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  1. I leave here after asking about the pro controller and now this talk. I hope y'all can figure this out, since I gladly buy two controllers if the price is under 100 each other wise it will have to be one. Good luck with this project.
  2. Cyrus649

    Zool 2

    Its been a long time since I beat this one... 1 you collect I 99% of the collectables mostly being candies. 2 you can do a spin attack but its easier to just to do a normal attack. 3 the best way to get used to this game is use the cheat code and practice up to the first boss to get the hand of the game and then try it normally.
  3. Does tower 2 have away to save the game? Save slots? Passwords?
  4. I was looking for what was original release and able to buy when the system was out. I don't count them as homebrews, just late releases.
  5. What makes a game "Limited" are these title release late or were mail ordered only or what? ex. Iron Soldier 2
  6. thanks, I did a search on here and didn't find that forum topic
  7. that might be the best list so far but it still has prototypes and demos on that list
  8. Sorry to have to ask it here, but I been searching for a complete list of official release atari jaguar titles and keep getting list that has homebrew, late releases and Jaguar CD titles... Even on this site... Is there a complete list like this available. The reason why I would like to collect all the original titles before going off to the few homebrew and last releases of the cart version of these games. I don't have anything against the cd system... I just don't own or want one at this time unless I find a good one around hundred and I don't think thats going to happen anytime soon.
  9. I find it better to keep weapons on same side every time to limited the errors of selecting the wrong weapon
  10. I would love to see tons of games on here like the mk3 that was gonna to be release of it but got can... Also I would love to see more rpg even if it was sprite base ones... I would if any homebrews are making any for the carts?
  11. You must have posted this when I was typing, I'm getting the same feel, but not being a AAA games sometime have unique quarks about them that makes them different or enjoyable. Good or Bad. I still question the price tho. I enjoy these games bad or good, but only beat the better ones.
  12. Yeah, I finally watch some video on it and decided it has the same problem that most had at the time. You can tell if a game is made for the pc or other computer system and because of that the ports to consoles loses something in the porting. The combat it a bit bland but not too bad. I think it doesn't meet up with the elder scrolls game but is the same to Underworld if it was ported to the console. Yes I played both... I started noticing this in Eye of the Beholder for the snes, it plays okay but would play better on the pc. I'm still on the fence on this game, but am wondering if the release copy comes with the overlay or will I have to buy a repro one from england? Does anybody know if the first game is playable on the pc or will I need a dosbox or other emulator to play the original software?
  13. does anybody know if it come with the overlay since telegames keep releasing them? My iron soldier 2 didn't have one and luckly I knew the button layout.
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