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  1. Make sure you mention Desert Bus for me I just never go on Facebook anymore.
  2. Canadians (or anyone else after me) - anyone collecting Colecovision boxes? I'm trying to clean up a bit of space, and they'd add basically nothing to the shipping weight, so... I can't remember the last one. Were the rules "Inty only, mostly"?
  3. It's a demo display for all of the old handheld games. Like the original Mattel Football. They'd plug one handheld onto each cord that you see.
  4. Any magnetic tape can be copied. Even with the more unusual format that the KC has (being 4 track), standard consumer gear should be able to do it. This has been brought up many times by people much smarter than I. Either the few who own these haven't bothered, or haven't shared yet - let's face it, given that no one seems to have a working tape unit, what's the point? It sure would be nice to have them dumped for preservation purposes. I suspect they have been a long while ago, kinda like the Tutorvision ROMs that we're only now seeing come to light.
  5. Don't take the cyber stalking too personally. When people make unverifiable claims on Ebay (especially the type that would drive up the cost of an item), folks tend to get curious. There's been a lot of scammy activity over the years.
  6. We're adding people faster than the thing actually moves. Mayhap we should title the thread "2021" just to keep it realistic
  7. Yeah, and he managed to find a buyer who sniped with only 11 seconds left, just above the reserve price.
  8. Wow. Someone actually bothered to snipe it. And won. Conveniently a nice round amount, managed to make the reserve apparently. Ridiculous price unless I'm missing something.
  9. LOL. 45 mins left, $5000 Canadian, reserve not met. Same fishy high bidder - clearly a buddy account that proxy bid just under the reserve very shortly after the auction went live (it was the first bid, 90 mins after the auction started and 2 hours before anyone else bid). Nothing fishy about that at all, nope!
  10. I don't think the auction itself is fishy (we apparently know the provenance of this particular KC), but it's being run by your typical Ebay seller who thinks their stuff is worth more than it is, get upset when the market disagrees, and then play stupid games. Like setting a reserve, ridiculous (like, 3x what it should be) shipping, and especially suspicious bids. There are VERY few people who can afford to spend $2500+ on hobby stuff, that don't have a million other bids in their history on said hobby stuff (hi cmart!). VERY suspicious.
  11. As one of the few collectors of mostly loose carts, nothing beats just using standard shelving (bookshelves from Ikea, etc). As you add/remove games/spares, you can easily just slide them around as needed. Old cassette tape storage units are a pain in the ass if you have a 200+ cart collection, and you get a new spare Astrosmash (or what have you). Either that, or you're leaving large gaps in your storage for years, for whenever you find the remaining games. To each their own, but I've got ~2500 carts for various systems and NOTHING beats the flexibility of just lining them up on their sides, and filling row after row of shallow bookshelves. Especially units that allow you to put a shelf *anywhere* - you can easily double the storage capacity of a unit this way, given how short carts tend to be.
  12. You're on a forum where people regularly spend $1000 for a piece of folded cardboard. At least this thing can be used to play games and program in BASIC on. What can a box do, other than sit there?
  13. He's not wrong on this, just a bit misleading: http://www.intellivisionlives.com/bluesky/hardware/keyboard_tech.html His claim, essentially, is that he has one of the "slightly modified" KCs. Which would make this thing pretty damned rare. Has ANYONE found one of these so-called Black Whales yet? That custom case looks like 1000 other things I've seen collectors make over the years. I highly doubt it has any connection to the Mattel days.
  14. Not to contribute to your cyberstalking but I'd be stunned if you had more than one customer from Saskatoon. It isn't exactly Canada's largest city.
  15. Wow. He should have pieced everything else out separately. The people buying the KC are most likely not interested in the other stuff. And the other stuff is a pretty decent collection that would command $$ on its own. Reserve will be in the thousands, guaranteed. Someone with suspiciously low feedback (for this community) has already put in a fairly high proxy bid.
  16. That thing is SOOOO late 70s that it's practically screaming it. It's like a prop from The Black Hole. Or one of those "here's what multiplayer video games could look like in the 21st century" artist's impression drawings from the very early 80s. I absolutely LOVE IT.
  17. Bleh, I meant to do this last night. At long last, due to unpopular undemand, are the cheat codes for INTVDB. At the main title screen, enter these numbers in sequence from either keypad. If you've entered a code successfully, you'll notice the @ symbol change color. Only one code can be used at a time 2-4-3-2-8 - Ultra-fast driving move. Watch the miles melt away! Everyone can experience a complete Tucson-to-Vegas drive in only minutes! 4-2-5-7-9 - Gallery mode. Press left and right to look at the various graphics in the game. Press 1-5 to change the music. 2-7-2-9-9 - Special secret "Crazy Bus" mode. Enhanced for Intellivoice! 3-5-2-7-4 - If you ever want to reset your saved Deserter Bus high scores, this is how you do it. Be careful, because this is permanent. You've been warned And I think I've mentioned this before, but if you press 8 at the mode select screen, the arrow will change. Desert/Arctic bus will be in a more classic, 80s style. You can use this mode along with the fast driving mode, if you like. Not even the testers got to see these cheats, so I hope someone gets a kick out of them.
  18. Right by the bathrooms, I see. I picked a good year to skip. Holy crap though, that's a lot of consoles. Good job!
  19. OK kids, in honor of the 1st anniversary of Desert Bus being released, and just in time for PRGE: I'm releasing INTV Desert Bus for sale in ROM form. I've also included a couple more just for kicks. pINg is free as it's really just a half-working beta at best. GoatNom is also available for sale for those that didn't get a chance to pick up the IntyBASIC Showcase - although I HIGHLY recommend getting that, as I truly believe that the other 2 games are even more fun! For the record: as always, all proceeds from INTVDB are going to charity. Any pennies I managed to scrape together from any other sales/donations will be going to support the stupid amount of stuff I've picked up in the past few years, to develop and test with. I'm doing this for fun, not profit, lemme tell ya. Page is basic, but functional: FW Games ROMs
  20. Ditto. If Sept/Oct could be a BIT less crazy next year, it would be appreciated! Also I'd like to do another release, etc etc etc. Stupid real life.
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