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  1. @jrhodes exellent work! i just downloadedt it!!! ,,, i cant wait for testing in a real TI !!! regards!!!
  2. ops! excuse me @OX. i was so confused sorry!
  3. excuse me if im wrong but great part you need is in...this lnk..Tigameshelf.net regards!
  4. congratulations nice setup for begin ! good luck!
  5. is really incredible the potential tools combinations congratulations harry wilhelm (excuse me bad translate! )
  6. really exellent !! the keyboard is amazing ...an the motherboard impress to me congratulations fabrice!!
  7. exelent job° congratulations @senior_falcon :: incredible fast running aperture..
  8. awesome work congratulations exelent matt !!!! really wish one!
  9. Awesome project! Go ahead! I can't wait see the pictures...beat!
  10. Hey awesome systems! congratulations ! i ám from argentina also!! only a few users have PEB´s on our country i remember when my father bought us the first computer that was a TI 99/4a is too expensive! and the idea of purchase a PEB have impossible! only a few of PEB sold on argentina!. is very nice to see other ti 99 system with new accesories/modifications in our country congratulations! Mmartin
  11. congratulations! i have a question s about you modification..can 80 track's modification eprom for the original ti disk controller ...hold up 3.5 DS/HD disk drives u1.44mb diskettes or only 720kb DS/DD disk drive units? my apologies for my bad english...
  12. s incredible recently was watching images on local TV in Argentina where I live RIP ezio!
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