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  1. my own question to you? How did you get it to high resolution cannot figure out how to change these settings on my ossc or make my MegaST2 see High resolution Coconut
  2. So I have our old Canon Bubble Jet BJ-100 printer (black ink only and parallel cable) but I am trying out how to configure it properly in 1st word or any other program. in 1st word the closest I got was the Star NL-10 (ibm) although it continues to force a second blank page to print the page number on the bottom. Any help or suggestions on how to find or create a proper config file so many years later? Coconut(Kristen)
  3. Well I may not have heard of you until I got my Atari back up but so glad I found the BBS and community And still thrilled on winning in December. More incentive to look into getting a Falcon Coconut
  4. It is all working. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, now to start streaming my Atari ST
  5. I am likely missing something simple. It has happened many times this week. I just received my Ultrasatan and got ICD PRO installed and my partitions done. BUT..... how do I go about getting my games moved over? my desktop will not read this SD card. Any help appreciated for this confused woman. Coconut (kristen)
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