAAAAAY more funky! Any way to extract that one?
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